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VBAC success!

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Our delivery surprise was a girl!

Here's the short birth story:

On Thursday I had Tiramisu, meditation time in the harvest moon light, and sex. Pretty sure that kicked off labor!

1:30 am my water broke in bed and I jumped out before making a mess - crazy with my big stomach but really who wants to clean up amniotic fluid in the middle of the night? Contractions came pretty much right away. I labored alone with the boys sleeping until about 4am. I knew waking DH would cause all the lights to be on and mayhem to ensue. I was right. :-) When ctx were 2-3 mins apart we left for the hospital. DS got dropped off on the way with friends who took him to preschool - thank goodness for friends like that in the dark hours of the morn.
At 7am, we arrived at the hospital and my OB checked me. I was only 2-3 cm.... about cried hysterically. Labored for a bit then got to 6cm about 2 hours later. 10:30 or 11:00am, I was at 10cm but her heart rate dropped a bit. They prepped me with an iv, oxygen, monitor. I remember saying the baby was fine out loud. I moved side to side and she turned over. Heart rate popped right up and they took every thing off. All this time I'm in transition and cannot push! Have to blow through every ctx and I'm doing all this drug free. Not even a shot of narcotic. Pushed for an hour and she was born! Pushing was hard but not as painful as I expected. A small ring of fire. However, I was very very loud and sounded like a cavewoman. lol DH loved it and was a great coach, he watched the whole thing in awe.

It was totally worth it - afterwards... My recovery was super speedy.

My health care providers were amazing. We had a MW and OB the whole time but knew only the OB could be present since I was on a blood thinner. MW popped in while I was pushing just to see a head. She's so cool. Since my OB practices with the MW, he was awesome and coached me through the delivery. DH got to announce that she was a girl since they put her on my chest right away.

It was the perfect VBAC delivery! DD was 7 lbs 5 oz, 20 inches, and was born at 12:19pm after 11 hours of pure, natural labor.
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What a great VBAC! Congrats mama!
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Congrats on your VBAC! Isn't the human body amazing! Love the "cavewoman" sounds...
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fantastic, way to go warrior mama! congratulations!
those cavewoman sounds are intense, i had a few of those and i know that i couldn't replicate it if i tried.
thank you for sharing.
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What a wonderful story - gets me more excited about my upcoming VBAC! Congratulations!!!
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