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same struggles with insomnia here! i'm 30w2d w/ DD and i feel like the tossing and turning getting progressively worse as the pregnancy progresses. i've tried meditation and relaxation exercises, sleepytime tea, protein shakes before bed, even the pregnancy pillow, but nothing seems to help with the night waking. i'm a very light sleeper to begin with, so any little noise will also wake me up. i LOVE the idea of napping, but that's an impossible luxury for me: i work F/T and have DS (super active 4yo) F/T as well. our day starts at 6:30 a.m. and by the time i get home from work, cook, have dinner, do dishes, bathe & tuck DS into bed and take my own bath, it's 10:30 or even later.. i wish wish wish i could sleep in on weekends, but DS is usually up by 6:30 a.m. even on saturdays and sundays and then i feel like there's always a million things to do during the day.. it's hard not to get stressed out over the lack of sleep, because i know that once DD is born, sleep will be even harder to come by. i'm exhausted all day long, which i feel makes me even more restless at night.. i'm going to try upping my magnesium and taking some skullcap, as other posters have suggested... i'm really at my wit's end!
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I started Mg yesterday too, we shall see if it helps. I noticed cramps in my feet and more Braxton Hicks, a clear sign of Mg-need to me...

DS's pregnancy was so easy, it's rough this time around being sick so often and in pain so much. Sorry for the whining!
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I couldn't go or stay asleep during my 1st 2 pgs... then with my 3rd I decided to use hypnobabies for preparation for birth.  One of the greatest things about it was that I was able to sleep!  When I'd get up to pee in the night, I'd just hit play and start my hypnosis CD over again.  Maybe try that?  Or even any hypnosis for sleep or relaxation CD?

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