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Pregnant with Multiples- Oct/Nov Chat

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Pregnant with Multiples Chat

Here is list of all our growing and born multiples, and of course we invite all the BTDT moms to chime in whenever they fell like being helpful! 
Most of us chat in our various DDCs, but this thread gives a chance to band together in the special ins and outs of growing more than one! 

Anyway, please add yourself or update things as you know them.

Let us know any of the following and more, welcome!!

Name? (if you feel like it)
You and maybe your partners age at the birth?
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?
What number of kids will is be for you?
Genders? Will you be finding out?
EDD and or planned birth timing? 
State you live in?
Anything else you want to share?

Pregnant Multiple Mommies!


Queenofchaos Babies Born 7/2/10 ... 7th & 8th Children 
BirthStory: Our two peas in a pod!


Chabela_t Isabel EDD 9/2 ... 2nd & 3rd Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 27, DH 34 ... Location FL

susan13 EDD 10/11 ... 2nd & 3rd Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 37, DH 42 ... Location IL

mauri456 Sara EDD 10/18 ... 2nd & 3rd Children  & keeping it that way
Di/Di probably, with possible fused placenta ... Location VA

medicinemansgirl EDD 10/28 ... 9th & 10th Children 
Di/Di, her second set!

lindsay t EDD 10/29 ... 2nd & 3rd ...  & keeping it that way
Di/Di ... Age at birth 32, 38 ... Location OH

SashaBreeze Sasha EDD 11/17 ... 6th & 7th Children 
Age at birth 32

butterflies Amy EDD 11/27 ... 3rd & 4th Children 

KellyTTC#1 Kelly EDD 11/30 ... 1st & 2nd children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 33, DH 40 ... Location Ontario, Canada

annettemarie Annette EDD 12/6 ... 5th & 6th Children 
Di/Di ... Age 38 at birth ... Location PA

aurinia Allison EDD 12/15 ... 3rd & 4th Children personally 1st & 2nd with DH 
Age at birth 34 ... Location NY

turnquia Amanda EDD 12/17 ... 3rd & 4th Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 25, DH 26

rachel7628 EDD 12/31 ... 2nd & 3rd Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 35, DH 32 ... Location UT


Almi   EDD 1/1  1st and 2nd 

Mono/Di..... Location...ND


NP2B Rikki EDD 1/?? ... 2nd & 3rd Children 

Marisgirl EDD 1/6/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children 

•Adorkable• EDD 1/24/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 36, DH 40

abeecharmer Sarah & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/4/11 2nd & 3rd Children 

Coco99 & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/14/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children 
Di/Di Possibly MZ? time will tell ... Age at birth 34 & 33

Chula13 Delma EDD 2/14/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children (5th&6th for DH) 
Age at Birth 31, DH 40 ... Location NV

Strong Mama EDD 2/??/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children 
Age at Birth 35?

ladydodson Becky EDD 3/7/11 ... 4th & 5th Children 
Di/Di ... Age at Birth 35, DH 34 ... Location CA


mylilmonkeys EDD 3/14/11.... 7th and 8th  
DI/Di.... Age at Birth 33, DH 35... Location Upper Midwest

elf EDD 4/?? ... 2nd & 3rd Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth ??


 Nanette56 EDD 4/8/11 2nd & 3rd Children 

Di/Di  Age at Birth 30, DH 32 ... Location FL

babygrey EDD 4/15/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 30, DH 30 ... Location UT

Liora EDD 4/19/11 ... 2nd & 3rd Children 
Di/Di ... Age at birth 35, DH 36 ... Location OH



anonyma EDD late May/early June





I thought it might be time for a new thread mamas. How is everyone feeling these days?

I'm now 35 w 3 days and not feeling like doing much beyond laying around on the couch. I'm not on bed rest or anything and my checkups have all been great . I did try to arrange my work so I could do most of it from home these last couple weeks.

