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Despite the proliferation of questions regarding health and safety, Governor Cuomo's administration is poised to finalize regulations that would allow fracking in New York – we must stop it!

Join us for our statewide day of action May 3. Please, click on the link below to find an event near you.




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What do clean air protections have to with the steep rise in gasoline prices? Absolutely nothing. But Big Oil and their allies in Congress are pushing legislation, under the guise of addressing rising fuel prices, to rollback health-based standards of the Clean Air Act and block the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from adopting future clean air protections. They call this bill the Gasoline Regulations Act (H.R. 4471); we call it the Gutting Air Standard Protections Act – the GASP Act. 



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New Coalition Letter Requests Governor Cuomo to Block A Possible Fracking Demonstration Project in the Southern Tier and Fulfill Executive Order No. 41 Mandates


Please share



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Great information courtesy of


Theo Colborn



Sandra Steingraber


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Multi-Million Dollar Landmark North American Lawsuit on Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Impact on Groundwater


I heard this interview today, I am very grateful that Ms Ernst is endeavoring to take on this huge legal fight for all of us



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“There is a lot of science to do to determine how and whether inherently risky shale gas drilling can be done safely, and the state hasn’t done it yet,” said Dusty Horwitt, senior counsel for Environmental Working Group. “Producing thousands of pages of text is no substitute for figuring out whether toxic wastewater can be safely disposed of or how far drilling pollution can spread underground.”

The ten most significant deficiencies in the draft plan drawn up by the state Department of Environmental Conservation are:

  • No empirical scientific data on drilling and fracking risks
  • Drilling allowed too close to sensitive water supplies
  • No plan for disposing of millions of gallons of toxic wastewater
  • Radioactive pollution from drilling underestimated
  • Outdated studies to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from shale gas operations
  • No assessment of the impact of shale gas development on New Yorkers’ health
  • Little basic data on the location of underground water supplies, faults and flood plains
  • No review of siting plans and risks of potentially explosive natural gas pipelines
  • No provisions to protect sensitive areas from vertical drilling and lower-volume hydraulic fracturing
  • Too few inspectors to enforce scientifically rigorous regulations


The New York Times reported that Governor Cuomo is on the verge of lifting New York’s current ban on fracking, and allowing the gas industry free reign across a huge area of our state—specifically targeting economically disadvantaged communities with this toxic practice.

Call Governor Cuomo right now, and every day, to tell him that no part of New York State should be sacrificed for fracking: (866) 961-3208.


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WE LOVE NEW YORK – We will not be fracked!
Governor Cuomo has said that a decision on hydrofracking is imminent.
Reporters are saying that the governor intends to open the Southern Tier to fracking within the next six months. The rest of the state will follow. We can’t let this happen. We must once again impress on Governor Cuomo all of the risks he’s taking — ecological, economic and political. We must do this with greater energy and urgency than ever before.
Go to www.dontfrackny.org for information on events in Albany on August 25-27.  When you're at the website, sign the Pledge of Resistance.  Then plan to take the bus from Ithaca or Binghamton to join us on Monday.
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Fracking- Is Public Health a RIGHT or a PRIVILEGE?
The American Academy of Pediatrics-
Update on Fracking Chemicals http://www.facebook.com/groups/214363638643294/#!/NurseRiseNursesforSafeWater

The following list briefly summarizes common effects of exposure to a wide spectrum of additional fracking chemicals. ■Neurological – behavioral and/or cognitive symptoms, may be associated with autistic disorders, behavioral and psychosocial disorders 18

