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headack and cramping

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its wied but when i have a bad headack
i get a lot of craps
anyone eles
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I'm so immature but I had to giggle at how you accidentally said lots of craps instead of cramps. hehe.

Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration could make you feel crampy and also give you a headache. Headaches could possibly indicate high blood pressure too. If I were you, I'd try to eat plenty protein and chug lots of water and see if it helps.
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can you tell i have headack right now LOLOLOLOL

i think it may be the water thing
my BP was good last time i check

and its been a long weekend with lots of kids stuff going on
i need a good sleep to
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I can see dehydration causing both. I've suddenly been getting headaches. I think it's dehydration or maybe hormones, though I can't remember getting headaches in my other pg. I've been so very thirsty but I get busy and forget.
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