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Yay!!! July 2011 is here!! Roll Call!!! - Page 8

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I'm Jessica and EDD would be 7/28.  This will be baby #4 (well, actually baby #8 - we've lost four pregnancies).  Planning my first home birth and probably another water birth as well.  BTW, Alyssa, I also have three boys :)

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hi I'm from NC

my edd is 7/19/2011

been with my partner for 7 years

this is our first

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I'm Katie, due with my third on July 29th. Never been heavily pregnant throughout the summer before...wondering how that will be

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Hello!  I'm Sara Jane, 35, married to Jeremy, 32.  Our 3 y.o. brother cats are expecting another human on July 5, 2011.  We are grad students in Manhattan, orginally from Ohio/Oregon & Idaho.  I'd hoped for a home birth but I might end up doing midwife or even OB hospital birth with a doula.  We shall see... all very exciting... and totally overwhelming!

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This is my first post in this DDC & I haven't read all the other responses yet, but thought I'd go ahead and jump in.


I'm Anisha (26) from NC and my EDD is July 28th.  (Actually, the midwives say the 24th...but they're wrong orngtongue.gif)  This will be # 2 & DS is 18 mos old.  We're planning to go to a freestanding birth center, but so far, they're annoying me with lots of red tape, so there's a pretty good chance we might go with the same midwife/OB practice as last time (hospital delivery.) 


So excited to be here!

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Hi, I'm Lizzie

I'm my EDD is 7/19/11.

This will be my 1st.

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I'm out.

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Hello everyone!  


I'm Amy and am THRILLED to be posting here after more than SIX years of trying for baby #1.  I still can't believe it's true (although I've taken three blood tests.)

edd is 7/27/11


Nice to "meet" all of you and wishing you all the best!

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Welcome Amy! and Congratulations!!!

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it's time to reintroduce myself here at mdc. my name is jessica. i became a member years ago when i was expecting my second child, who is now 8 years old.

i am now 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my third child!

i am so excited to be going on this journey once again and watching my body change so quickly this time around!

my edd is july 13, 2011


i cant wait to get to know you all! and hopefully i will "bump" into some old friends while i am here again!

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Hey all. I'm Gwen. I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow. I've debated about posting or not because we had a loss back in September (at 6 weeks). Estimated due date is July 20th. We've only told two people IRL.  We were TTC and are very excited to have gotten pregnant again so quickly after our loss. 


It's weird because I had tons of symptoms with the pregnancy that ended in a loss, and I have way less symptoms with this one. I've occasionally felt nauseous and had low back pain since a few days after conception, but that's it. 


Hopefully this one sticks fingersx.gif

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L J so sorry to hear the sad news. 

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Originally Posted by L J View Post

I'm out.

 I am so sorry LJ.  My heart aches for you.  I hope you heal well and find peace, Mama.

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Hello! I am Sarah. I have a 22 month old dd, and am due 7/28/11 with our surprise second babe!

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Cautiously awaiting baby #2 July 26, 2011.  I have a 21-month-old and two early losses this year.  Here's to hoping I'll stick around!

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Hi All, I'm Christy and this baby will be our third. We have a 6 year old and a 14 month old. We live and play in Truckee, CA. EDD is 7/14/11!

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I'm Hillary, due 7/23/10.... have a 11 yr old step daughter and a 6 yr old daughter (both December babies)... I am a little anxious about being big and preggo in the hot months of Texas!

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I'm MrsB.  First-time mama!  

Due July 17, 2011! (I can't believe I just wrote that!!)


Have been TTC for about 7 years.  I think extenuating circumstances have led me to be blessed with this baby!


I'm with Hillary, I also live in teh south...and since I don't have central air...am going to be spending those hot summer months standing in front of 

the fridge with the door open OR see EVERY movie out there!  :-)


Want to birth at home with a midwife.  


Mrs b

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Okay, I am cautiously going to 'officially' join in here. I've been lurking in PAL for a while. I had two losses this year that have made me wary, and this pregnancy began just a few weeks after my loss in October, so I was worried, but today I saw a little beating heart in there! I really feel like I need to embrace this pregnancy now, even though it still doesn't feel quite real yet; like my luck can't be this good.

Some basic info: I'm 38, and I'm due 7/31/2011. I am hoping this one will be my first living child. I lost my beloved dog this summer, and the house feels terribly empty now. I am sincerely wishing that come July, it will feel a little more crowded in here.

I want as unmedicated a birth as my health issues will allow me. I'll fight for that as much as I can, but I know there will be a lot of battles I cannot win, and I am determined to just enjoy whatever experience it is I get, in the end.

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meander: Just a welcome and a huge HUG to you. I've followed you in the TTC boards and I'm so glad to see you here, and that you saw the heartbeat!!

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