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I don't think any doctors will do those anymore on purpose anyway.
There is a doctor here in Syracuse who knowingly attended a lady who was having a VBAC and carrying a breech baby, so I wouldn't say that there aren't any doctors who will attend a breech birth.

OP, have you called other caregivers in your area to see if there is anyone who is comfortable attending a breech birth? You may have better luck with older caregivers; they're more likely to have learned about vaginal breech birth. It should help that you've already birthed a breech baby.

There are lots of people that talk about how great UC and HB is for low risk cases, but, unfortunatley, this is not low risk at all.
I was just reading Birth Reborn by Michel Odent this week. He makes the point that hospitals are often not the best place for "high risk" cases. Just by virtue of being labeled as high risk, the hospital procedures that women are pressured into going along with increase their risk of unnecessary interventions and complications.
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If it were me, I'd definitely try to get baby to turn head down, because that is the safest position for a birth. I'd also try really hard to find a midwife who'd attend a breech homebirth if necessary. But I do feel more comfortable with a midwife present at my births (though they have all been very hands-off). But I would feel comfortable birthing a (complete or frank, would have to do a lot more research about footling breech births) breech baby unassisted. Actually I did just have a surprise breech birth last week...I never knew he had been breech at all but lo and behold he came out butt first. It went perfectly fine, completely hands off except for a couple of heartbeat checks, I just listened to my body and waited to push until I absolutely couldn't help it anymore (started feeling a little pushy over an hour before I started pushing). I'm glad we didn't know he was breech as then I'd have had to worry about trying to turn him and possibly going unassisted (midwives here aren't allowed to knowingly attend breech births)...but oddly enough I'd had it in my head the entire pregnancy that if I had a breech baby I'd be ok with an unassisted birth instead of going to the hospital for a c-section.
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[QUOTE=stik;15983613]It's possible to safely birth a baby in the footling or full breech position, although it makes many doctors nervous. However, a c-section is the only physically possible delivery for a baby who is transverse.


Actually, that's a common misconception. It is possible in some circumstances to turn the baby right up to the end. I was carring transverse and ended up birthing breech in a calm, perfect UA (well assisted by my husband) home birth. My midwife (consulted) was very reassuring.

First of all, I am SOOOO sorry you had such a horrible experience with your previous breech birth! I really wish every woman could have a perfect birth experience. Stories like yours make me SO mad at doctors!!! You and your baby were in more danger from the way you were mishandled than from the breech birth!!!

Second, you should find a supportive midwife. Search high and low until you find one who can reassure you. I'd even totally recommend going to The Farm, as mentioned before if was even a possibility for you. Your mother is going to need to know, eventually (since you live with her). Mine was not supportive either, but YOU have to fight for the birth experience YOU want. You do need assistance from a professional, though. And it will help you feel much more at ease.
It may be that you will have to "accidentally" birth at home/hotel, etc. Then just go to the ER to be checked out after.

I would also look into the legal reprucussions for your state. It can get pretty scarey if you don't do things the way the medical professionals deem nescesary.

You can contact here or a similar agency for your state...
Pennsylavania Midwives Association c/o Judy Mentzer
4560 Orrstown Rd.
Orrstown, PA 17244
Also your local ICAN group.

Feel free to PM me if I can help or offer any support.
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What I would do with the knowledge I have now is go for a UC. My first baby was breech, which was an automatic C/S even though her butt was trying to come out by the time I got to the hospital. This was in AZ.

I went to Utah for my next baby because I couldn't get health care here. She was vaginal, but hospital born (and I had to have a heplock, for the crime of having had a previous c/s).

Baby #3 was down here again and was born vaginally. I moved from here to northern AZ over 8 years ago and returned only a few months ago. I met one of the nurses from the hospital. She said that all previous c/s there were now an automatic repeat section and that I had been lucky. I had my son in the 1 or 2 year window when they were "allowing" vaginal births. Apparently, having a vaginal birth in between meant nothing.

For those reasons, I would go for a UC unless my instincts or studies showed me I should not. To condemn yourself to the knife forever after (at least legally) is not cool. Your area may be different, I know. Still, you've shown yourself that you can do it and I agree 100% that if you'd had water to be in, your baby would have been fine, footling and all.

I'm convinced if I had been able to follow my instincts (I desperately wanted to be in a water filled bathtub, but spouse and mw said "no" - I had not yet heard of UC), I would never have had a c/s.

