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shatterproof ornaments

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I'm on the hunt for ideas/instructions/kits for shatterproof ornaments for this year's Christmas tree (I had too many ornaments until suddenly I didn't dare USE half of them :-P). I've thought of felted and decorated balls, which I know how to do, and of course there's painted wood. I would really love to find a kit or detailed instructions for making Mexican tin ornaments like these: http://www.directfrommexico.com/ch8010.html, which I've loved since I was a kid visiting Nogales, but don't have a one. I like colorful and intricate, not necessarily clothes-pin doll type stuff. I'd love to hear what you guys have seen/done!
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Well, okay, fine...I dug around some more, and here are some ideas in case anyone else needs a few. My criteria here are that the ornaments be not too kitchy, preferably colorful, and easy enough to make without developing major new skills at a craft and while juggling toddler and pregnancy.

Felt ornaments:




Temari ornaments (a good deal more complicated than I have in mind, but so lovely):


Paper ornaments:


Clay ornaments:


And foil ornaments like I was dreaming of, sort of:


There, that's just a few.
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