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EDD:  7/11/11

2nd pregnancy

Hospital birth planned, but as long as things are boring (and there's only one) we'll see a midwife for everything.

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Greenmama-  EDD based on conception July 11, 2011- based on LMP- July 12th

6th baby, another home water birth like the others.

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Finally got my positive tonight on CD41! smile.gif Fertility Friend tells me that I most likely conceived on October 25, so my tentative due date based on that is July 18.


I'm Heather in South Carolina. I'm married to my best friend David, who was my high school sweetheart. I have two daughters from my first marriage - Lakin, age 9 and Addah, age 7 (almost 8). This is baby #3 for me and will be #1 for David. We have been TTC for about a year.


I had a difficult birth with my younger dd... an emergency c-section at 33.5 weeks after a placental abruption. My uterus was badly scarred (horizontal, vertically and diagonally) and I was told I might not be able to carry to term again. We had an early miscarriage in June, so we're both nervous this time around. I'm definitely high risk and expecting bed rest at some point... at the moment we're just crossing our fingers not to miscarry again.


(edit: I'm out... good luck to everyone else.)

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I'm out.  Self diagnosing a Chemical Pregnancy.  I just took a HPT and got a BFN after getting a BFP on Monday.  I started spotting last night and today it is similar to a full blown AF.  Sending everyone sticky vibes and I will see you in a different Birth Club month.  Best Wishes!

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Hi, I'm Hayley and my EDD is 7/13/11.  We were trying, but not with much hope as our second took 2.5 yrs and fertility treatments to conceive...so huge, wonderful shock for us.  Still doesn't seem real to me, hopefully I'll get there soon. 

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Hi, my name is Maria and I'm a married mom (10 years) to a 6 year old girl (homebirth) and planning another homebirth with this new little one due 7/9/2011!

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Oops! I did a separate intro, lol.


EDD: 7/23/11

Our 2nd or 3rd child depending on how you look at it.

We're thrilled!!

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So excited to be here! We are expecting #3!! I have been married for 8 years, and I have two adorable little girls (4 and 16 months). We just started TTC this month. I got my BFP on Monday, 5 days before my missed period. I could hardly believe it! Not quite sure on the due date yet, but it looks like it is somewhere around July 19th.

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I waited a little for my intro...I have a 3 year old DD and after her we had two ectopic pregnancies. I have had good betas so far and we did an early ultrasound yesterday. Baby is in the uterus and everything is good - we even found fetal heart tones (at 6 weeks). 


We are thrilled!


This means our EDD is 7/8 July. 


Planning a homebirth with the same primary midwife that we had with DD. In Ontario, Canada, you get two midwives from the collective and they are covered by our provincial health insurance. I don't know our secondary midwife yet but that's okay since we adore our primary. 


Looking forward to getting to now everyone and sharing the journey! 

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Hi!  My name is Heather.  EDD 7/22.  This will be #2 for us.  I had a great birth at a freestanding birth center that had to close due to insurence rates skyrocketing, so I'm going for a homebirth this time.  I'm a little scared, but DO NOT want to be in a hospital, so I'm going to go for it.  My DS keeps saying he hopes it's a brother AND and a sister, me... I'm hopeing for just one in there!

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I'm Christine

EDD 7/19

This will be #4

I'm in Oregon

Planning 4th home waterbirth

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My name is Nichole and I am Due July 2nd with #3 and #4 for us.  We are having twins which is a total surprise for us. 

We have 2 kids...Lil Jimmy is 29 months(6-11-2008)  and JoJo is 16 months (7-12-2009).  So we will be having 4 kids 3 and under. 

We were just trying for one more....LOL


Will have a hospital birth.

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hello :) Although I've popped in and out of these forums over the last several years, I've never really posted. I'm Crystal, mom to two boys ages 12 and 7 and just found out I'm expecting my 3rd child around July 2nd! I'm a little worried about sort of 'starting' over with a new baby, but I've wanted more children for quite a while so I'm also very excited!


We haven't told anyone yet, I wanted to wait until after Christmas because it's still quite early - but the husband seems very eager to start telling people now! Which might make sense since I have a history of showing VERY early (when I was just over 4 months with my last child, I was asked on a regular basis if I was due soon, or having twins!). So we plan on telling the kids next week and the parents at Thanksgiving.

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Hi Everyone


My EDD is July 22,2011


I m/c two months ago but am hopeful this time will work

This would be my third child but the first with my partner.


I am hoping to do another home water birth


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Hi! I'm very newly - unexpectedly - pregnant with baby number 4! In shock but excited and hopeful all goes well.  It's nice to have a place to talk about it since DH is the only one who will know for quite some time. smile.gif Had birth center waterbirth with #1, and home waterbirths with #2 & #3. Not sure what I'll do this time as we're living in a different country now and not so close to a hospital in case we need it in an emergency. Yikes! Lots to think about! nut.gif head's spinning still.....

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My name is Deanna Russell

My est due date is July 7, but I probably should have joined June because I always deliver 2-3 weeks early, but we'll see.

I want a homebirth so bad, but there are no midwives in our area that do home deliveries, so I'm just gonna make a very strict birthing plan that I'll drill into my husband and doctor's head, :D, but still not giving up hope on a homebirth, I'm willing to do it unassisted with the help of my husband, he isn't quite so sure about that. Still working on it, LOL

I have 2 gremlins a boy and girl, ages 8 and 6. I homeschool them both, and that is an adventure. They are excited especially my daughter about being a big sister. Even though she don't want to give up her sitting spot in the van, LOL.


This was a planned pregnancy and I have a feeling we are having a boy. Calling the baby a girl just feels so wrong. It don't matter if we have a boy or girl we already have our names picked out. We just want a happy healthy baby. Oh and I also plan on nursing this one like the previous 2.


Looking forward to meeting you all. :)

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Hey ladies! I'm am nervously popping my head in here. This morning, DH and I witnessed our first ever BFP. Well, first and second. I tested with a Dollar Store test, which had a faint line, so I used a CBE Digital. Pregnant, 1-2 weeks. My due date based on O would be July 26th.


This will be the first child for me and for DH. My name is Allison, I'm 30 years old, DH is 34 years old. We farm, and both have off-farm jobs as well, so it will be interesting to figure out how a little one will change our schedule! This was definitely planned, we had been trying for 7 months and were feeling a little hopeless, so very surprised, excited, and a little freaked out about everything!

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Deanna--Where do you live? Midwives can usually be found if you know which rock to look under. ;)

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hey all you July 2011 mammas! so happy to be here with you!


EDD is 7/27/11. i got my BFP at 11 DPO. this is our second, DD is 2 1/2. DH & i are very excited, tho i admit it's not quite "real" yet. we got pregnant this time on our 3rd cycle TTC. we have only told a few close friends, waiting to announce to the world on Thanksgiving Day. ugh... i can't wait that long but DH says we're sticking to the plan, lol. i can handle keeping the secret for another week, right? LOL.

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I'm Christine

EDD 7/19

This will be #4

I'm in Oregon

Planning 4th home waterbirth

firefly mama: i'm in oregon too! willamette valley area. mind if i ask if you're anywhere close?

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I'll jump in!  I'm due with our second child on July 21st.  Our first was born early (34w5d) so I really hope to deliver in July!  Heck, I'd take August.  :)


I got a BFP on 10 dpo, but it's still only just sinking in.  We'd been trying for 4 months, but they were $$$ IUI attempts so it felt like an eternity.  It's lovely to be here, and to meet you all.

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