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Is WINCO worth it?

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I am trying to save money on food. WINCO is about a 20 min. drive from me. I am trying to figure out if it would be worth it to shop there once a month.
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I know lots of people who go to Winco and think it's great. I very rarely do because it's always packed full of people and I can't find anything because I don't shop there. I haven't ever found incredible deals compared to the other places I shop.
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I shop at winco and it really saves money for us. I find it's overall cheaper in general and easier than driving around to several stores to buy what they have on sale. They have a huge bulk area too that is really great.
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I stopped in there once because I had NO idea what that giant store even was. I don't remember finding any of the typical things I buy there - mostly just a lot of junk. I didn't spend much time in there, though, so I may be off.
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It depends. If you want cheap food and don't care much other than that, than yes. You can find some pretty good deals. But you have to buy what is the deal and that may not be what you want. If you eat local, organic, or have a special diet than it might not be the best place to shop. OK. Let me restate that: it ISNT the best place to shop. Although I know an owner of a VERY fancy restaurant and he swears by the produce. He says it's the best in town since it has a higher turnover due to the customer base. Go figure.
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Winco is great at 7 or 8 in the morning. Don't go during peak times. It's helpful to have an idea of what your common things cost other places because it's not always a bargain, but some things are.
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This is definitely an "it depends" situation. If you eat a lot of processed foods they have great deals. But imo they aren't better than Grocery Outlet, so I'd go there instead of wasting the gas if GO is closer. They have pretty good deals on produce, but sometimes their produce doesn't look very good. They have pretty good bulk food prices. Milk is always inexpensive ($2 a gallon), but you can usually find it on sale for that price or better at one of the four regular grocery chains. Juice, yogurt, margarine, and bakery items are all really cheap compared to the regular stores unless there is a good sale. Cheese, meat, and frozen foods (fruits, veggies, hamburger patties, ice cream) can be much cheaper here, but not cheaper than the best sales at the regular stores. Bread is still cheaper at the franz or orowheat outlets.

All that said, we got a circular in the mail a couple months ago for winco that had coupons to get free milk, bread, apple juice, and cereal plus we needed to do some regular shopping so that made the trip from north Everett to Marysville worth it for us.

The costco conundrum pertians to this type of store for me. If you aren't on a strict budget or highly disciplined you can end up buying more than you need or things you plain don't need because the price is just too good. So if you're disciplined about sticking to your list or are honest with yourself about what you need and will actually eat then it might be a good place to shop.
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Thank you. I am usually more of an organic vegetarian person. But, I am eating meat during my pregnancy. We are on a very small food budget of about 125 a week. Two adults and the boys are 13, 10 and 7. Our baby is just over 1 and is a huge eater even though she is tiny. We get WIC, but all of us have issues with dairy. And, three of us have a problem with soymilk now. I am so bummed about that. I actually bought a microwave to make things easier on the boys and my husband.

It is a good thing they all like beans. I am not sure if Winco would be worth it for me. I am feeling better and much more able to be preparing foods again.
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There is one opening about that far from me (maybe even 30 min) and I plan to go about once a month. Some of their stuff is SO cheap! That is my mom's favorite store (for the prices) in Salem, OR. Two things I can think of off hand that I'd buy regularly would be Tillamook cheese and limes. There is other produce that I don't feel compelled to buy organic that I would also buy there. We buy VERY little processed foods, if at all.
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If you can forgo the organic, the bulk section might make it all worth it. I shop on a strict list, and buy all my beans, grains, nuts, dried fruit, canned veggies and produce there. I cannot get those thing cheaper ANYWHERE else even on sale. For example, I use a lot of flax meal and can buy it in bulk bin for $2-$3/lb but at Safeway, Bob's Red Mill package ( maybe 1/2 lb) was on sale for $4.50. I can also buy raw almonds to make my own almond meal and almond milk.

Meat is hit or miss on quality so I buy that at a local butcher shop (try that, more ethically raised meat that is cheaper than grocery). Household items are cheaper at walmart or target.

I Would love to do more local stuff, but budget is more important right now.
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