At my last appointment I was diagnosed with PUPPS-- which seems to be more common in moms of multiples and those carrying boys. I had tried a bunch of home remedies but nothing worked. I was so happy my dr took it seriously (its the kind of itching that could really make you lose your mind!) and prescribed some stronger steroid cream and an antihistamine. It's responded pretty well and think I can handle it until I deliver now. (The next step was going to be prednisone-- which is a pretty serious medication.)

Otherwise I'm feeling good and happy to still be pregnant!

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Hi Butterflies!

I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. I'm still working about 3 days a week now. I'm checkups have been going well. About 2 weeks ago at the last ultrasound babies were measuring 5.4 and 5.2 lbs. My feet/ankles are swelling these days but I think that is normal, otherwise I'm feeling well. I have my next appointment tomorrow.
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Hi, everyone!

As much as I know they need to stay put for a few more weeks at least, I am so ready to be DONE...ugh! I'm 33 weeks tomorrow and between the high blood pressure, being on insulin and having SPD so bad I can barely walk most days, this isn't fun anymore. Starting to feel bad that I can't do much with my 3yr old, but she's being really good overall and thankfully is content to just hang on the couch with me and watch movies and stuff.

I'm up to weekly appointments now because of the BP, mostly because even the labetalol they have me on isn't really working to lower it. BP goes down for a few hours after each dose, then right back up again. Don't quite understand why and neither does my OB...my next appointment is tomorrow and if my BP is still up (it is, even worse than normal, unfortunately), they want to talk about our 'options', whatever that may be. I'm hoping that I'll be able to hold out until 36 weeks to give them a better chance of little/no NICU time, but we'll have to see. At my appt last week they were both measuring 4lbs, 4oz and both head down, so I'm hoping they stay that way!

On the plus side, we close on our new house hopefully on Thursday! Yay!! Some renovations need to be done before we can move in, but hopefully by Christmas we'll be in our new house to stay!

Hope everyone is doing well.
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aurinia: I hope your OB goes well today. I really hope there are some 'options' to help with the BP. A newly renovated house sounds wonderful, I hope the timing works out for Christmas!

AFM: I had my appointment with the OB today. It was uneventful. They were in shock that I am still working... but were happy when I said I have scaled it back to 3 days a week. Today was my day off so I treated myself to a manicure/pedicure.
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I'll just C&P my whinge from my DDC. I am 34 weeks, 1 day.

I'm going to grump, loudly.

First off, the babies are doing great. They're each around 5 pounds, they're reactive, they're healthy, they're big, they're busy. But I feel like they are sucking the life out of me. My BP went up two weeks ago, so now I have to have NSTs twice a week. It's really hard to fit in with 4 kids and my husband's job. The babies do great, but every time I go they test my pee and BP. Saturday I had ketones in my urine and high BP. I've had to do the 24-hour urine collection thing TWICE. Yesterday at my visit, my BP was 169/129, which is apparently very bad.

I'm bawling all the time. The hormones have just taken over. I'm either crazy pissed-off angry or sobbing and apologizing. Our church had a baby shower for us on Sunday. I was shocked. I almost passed out. I couldn't stop crying and I bet I seemed like the most ungrateful person in the universe. I was so overwhelmed by how good and amazing people were. They collected money and gave us over $1000, which ended up being the down payment on our new Duggar van that our inlaws had brought up that day. We were going to have to borrow the money for the down payment, but because of our church family's generosity, we didn't have to. I'm bawling again now, because I just feel so unworthy of such an incredible gift.

There's one midwife who gets on my nerves. It's like no matter what, I can't do anything right and she keeps yelling at me, at least that's my perception of things. If I drink everything I'm supposed to, I don't have room to eat and I'm up all night peeing. If I eat everything I'm supposed to, I don't have room to drink and I'm up all night with heartburn. And if I sleep, I don't get the food and drink I need and end up with ketones in my urine. I can't win!

Oh, and one baby is footling breech and the other is transverse.

Luckily, I got to see my two favorite midwives yesterday. The first one is a twin mom, and she told me I am doing everything right. The babies are fine. They're still inside. That's the most important thing. The second midwife basically said the same thing. I have to make it two more weeks. Three would be better, and four would be best. I can do that, right?

