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~ JULY 2010 Oct-Dec Thread ~

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Since our DDC is closing I thought I'd start a thread here so that we all stay in touch!


Just yesterday I was talking to another mom about how little my ds rolls or even tries to roll. He really only does it when I'm changing his diaper and he's free from all that bulky cloth. Still, he only ever rolls to one side. Well, last night after nursing him, I put him down on the couch in the living room where dd was watching tv after dinner. I was in the next room reading the mail she brought me from school and getting ready to tack up the new schedule on our message board. I hear a thump and look up to see the baby had rolled off the couch and on to the floor and rolled once more before coming to a stop. DD was in tears, but thankfully not hysterical. I got ds nursed and calmed and checked him out, checked his pupils and he seemed just fine, just really mad at falling! I had considered going to the hospital with him, but he seemed ok, you know, laughing, kicking and nursing just fine. So I decided to just stay home and keep an eye on him. Today his still doing fine and I'm glad we skipped waiting around for hours in a germy waiting room just to hear a doctor say we can go home.
So, erm, moral of story: watch them rolly babies!
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thanks for starting the thread, mama! what an evening, for all of you!! glad ds is okay, and i hope dd isn't too traumatized!

all's well around here... just plugging along and enjoying our last little one. bittersweet, for sure. i'm so grateful that i can be home with my littlest ones, yet it still seems to be flying by so fast!

hope everyone else is doing well... i miss our ddc chatter from prior to our babies' arrivals ~ although i totally get it! there rarely seems to be a spare moment!
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Thanks for starting this thread. So sad our old thread is gone, but then we are approaching 4 mos. and I guess at some point we have to face the fact that we are no longer pregnant anymore. : ) Forgot how fun this age is and am just loving my lo. So so cute - she giggled when I tickled her tonight.

Things are so busy with three that poor lo is always falling asleep in the car seat from here to there. Looking for a week when I can just be home and not running around, but it is not happening - Dr.'s appts, etc. - things just always come up!

I cannot believe that the holidays are around the corner! Where does time go!?!?!?

Hope everyone is well!!!!!!!
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Can I sneak in because Wyatt was born on the 30th of June ALMOST July
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Thanks for starting this thread Terrilein! Glad your LO is okay.

I can't believe how fast time is going by and I can't believe my little Ainsley is already 3 months old. I keep wanting time to slow down and want to freeze for a little while........she's a such a sweet little baby and I'm still trying to soak all that in. She's up to 15 pounds now (born at 8lbs3oz) so she has almost doubled her birth weight in 3 months. She is a big "talker", lots of cooing and gives us huge smiles that take over her whole face She has laughed a few times.....the first time was for her Nan, second for Dad and third for me. She started rolling front to back around 9 weeks and is now starting to show interest in back to front but I think that's a ways off. I'm still amazed at what a content baby she is (completely different from her big sis) and really praying she stays this way. Anyway, she is delightful

Mya is doing fairly well with but we are struggling a little bit with tantrums lately (she's 3). I think we had such an easy 2 that we are in for some trouble with 3. I think she's had more tantrums in the past month then she did as a 2 year old. The good days or times are awesome but the bads are quite trying........still trying to figure this out.
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Thanks for the thread!

I think we are somewhere between 14-15 pounds, and 24", at 3 months old. Not bad for up from 6 lbs 3 oz at birth!

Our biggest issue is stubborn burps - sometimes he has a really hard time getting them out, then he won't nurse, can't sleep, so gets super cranky...and the crankier he gets, the harder it is to get them out. He also hates to be worn if he has a burp. When he doesn't have a burp he's such a happy baby! It's like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

No rolling yet here, but he is doing great at holding his head up while on his tummy now. He doesn't like doing it for too long though. He loves being read to, and when I sing him silly songs. We got a little high chair that attaches to our table, and we've started sitting him in that propped up with lots of blankets, and he seems to enjoy it.

He still likes to be swaddled to fall asleep, although he doesn't need it to stay asleep (he usually gets his arms out in his sleep and it doesn't wake him up). Not sure how to transition him to sleep sacks...I tried once and he didn't go for it. Guess I will keep trying.
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We're hanging in here too! Things were a little crazy in the beginning, adjusting to life with two, but seem to have settled down a bit (for now!) In the craziness I totally forgot to check and see if we had a thread here, I'm glad I found it again!

Terrilein, I'm glad your little guy was okay after his roll off the couch. So scary!
lrgs, we've got the tantrums going on here to. No advice though, only commiserations.
mommariffic, what time was he born, was it more towards the morning or evening

I've been a little bummed recently, I used to take my DS to my SIL and watch her two 3yos while she went to work. Now with having an infant and a toddler, on top of driving aggravating my prolapse, I couldn't do it. Her house isn't conducive to me caring for my own children, there is no place for baby to sleep safely, there are expensive electronics everywhere my DS wants to play with and can't, the cleaning lady comes once a week disturbing everything and using nasty chemicals, etc. It just wasn't working out well. We tried her bringing the kids to me (at a 40% pay cut since she was driving 1/2 hour out of her way) but she couldn't do it. It seems that no matter what her life is more stressful than anyone she knows. Any straw will break her camel's back, DH says she has always been that way.

