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spinning babies in the womb

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this past week i finally experience my lil one kicking me. she is very active. the only thing i found out through a friend is bc her kicks take place in my lower abs right about the pubic hair (sorry if that grosses anyone out). she also states that she is feet first and i would have to deliver her feet first with a c section. i DO not want a c section. she mentioned that also with the head under my ribs i put pressure on her head and neck. is there a way i can get my baby to spin? thanks to you. oh plus this is my first so i am a lil nervous about her current postition.
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i don't really think there is any reason to be worried about her position this early on, but i've heard you can get in a pool and hang onto the side of the pool and be on your belly and kinda kick/float around and that can help with breech babies
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You still have plenty of time (I Believe) I think you have until like 37 weeks and then it is time for spinning babies.

Plus also are you sure that it is kicks? It could just be that your lo is elbowing you down there.
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There's no reason to worry about position now. I know my little dude flips from breech to head down several times a week depending on which way he's kicking. There is still plenty of room in there for baby to flip around.

http://www.spinningbabies.com/ has a lot of great info on techniques you can use to help baby turn head down.
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Mine is also flipping around like mad. My lo seems head down most of the time, but she/he definately turns transverse and hangs out that way for awhile. I wouldn't worry too much at this point. I'm assuming you were talking w/ ur OB/MW about it? She's probably just making you aware of the situation at this point. I wouldn't be hugely concerned about pressue, either. Babies are surrounded in fluid to help absorb any excess pressure. It takes a pretty traumatic event to hurt an unborn baby. (At least in what I've come across)

If it gets to be later on and baby is still breech, there are some great breech exercises in the book Birthing from Within. Also a skilled chiro can work some magic to turn a breech.
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DDCC - Chill. I'm 2 months ahead of you and I'm not even sure mine is head down some of the time! I know at this point he *can* flip if he wants to so I figure he'll know when the time is right to get 'locked and loaded'. Of course I can do all the spinning techniques I want but at this point its still up to him. He probably still needs the exercise flipping and turning can give him.
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OMG, my LO does the whole spin-ie thing too! One day she's kicking me in the cervical area, next day my upper abdomen is bouncing around! Silly little girl!
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My baby boy likes to hang out down low too. He's sticking transverse for now. Im not worried about it. We have plenty of time and since the babies are still little they have room to move around. He isnt stuck there yet
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My girl is still breech. I'm not the slightest bit worried as my midwife will deliver either way and although I'd prefer head down in theory, I figure worrying won't change anything. I also read a study recently about TSH (thyroid) level correlating with incidence of breech presentation. I'm going to mention this to my endocrinologist when I see him in a few weeks for a checkup.

Spinning babies is a great site!

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my little one still flips a lot...we've got lots of time for lots more flips... it must be fun in there!
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My first pregnancy she was breech until 33 weeks. We were in our Hypnobirthing class when I felt her turn and it was like being on a rollercoaster. Needless to say, I was totally nervous leading up to it that I was an automatic c-section (Central Florida doesn't even consider vaginal birth of breech babies, so I have a vested interest in making sure my kids are HEAD DOWN!)

Having said that, I agree with everyone. Even though I am 99% certain mine is breech currently, I don't really start to feel a little more panicky until around 28-30 weeks and that's when I sort of lazily start some Spinning Babies techniques. That doesn't mean I don't wake up with "turn, baby turn" vibes every morning though!
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No worries this early!
Baby has PLENTY of time to move!
Both of mine were breech the majority of my pregnancy, and my first turned at 39 weeks, on her own.
I wrote a post about all the different things I tried with both my breech babies - maybe some help to you!

Try to relax & enjoy!
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I agree with the PP's about not worrying about the position this early. I also wanted to say that my LO is doing a LOT of movement down there, sometimes I feel like it's literally kicking me in the vagina, but at my U/S it was head down. So it might not necessarily mean that it's breech either way.
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I know everybody said not to worry and I second that. My little guy is head down, but I feel a lot of movement that low, it's his arms and shifts and stuffs. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference when they are really shifting around down there. Just as I was typing this, he fluttered his little elbows - this guy is less of a kicker than his older DS

A lot of midwives don't really check for position until 32 wks and it doesn't really become a concern until later. FWIW I have a friend who just had a version done on her breech baby that was successful
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I feel most of this baby's movement down there, and I happen to know from a recent u/s that baby is head down. If I didn't find that out by u/s, I would've bet money that the feet were down there!

I guess my kid is a puncher, not a kicker.
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