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Originally Posted by Cutie Patootie View Post

I keep crying when those ridiculous Disney World commercials come on.  The ones where they surprise the kids with a DW trip and it's real life.  I don't know why in the world it chokes me up.  I feel like a complete goon. LOL

Yep! Me too!! :)

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I saw the flash mob of singers in Macy's on youtube.  bawling.gif

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Certain Christmas songs and I saw an ad where there is a HS age girl who tries to sit with people in the cafeteria and they won't let her because she is new. I just started crying because it is so mean.

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Glee just made me cry like a baby. The "Just the Way You Are" song at Kurt's dad's wedding.

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Took my kids to see the new "Tangled" movie this evening, and cried twice!  What is it with me and Disney these days? LOL

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that glee episode was a cry fest for sure.

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I cried at a dedication in a book I read yesterday.


I cried while listening to a story about a dog who tried to save a man in Iraq and now works with veterans.  Oh and the dog had to have surgery too, or something. I'm not sure, because I was listening to the TV in a fast food restaurant.  I couldn't even see the screen! 


I can cry at ANY sad song or melody.  And this is SO not me.  Sometimes I feel like my female hormones are broken because I RARELY cry.  Well, not during pregnancy!

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I cry every time I listen to The Avett Brothers. Every time. Or Marry Song by Band of Horses. 


I was raised Catholic but have not practiced a religion throughout my adult life. My kids have no religious background or education. My 7yo has recently been asking me about Jesus and God. I think he has a Christian friend at school. The other day while driving we were talking about Christmas and God and when I began explaining to him about the birth of Jesus I lost it and sobbed. To me it's silly to call myself an atheist and cry over baby Jesus. 


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This incredibly gorgeous slideshow of a homebirth: http://vimeo.com/7012325

I was bawling, and DH held me while I cried for about 15 minutes. I have no idea why.

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I cry at anything...songs, anything about kids or animals.  Mine yesterday was the song "Same Old Lang Syne".  Such a sad song.  :(

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Lately it's been the John Denver & the Muppets Christmas album making me tear up.  I mean, come on, that song "When the River Meets the Sea," how can you not be touched by that?  I would cry at that song while not pregnant too.  Also, the end of Toy Story 3 where Andy gives his toys to Bonnie, and that song in Toy Story 2 "When She Loved Me."  Gets me every time.  I'm sure that I would cry at country music songs too if I had been listening to the radio lately.

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I cried at some sappy Christmas-themed commercial last night (have no idea what it was for) and I am Jewish.  Pregnancy + good marketing = christmas spirit by proxy!

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I'm definitely with you mamas on this one.


We started watching Glee online a few weeks ago, and I cry about 3 times per show.  And sometimes I'm really crying.  It's nuts.

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I loved reading all of these responses!! Especially the Disney commercial because I have cried at the same thing!ROTFLMAO.gif


I bawled a few weeks ago for like 10 minutes over the fact that I was 1 year behind on putting pictures in an album. When DH said he would help me to try and calm me down. I cried even harder saying I didn't have a book to put them in. dizzy.gif Poor DH, he is so understanding!

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I always cry at the Disney commercial, where they open up the pizza box ...


This is so bizarre because I am not religious at all, but I cry at Nativity Scenes when I think about the Virgin Mary, riding around, pregnant on her mule and everyone turning her away.

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I was watching "The Hangover" the other night, laughing my ass off, and all of a sudden, the laughter turned to sobs, and I was then in the midst of a full-on bawl!  It was the weirdest thing!


I was actually thinking to myself "why the hell am I crying?  I'm not even sad!  This is a funny movie!!  Who's body did my brain just get transferred into??  What the hell is going on??"


It was one of the strangest experiences I've ever had!



EDD 6/24/11

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Any and all Christmas carols that have anything to do with baby Jesus, which is most of them. Especially "Mary Did You Know" because the whole song is about this little baby and asking Mary if she knew that her baby was going to grow up and die for her. Reduces me to tears every time, and not just tears, a sobbing snotty mess. I have to pull my car over when I'm driving so I don't wreck.


Any episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" because these women are just beautiful and glowing when they find The Dress. And then when they show the wedding footage I cry MORE because they're so happy and starting out their new lives as husband and wife. I don't even want to be married and I bawl!


Also, that "Undercover Boss" show because they always do such nice things for the employees and they're all crying and happy and it makes me cry because they're crying.


Foster child adoption commercials on the radio. Kay Jeweler's commercials (although I'm sure that more kisses begin with Bud Light than Kay). That coffee commercial where the brother comes home for Christmas and he's been in Africa for ages and his little sister is all grown up and they're drinking coffee together in the kitchen, and then the parents come down and it's this happy family moment.


Pretty much any show, commercial, book, story, video, or picture of families being together and happy reduces me to tears. I feel totally insane every time I start crying too, which makes me cry more!

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Originally Posted by weliveintheforest View Post

I saw the flash mob of singers in Macy's on youtube.  bawling.gif

lol!  I cried at the flash mob at the airport on youtube! Something about airport reunions always gets me anyway.

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Some of these are worth crying over to me, but some of them really are just funny! I KNOW that I have had my fair share of ridiculous crying, just as I always do, but I can't pinpoint anything ATM. 


A lot of mornings, I am in tears or nearly in tears when DH has to leave to go to work. I know, I know. Craziness. Later on, I feel guilty for putting him through stuff like this, but I really need his support for my insane emotions, right?

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