■Respiratory – both acute and chronic respiratory effects, exacerbation of asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, chronic restrictive lung disease, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer
■Cardiovascular – congenital heart disease, thickening of peripheral vessels
■Gastrointestinal – nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
■Renal – acute and or chronic renal insufficiency
■Urological – Arsenic increases the risk of bladder cancer 19
■Reproductive – infertility, stillbirth, congenital deformities, decreased sperm production and poor sperm mobility
■Immunological – allergies, autoimmune diseases and immunosuppressant disorders
■Mucocutaneous / Dermatologic – irritant to eyes, ears, oro-pharynx, nose and sinuses
■Hematopoietic – blood dyscrasias
■Oncological – some chemicals are direct mutagens, laying the groundwork for later onset of various cancers. Other carcinogens, while not directly mutagenic or genotoxic, support the carcinogenic process by down-regulating tumor suppressor genes or by up-regulating tumor promoter genes.
■Endocrine – endocrine disruptors mimic the action of hormonal tissues or, alternatively, block endogenous hormonal activity of the thyroid, ovaries, testes
(Note From Nurse Rise: It has been noted by researchers that
Chronic nosebleeds, severe rashes, respiratory problems, tremors, memory loss, and losing the ability to walk are common symtoms of environmental poisoning. This is due to the accumulation of neurotoxins the the blood, the same substances found present in natural gas production & that the chemicals lay the grounddwork for later onset of various cancers. http://www.thefrackingtruth.org/?page_id=6)
(Additional Note: The photo is a 13 yr old boy whose family was forced out of their home on MD recommendation for health reasons some time after drilling began nearby
American Academy of Pediatrics Source info:
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Is it okay to balance anticipated "economic benefits" against anticipated "possible public health issues?" What if those who get the money are not the same people as those who get the health issues?

What about the economic costs of the health issues themselves? Preliminary research from Pennsylvania finds evidence of harm to newborn babies whose mothers spent their pregnancies living near drilling and fracking operations. Should we not insist on definitive research before we place New York's infants at risk? If nothing else, developmental problems in newborns are expensive and often necessitate lifelong medical and educational interventions.

There is still plenty of time to comment on NY states health impact review Sandra has made commenting so much easier. Please share



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Please NY mama (and daddies) send in a comment www.thirtydaysoffrackingregs.com/dec12reg.php

Here is mine

Our family enjoys a priceless, quite quality of life here in the hills of Broome county. The proposed leases of my neighbors, bring with them the promise of air pollution. That is why I am writing today to voice my concern over regulation number 556.2(b) My parents live in Bradford county PA. In 2009 gas production began. Over the course of months, my mother became very ill. In the beginning we noticed she kept loosing her voice several times a day. She developed respiratory distress, and chest pain. Her body was retaining fluid. Her symptoms escalated to episodes in which she lost of consciousness. My dad would return from work and find her 270 pound body on the floor. She began having serious hallucinations. No cause was ever established for this "event". After months in the hospital, she was simply diagnosed with dementia.  She was quietly placed in a nursing home. With the passage of Act 13 on page 99, it requires oil and gas companies to tell medical professionals what chemicals are used in drilling fluids—but only after they sign “a statement of need and a confidentiality agreement.” However those details—the chemicals in drilling fluid and medical significance—it states a page later, are secret and “shall not be a public record.” We will never know for sure if fugitive gas caused my mothers condition. We know gas production in residential neighborhoods is a crime. Under these proposed regulations, New Yorkers would know neither the identity nor quantity of venting gases from the wellheads that would surround us. Please let the precautionary principle dictate NY regulatory policy

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Examining the feasibility of converting New York State’s all-purpose energy
infrastructure to one using wind, water, and sunlight



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Just found out in the local independent newspaper today that fracking has been approved in the George Washington National Forest, on the border between Virginia and West Virginia. The rivers in this area (the beautiful Shenandoah sisters) are already so polluted that we can't eat the fish out of them. Now we have to be worried about our deep-drilled wells, too. My 7-year-old was very upset when she read the newspaper article, and is thinking about putting a website up and getting kids to agitate about this; she's wondering what there will be left to drink if we have contaminated both ground water and aquifer water.

We can't even blame short-sighted landowners for this, since it's the Department of the Interior!

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We are hurting together. Our Susquehanna is suffering,too. Our kids are old enough to start learning about spiritual activism. We are not religious, but it's a good fit for us. They are great at it. I am very willing to rally and speak out as a family. But on the quantum level, a call for right action fee ls really empowering. We are going to change the fossil fuel paradigm. Truth defends itself, it's happening.

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