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Help me decide which job...

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A couple of weeks ago I was offered a position at Pottery Barn Kids for seasonal work. I accepted and she said she would call me around the first of November to let me know when training starts. I had also put my application in at The Paper Source. Paper Source called me today to set up an interview. They told me they really liked my resume and cover letter and said they are really excited about talking with me. I was really excited about this because I LOVE shopping in that store. But now I don't know if I should pursue Paper Source or not since I told Potter Barn Kids I would start with them. I haven't filled out any paper work or anything with Pottery Barn Kids, though. They are both seasonal jobs but if I like it I want to try and get on permanently. The manager at PBK was SO cool. I can tell I would really like her. She said she would totally work around my needs as far as scheduling and it would only be 12 hours per week. They pay $8.50/hr. The Paper Source said they need anywhere from 8-21 hours per week and they pay $9/hr. I just don't know if they will be as flexible and "cool" as the PBK manager. I guess I could go on an interview with Paper Source and get a feel for the manager to see if I think I would like her and like working there. I just can't decide because I think I would like working for both places. Any advice? Has anybody worked at either place?
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How sure are you that you actually have the Pottery Barn job?
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Would it be possible to work both jobs?
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I am 100% sure I have the PBK job. I actually thought about working both, but I think it might be a bit much because I am starting a nannying job just on Fridays in a couple of weeks.
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In the end, a job is a job. So go w/ the flexibility, it's what you'll need the most in the long run.
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I would go to the interview at The Paper Source. You will get a better feel for what they are looking for, what the people are like, and if you would really like the job. If it was for sure just seasonal and it would be over after the holidays, I don't think it would matter much, but if you are hoping to stay on, you want to have a job at a place that you are going to enjoy. You may find you go to the interview at The Paper Source and don't want it. Then you start at Pottery Barn Kids. If you love The Paper Source, PBK will understand especially since it is seasonal.
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I thought I would give an update. I got hired at Paper Source and I really like it, for a retail job. I will be glad when it's over. I love the products and working with people. I just don't like all of the things you don't think about like having to meet sales goals. Just not my style. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to work here. I found out it's hard to get hired here so I feel honored they chose me.

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