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Yay!!! July 2011 is here!! Roll Call!!!

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I am so excited!! I just happened to check and there it was!

So we need a roll call, right? Should we sticky? I will start:

I am:
Tracy from Chicago
EDD 7/2/2011
Married to DH for 4 years (and this will be our 3rd child! Yikes!)
Planning a homebirth

Everyone else?
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Do you want to make a list with due dates and what not? You can PM MamaMonica to sticky it

EDD: 7/2
Expecting baby #3, planning another homebirth. We're in NC but moving in early August Also gearing up to tandem nurse again!
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I'm so glad this is up!!

EDD- June 27th-I hope it's OK is I join here instead of June's ddc, I always go past my dd (the last 2 boys were both 18 days past!)
This is baby #5
Not sure on birth yet, but have had all hospital births before
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I PMed MamaMonica to sticky. Thanks Katie!
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I'm Jen. EDD is 6/27 but I have never had a baby show up on time so I'm predicting a July baby. I figure I'll have more in common with this DDC. I'll
be having a homebirth.
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I'm expecting a late June babe but my daughter was a bit past her due date so I'll probably hang out a bit in both DDCs. I'm very excited to add another little friend to our family...this will be #2 for us.
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I'm...here? lol I just found out today totally and very unexpectedly that I'm pregnant with my fifth baby. It's early days but the way I'm feeling...yeah lol

will try not to clog things up with my drama..ugh..but just want to have somewhere safe to talk about things for a while before I need to "come out" to others lol Right now, I'm the only one who knows. I'm due around July 6th which doesn't sound right? but it's what due date calcs are giving me.

I had my last two at home, and at this point haven't thought about that stuff this go round. It's weird but even with the worst timing in the universe, I'm still excited lol
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i would like to hang out here some if that is ok. my estimated due date is june 26 but i went 2 weeks and a day over with son and when you look at how the due dates got to be 40 weeks statistics and all there is a good chance this baby will be born in july.
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HOORAY! Very excited to be here.

edd 7/2
This will be #2, DD is just over 3 and had an early loss back in April and we've really struggled TTC for a year and a half. This one was hard-won and I have a good feeling about it so far.
If all goes well this will be a homebirth, but I'll be seeing an OB for a while given my history of early m/c and SCH.

Can't wait to get to know you all! Congrats!
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Alisha, in OK
Married for 9.5 years, military wife, but no forseeable deployments this pregnancy
edd 7/1 tentatively, my chart was very ambiguous and could be off by as much as 1.5 weeks, so I'll probably try to get an early u/s for dating purposes
#5, will probably homebirth
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Hi- tentatively putting my toe in here even though I haven't been to MDC in ages.
Suzy from Metro Detroit
EDD 7/1 (dd came two weeks early, so we'll see how that goes)
Baby #2, we ttc for 2.5 years with #1, and over a year with this one. Provided all goes well with this pregnancy, this will be our last child.
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Cautiously optimistic about expecting a new babe in our family (after an early m/c last month)

edd 07/06
Baby #3
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Hi everyone, got my bfp yday at 10dpo so it's still waaaaaay early. Hope I can stay with all you lovely ladies until next July

edd - 7/7/11 based on online conception/edd calculator
expecting baby #2 after *finally* getting ppaf earlier this year.
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Darla from OK
EDD first week of July

This our second and we've been TTC for over a year. I had a m/c in March and that angel's due date would have been next week. I told myself I HAD to be pregnant again before that due date. When I started cramping and having low back ache two weeks ago I spent the day in tears absolutely sure I was starting my period...but it was early pregnancy symptoms!

No one IRL knows (except DH). Even though I'm scared to get too attached this early, after reading lots of the forums here I've decided to fully accept and enjoy this pregnancy starting today!
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I'm Jen- up in Alberta Canada
My edd is July 3rd with number 2!

It's been a long road for us- we started TTC in 2002- and it took us 3 years, an early m/c, and 4 IUIs to get our daughter- now almost 5 years old. We've been trying to concieve number 2 since she was a year old. Another miscarriage in March, too many IUIs, and I'm finally here! woo hoo! It's early, and i'm nervous, but mostly feel confident this one will stick.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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slippy, I can top you , im from Winnipeg, Canada

Im Serena and based on my ovulation date in due July 2, 2010

This is our second child, our son will be 2.5 when this little poppyseed is born. With both babies we went through fertility treatments and were TTC for months and months (it took 13 months for DS and 10 months for this little babe). We were very close this time to giving up, as we thought if it doesn't work with all these drugs that it just wasn't meant to be... we are so thrilled that we're pregnant!

This pregnancy is high risk, as was my first. I have an autoimmune disease that complicates things greatly, but we are very optimistic that everything will work out.

Im looking forward to getting to know all you mama's over the next few months
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Yay! I'm glad the club finally showed up.

I'm Elisa, in China for now but headed back to Wisconsin in about a month.
31, married for just over a year, and this is my/our first...assuming the line turns pink! Tentative due date is July 4th.

AF is 4 days late on a usually clockwork cycle, and I have symptoms, but a tests at 11, 13, and 15 dpo have all been negative. I'll test again tomorrow when I'm 17dpo.

I'm out.
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Hi everyone!

I'm Metis and I'm expecting #1. Officially, I calculated my due date at July 6th based on ovulation. But I'm keeping July 14th in mind as well since I've heard adding 8 days is a good rule of thumb for first time moms.

No birth plans yet. I'm leaning toward a midwife-attended hospital birth, at least for the first one. But all the midwives on my list attend homebirths as well, so we'll see.
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Ok I am officially coming over and joining. My name is Alyssa and I am pregnant with #4 (which was a BIG surprise) due July 1st or so. I live in NH with my 3 boys and dh. I am still nursing my 2 year old too.

I have taken about 6 tests now including a digital and all positive. So I guess it is official. We have just started telling people.
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Well, I took a second test this morning so it must be for real
I'm Cheryl
edd 7/2/11
this will be our second baby
I am really looking forward to meeting this little one
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