As far as your mother goes, if you do happen to be in her house, it is possible you could go into labor at night while she's asleep. I wonder if that would work. Of course, the best route would be your own place or a hotel/motel.

Best of luck, and good vibes headed your way.

p.s. Lest this seem unrelated, I assure you I am thinking that if you avoid an initial c/s, you'll be avoiding a lot of future unwanted consequences.
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you said there are 5 hospitals in your area? i would start by calling each hospital and asking to speak with a nurse from the L&D ward. tell them your situation, that you've delivered a breech vaginally already, and ask if they know of an OB who'd be willing to at least meet with you to discuss your situation. you'll know anyone they recommend is someone they at least see as having an open mind and hopefully the skills to deliver breech. if the nurse you get the first time is unhelpful, try again another day.

in your shoes, i'd want to keep up a relationship with an OB because of the elevated chance that you will need a c-section. i have a friend with a unicornate uterus who had one butt-first breech and one transverse breech baby, and that transverse baby was not going anywhere (turned out he had hydrocephaly, which makes position even trickier). so, if it comes down to needed a c-section, it seems reasonable to choose who is going to do it.

good luck!
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Thank you all so much for the support and advice, I really appreciate it.


I just wanted to update. I am 37 weeks tomorrow, I have continued with my UP and I feel great. It is amazing to not feel bound to doctors' orders and appointments.


My babe is still moving around a lot, but he has been spending more time in the center of my belly and or head down. He still moves to a diagonal lie sometimes, but not continuously like before. He is currently vertex.


I am hoping when he decides to settle down, he stays in this position.


If he is transverse when I go into labor, then I will suck it up and go to a hospital since he won't be able to come on his own. If he is in a favorable position then my plan is to keep my mom from knowing that I am in labor as long as possible. Then I will tell her that I want to labor at home for a while before going to the hospital. If it turns out to be an oops well then... oops smile.gif


If she has a problem with me going to the hospital when I feel like it, we will leave and go to a hotel.


That is my plan as of now.


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Sounds great, good luck!

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Sounds like a good plan.

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I haven't read the replies properly, just skimmed. But in your case I would probably continue care with an ob. Reason being if you do birth breech and tear badly you can easily transfer and say it was an accidental homebirth (like it happened too fast) and get stitched up without as much drama. I would refuse any tests your OB wants you to have. I would think it would be your right legally to refuse any, but I don't know the laws in the US.


I also would not feel comfy birthing at home while living with an unsupportive or unaware mother. And I cannot even imagine birthing in a hotel! What if the 'neighbors' hear your noises and call the police? How will you relax knowing there are other people right beside the bedroom wall who can hear you birthing? What if you got blood on the carpets, how would you explain that one to the staff? I don't know, that would have to be a last resort for me personally. But if its in your comfort level then go for it. I think it would be much better to find your own place. Or even maybe one of those holiday stay homes you could rent for a few weeks, that would be a lot more private.


I would definitely feel comfy birthing breech. And you have done it before so you know your body can do it. Best of luck whatever you decide to do love.gif

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Originally Posted by klemomma View Post

Just wanted to add a few points:

I would definitely NOT call 911 and then refuse to go with them. There is a chance they will freak out and cause a lot of issues for you. I know a local family that did this - called 911 (for issues with mom, not the baby), but just wanted to paramedics to check mom out, not have her go to the hospital, and they freaked and demanded the baby go to the hospital. They then took the baby to the hospital. Then, they ended up having CPS called on them AND were criminally charged with child endangering.

This is not to say that you shouldn't call 911. If you even think there is a chance you need them, you should call. But, once you call, you should accept that you have entered the system and will have to go along with it.

This is not what EMTs are for.  EMTs are trained to stabilize and transport.  If you call them, that is what they are going to try to do.  Asking them to evaluate whether you need to go to the hospital is going to make them cranky:  they don't have the training to tell if a patient is doing well or badly post-partum (they do, maybe, an hour or two on pregnancy and birth in training, they can see the obvious, but lots of subtle things can go wrong), and they can be sued if they tell you that you're fine and you turn out not to be.


I think EMTs are awesome, when you need the thing they do.  If that thing is not what you need or want, don't call them.

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Old thread... the OP must have had her baby months ago.

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