I'm so tired, because I can't sleep more than 1 1/2 hours before I have to get up and go to the bathroom. My iron is actually lower now than before I started supplements. My belly itches. My head hurts. My ankles are swollen. And I don't want to wear underwear anymore, but apparently that is not socially acceptable.

Oh, and I say this in the most loving way possible, but I don't want advice. I can't go buy supplements or do exercises or sit with my legs above my chest or stand on my head. I can lay on my side and try my best to love my kids and not freak them out by crying. That's pretty much all I have energy for.

Thanks for listening.
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Oh wow, the bp problems are tough! I have the pleasure of a severe case of white coat hypertension. I was so nervous when I went into the OB for the ultrasound last week to confirm twins that I blew a 170/100! Not good. They were supposed to retake before I left, but they forgot. LOL I don't know what it would have read after the supine hypotension from laying mostly on my back for over an hour. I have found that if I apply Lavendar Essential Oil in the morning, if I have an appointment, my bp is really normal. It works so well for me, I recommended it to my mom when she emailed last week with concerns that her bp was reading 180/120 even with meds! She is on different meds and now using the Lavendar oil and feeling much better.

I am 20 weeks this week, and can't quite wrap my mind around being halfway done and 2 babies coming. I know it's going to race by, especially with holidays, birthdays to prepare for. I also have bad SPD, though it has gotten better since Baby B moved out of my pelvis and vertex. The babies are getting really active. My dh and a couple of the kids have all been able to feel Baby A kick in the last two days. Baby B is turned so that I feel the movements towards my side and back.

I am busily working on a ton of little Christmas projects for everyone, which also allows me to sit with my feet up. Our kids' school mascot are Blue Jays, so I crocheted 14 little baby blue jays for all the teachers. I was able to use up some scrap yarn, so this only cost the price of a sheet of yellow felt for beaks. Yeah!! My mom has wanted me to make her something for forever, so I crocheted her an afghan. I started that back in August. I knitted my sister a new purse, because she was complaining that she keeps losing hers in the van because it blends with the carpet. LOL Now, I am working on some cute little monster stocking stuffers for my 3 middle boys (we celebrate St. Nicholas' Day on Dec. 6). My daughters will get similar characters, but they'll be some sort of cute critter instead of monsters. My oldest son is getting a stuffed football. Or a knitted lump of coal. I haven't quite decided yet. He's never satisfied with anything he gets in his stocking. I plan to do some hats for Brother-in-law and my dad, some toys for my neices and nephew and their new baby due Christmas. Then some toys for my kids for Christmas. We'll see what I actually have time to finish, but the little things don't take very long, thank goodness!
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Hey ladies, just checking in, thanks for the new thread, I've been sooo out of it busy this month.
Finally got a rental house to live in and then the day after out boxes arrived headed out the door on a vacation that had been planned for 6 months, we sure cut it close!
So dh myself and the fetal peoples got to have 5 days in Hawaii and that was the best thing ever, though boy I'm sick of travel. Thankfully my body took it well.

Got informed that I'm basically having braxtonhicks that I totally don't feel unless I happen to touch my belly right then, I guess I always figured I would feel something so it funny to think that it's been going on for a pretty long time. How am I supposed to know if I'm having too many of them if I don't always notice them? Or if I'm not noticing them internally yet are they certainly not an issue?

Still struggling back and forth over birth plans and all things related to that, there just is no easy answers and it's even harder when there are variables that are unknown till the end.

