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I'm "officially" joining as well....I've been lurking for the last....oh...5 weeks or so, LOL. I had a loss before my DD was born, and I have several IRL MDC mama friends and wasn't ready to make the news public yet.My symptoms also suddenly dropped dramatically at 7 weeks, but we saw the baby on U/S last week so I am now OK with people finding out. :)


I'm Kelly, 39 (will be 40 in less than 2 months-ack!!) and this will be our third. EDD is 7/12/11. We are planning to go with the free standing birthcenter where I had my DD.

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I'm Lauren, I live in Virginia and my DD is July 15.  It is our first child.  Got an U/S and heard the heartbeat which was amazing!

I am 36 and so excited to be a mother!  It still feels quite surreal.

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I'm Sam and live in CA.  I am due 7/28 with my second.  Still bfing 2 yr old, but as of last night, maybe no longer co-sleeping (his choice)??  Very excited and very exhausted!  We are planning a homebirth.

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Originally Posted by manamakeri View Post

Hey all. I'm Gwen. I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow. I've debated about posting or not because we had a loss back in September (at 6 weeks). Estimated due date is July 20th. We've only told two people IRL.  We were TTC and are very excited to have gotten pregnant again so quickly after our loss. 


It's weird because I had tons of symptoms with the pregnancy that ended in a loss, and I have way less symptoms with this one. I've occasionally felt nauseous and had low back pain since a few days after conception, but that's it. 


Hopefully this one sticks fingersx.gif

I have a similar story, Gwen.  I had an early loss in September at 6 weeks, and was hit with the pg symptoms--esp. nausea--like a brick wall for the days before.  Got pg again right away (TTC for about 6 months).  This pregnancy, although still nauseous and fatigued, it's been more steady and mild.


I'm 36, my EDD is 7/7/11, and I'm still nursing my 27 month old dd at night, co-sleeping. I have a subchorionic bleed with this pregnancy, so I've been cautious.  At 12 weeks tomorrow, still only family and close friends know.  Hoping to avoid telling my boss until after my visit with the peri in early Jan. (considered high risk for AMA, SCH, and GD--I'm an information gatherer, and then I decide what, if anything, I'll do from there).  I'm thrilled, though, about this pregnancy, and can't wait for dd to have a little sibling (her older sibling is a 5 year old lug of a yellow lab).

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I'm Maria and I live in VA. My EDD is 7/25 for now (may be earlier).

DH and I have been married for 8 years and this is baby #5. We are planning a homebirth again (I have had one birth center birth and three homebirths.

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Hi Mamas - guess I should join in. . . I'm due around 7/29/11 but my last came at 36wks 3 days so I won't be surprised if this one shows up early too (hopefully not that early though). We had a homebirth with our first and are planning toward another one. Our homebirth last time became iffy because of some complications (single umbilical artery detected at the 20wk ultrasound and a single kidney detected in subsequent ultrasounds). We ended up having an amnio at 30 wks (very reluctantly) to put the midwife at ease about potential genetic abnormalities, which came back normal and we were able to birth at home as planned. I am hoping that this pregnancy is much smoother.  Happy to meet you all here and look forward to growing big with you all!





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Hi, i just figured out I'm supposed to introduce myself here...\


I'm Amanda, 

I live on the Lost Coast in CA (north coast)

EDD July 13, 2011

Baby #2


11 weeks now, looking forward to 2nd trimester. 

Planning a second midwife-assisted "town" homebirth vacation.  ;) (We live 2 hours from the nearest hospital, so we have to temporarily move into town to have the baby.)


Glad to be here with all of you :)

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Wow, thought I I posted here already! I'm Lisa and I'm expecting baby #2 on July 14th :) My first birth involved 4 days of trying to induce labor  and about 6ish hours of  actual labor. This time I'm hoping for a water birth at a birth center, with a midwife, and If I need to be induced next time I'm grabbing DH and inducing the same way we got pregnant ;)


I just told the family today so it seems "real" now (don't know why NOW it feels real, cause I've been kicked with the nausea). So I'm happy and excited to be here!  

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hey everyone!

my name is gillian, and i live in ohio. i am currently a stay at home mama to my just turned 3 year old son roman.roman is still nursing. my husband and i have been married for 4 years, and this is my 3rd pregnancy. i lost my 2nd baby when i was about 8 weeks pregnant last january. now i am 10 weeks pregnant and expecting this baby july 17th. with my first pregnancy i suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. this pregnancy has been rough also, but so much better than my first!

congrats to all:) glad to have found this forum.

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Hi, I think I"m going to jump in here too. I'm another one due far late June and kind of expect an early July baby!

I'm Sarah, I work full time and am 3 classes away from my BA.. hurray, finally!  

This will be baby #2 for us wow!!

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Hi everyone! I have been lurking since November, but I am just now introducing myself. My name is Brandy, and I am 33 yrs old. We live in SE TN. I am 13w2d, but we were told from 5w until our 12w appt that we would lose our little one. He obviously has different plans! We are due July 3rd, and this will be our 4th child. I have a 7yo and 18mo old twins.

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hey everyone! i'm gillian from ohio. i have been married for 4 years, and we have a just turned 3 year old son, roman. after losing a baby at about 8 weeks last january, i am pregnant again due july 20th! i am a stay at home mama, and am still breastfeeding my 3 year old. nice to meet you all:)

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I am Jen. Mama to 4 boys EDD 7/20/11.  11 weeks today.  This is my 9th pregnancy and 5th baby. 


Take care!!!

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i feel like i posted in one of these, but i'm not seeing it anywhere, so i'll hop into this one too!  My names Natalee, been married 3 1/2 years, expecting first baby July 29th, pretty excited!

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I'm Claire! Sorry I'm a little late on the Roll Call.


EDD July 8, this is my first so I'm preparing to carry past July 8th. I've lived in California, Virginia, Rhode Island. Grew up mostly in St. Louis, just moved to Chicago via Cincinnati.


Looking into homebirth and the Alternative Birth Center in Oak Park.

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Hi I'm Julia I'm 27 and this will be baby #4 for me. My EDD is 7/30, though I very well may go into Aug. I'm starting to plan an Unassisted Birth and I'm really looking forward to it as my other kids were all born in the hospital.

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Hi, I'm Krisia, from Bermuda living in Denmark. 36 years old and I've been married for a year and a half. We're expecting our first to arrive July 11th. If all goes well, it'll be a home waterbirth.


All the best to all of you!

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I'm Ashley, currently living in Albuquerque but moving to Boulder, CO sometime this summer. I just got married in October and got pregnant with baby #1 on our honeymoon! 


EDD July 14th, 2011


Planning either a home birth or possibly a birth at the new birthing center that is opening up in Albuquerque, Full Circle.

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Hi, I'm Susan, a 30 yr old Nigerian living in Benin City, Nigeria. I've been married for a yr and half. Had a loss11 months ago at 8wks.

I'm pregnant again(16wks) and I'm feeling quite good about this one.


EDD is July 8th.


I'm planning a hospital birth.


All the best>joy.gif


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