So now I head home tomorrow from two weeks on the road or in the air and finally get to nest and set up home and nursery, it will be nice forth first time this pregnancy to actually be able to focus on these babies and myself a bit. I feel like I haven't sat down in the whole 27 weeks ive been preggo

Butterflies, do you want to go grab the first post of of last months chat and add and updates?
it is nice to have it around so we can see where ladies are in their journey and who is "on deck" for the next birth.
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I am on my last tiny stretch. 36 and 6 days. My c/s is planned for Nov. 9 unless I go into labour sooner. EDD is Nov. 19
I have been on a whirlwind tour with my twin pregnancy. From trying to decide whether to have a U/C to finally getting support from my midwives to come to the house to have a home birth with alternate plans with the OB if things weren't straight forward. Then for the last several months Twin A has been stubbornly breech which my midwives will not attend at home. After trying to persuade my OB to let me have a vaginal delivery with Twin A breech, we have now discovered that he is in a footling breech position. So now we are planning a c/s. Whew! I feel like I've put so much effort into researching every step of the way and trying to have a natural birth and now it is completely out of my hands. A lot of expended energy and time ---how could I have known??
I have peace finally with the thought of the c/s as I can really appreciate why the risks of a footling breech. It has also been good to here others experiences with c/s and unanticipated results which weren't part of the original plans.
So now its just a bit more waiting until I can meet these babes. In the meantime my hormones rage, tears flow, my other children cry for more mommy attention than a couched mamma can give and my body aches as it is jousled and kicked around on all sides.

Almost there though
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Adorkable -- Lucky you in HI!!! I have an aunt who lives on Kauai, but I've never been lucky enough to go visit her there.

Junebug25 -- The unknown really makes me nervous, too. I feel like I've got three different birth plans, but I won't really know until the last week or so what will be best. And that's quite a long way away for me at just 20 weeks now. I hope your impending birth goes smoothly and recovery goes well! It won't be long, now.
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Hi, I think this is where I belong.  I'm due with twins in late May/early June - 11 weeks this week.  After dealing with infertility and loss, this is just amazing and scary and hard to process, and just seeming like it's becoming really real.

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Welcome!  Congratulations on your twins!  I'm due in March.  

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I've updated the top list-- apologies if I missed anyone!


Just running out of things to distract myself here. I'm 38 weeks today.  Now I wish I had a nickel for every person who told me these babies would be early!

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30 weeks on Monday and wow, belly is getting huge and BH are getting stronger, can really feel my uterus working out and getting ready. But no pain in them or any other signs so smooth sailing. Pinched up some nerve in my SI joint the last two days and that is less fun than 0, let me say!

Finally painting the babies' room and that is fun, wish I didn't feel so rushed, can't believe my house is still in boxes and we have so much to do. And my days are feeling like they need to be shorter and shorter, and should be including naps more often!

my mom is coming out for across the country for the birth and a while after to help out, I'm soooo looking forward to this!! So now we just need to figure out when to have her come????? I'm guessing we can't jut pick a date but should go off of something in the pregnancy that tells us they are on their way, but I also do not for a second want to risk her missing the births. How would you decide on this?
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Hello all.  I'm haven't been on here much- been busy  working full time and taking care of my 3 year old.  I'm 30 weeks and my EDD is 1/20.  I'm on Procardia for my BP and also to prevent preterm labor/contractions.   With my son I was induced a month early for elevated BP so I'm already bigger now than I was when I delivered him. 

So far the twin pregnancy has gone easier than my singleton.  The only problem I have now is being tired.  And I'm a little stressed out about both babies being breech. 

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Hi all!  I'm still having intermittent nausea at 18 weeks.  Is it ever going to stop?


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I'm 12 weeks today, and the nausea seems to have moved to mostly the evening. I hope that means it's on its way out.

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I'd like to join here, please.

Name? (if you feel like it)
You and maybe your partners age at the birth? I'll be 36, he'll be 35
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?Um, I know they have separate sacs and placentas?
What number of kids will this be for you? #6 & #7
Genders? Will you be finding out? Boys!!!
EDD and or planned birth timing? April 2, and I intend to do a home birth if possible.
State you live in? WI
Anything else you want to share?  I'm really happy to be adding two boys to my family.  My 10yo son has been lonely amidst all his sisters.

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Since Butterflies is I'm sure blissfully busy with her newborns i figured i would start a new thread  and update it for what is probably the last months i can before I'm busy with mine.   Congrats again to Butterflies and her baby boys!


new thread is http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1280552/pregnant-w-multiples-nov-dec-chat#post_16059113

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