She found a friend who would watch them at her house 2 days a week and was bringing them here the other days. Now she is still using the friend for two days, but has enrolled them in preschool the other days. I'm a back up in case the friend can't do it, or preschool is closed but work isn't. Which isn't often. I'm a bit bitter I guess. I understand that taking them to me is a 1/2 hour out of her way, I wouldn't want to do it myself so I don't blame her, but I still do in a way. And some of it is my fault, I suppose. I don't want her kids if they are sick. If they were coming here every day, that would be different, my kids would already have been exposed before we realized anyone was sick so unless she thought a trip to the doctor was warranted then I'd watch them no problem. Now that they are coming only once or twice a month, the 50 bucks isn't worth dealing with a sick toddler and infant for a week. I also wouldn't watch them the days following their flu shot. I firmly believe that people who get the flu shot spread it to those of us who haven't. I may be wrong, but that is my problem. I don't need to risk it.

The loss of income is really going to hurt. DH is talking about getting a second job somewhere but he already works long hours 6 days a week, so I don't know where he would fit one it. Any suggestions for legitimate work from home stuff?

On happier notes my kids are darlings and I love them to pieces (most of the time ). Phaedra is still in bed with us so when I wake up in the morning I put a pillow on either side of her so that she can't roll off while I'm gone (rolly babies here too, Terrilein!). When she wakes up I have to dart into the room before her brother gets to her (he has supersonic hearing or something I swear!) Yesterday I wasn't quick enough and when I got there he had picked her up and put her on her belly on the floor next to him (he's 2). She wasn't hurt and was laying there happy as could be, but still, it's not safe.
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bumping for some mamas who were asking about the thread.
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How are your babes sleeping? Wyatt is not the best napper in the world, and instead of taking any long naps now decided he wants to cat-nap throughout the day. The good news is does have a "bed time" routine down, and although he's waking up for night feedings, he doesn't get up get up.
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Phaedra is an awful napper. She only wants to sleep while I'm holding her (like right now, lol!). She to ends up taking a lot of cat naps. I try and lay her down because it isn't fair to her brother who is 2 for mommy to devote all her time to holding a sleeping baby. If she is asleep during DS's nap, I'll hold her so that she gets in a good nap and use the time to do stuff at the computer, or read, or eat lunch, but if he is up I put her down in her crib and I'm lucky if she lasts 5 minutes.

She is in bed with us at night and use to let us get a lot of sleep but the past several nights has been soo gassy and uncomfortable. I think it is the broccoli we had several nights this week, with DS nothing I ate ever bothered him but apparently DD is a bit more sensitive. She seriously must have tooted for ten minutes straight. Well, not one long uninterrupted toot, but a lot of them. She was much happier afterward though.

Anyone else dealing with a sensitive to your diet nursling?
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I found ya! Thanks ladies, I'll be back, life is crazy as always...you know how it goes LOL

E is 3 months old and perfect, she's still on the apnea monitor at night and I'm fine with that, as she still regurgitates a lot and gags/chokes when she's on her back and I do worry that it will happen the ONE time I'm not there and...ugh.

Otherwise all is perfectly well, she's the sweetest most laid back baby, totally awesome personality and smiles at everyone!

Glad to see so many of us here!
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Hi everyone!

Stella is doing great! She's my long and lean baby-I think 63 cm and 6.3 kilos (about 13.5 pounds). She's super physical-rolling all over her crib and "connecting" her rolls so she lands off her playmat or rug from time to time. It is super fun to watch, but I think it is ruining her already awful sleep. She likes to practice for several 1 hour periods each night (like 4-5 a.m.). So not fun. My Dh is traveling back to the States this week leaving me solo with the kiddies and I am exhausted. I feel like I am up a gazillion times a night and it just keeps getting worse! Is this the four month sleep regression? How long does it last? She is more predictable during the day-usually napping around 9, 1, and 4:45. Her naps were super short, but lately I've been able to stretch them out a bit.

My nanny is dying to start Stella on juice or fruit! In Brazil a fresh squeezed mild orange juice is introduced first followed by single fruits. We aren't doing this, but I find it interesting to learn about the different ways people raise babies around the world!
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Yey it's great to see you all!

Konrad was 16 weeks old on Monday and I can't believe it! He is a big boy 7.5 kgs (i think 16.5 lbs) now and pretty long (I haven't measured him in a while). He doesn't look really chubby though, he doesn't have lots of rolls or anything, he's just big and hefty! He's a pretty happy boy, he loves when I sing to him and read to him and he smiles and giggles all the time. He is grabbing and chewing everything and we can't survive car rides without Sophie- he loves her! He's not quite rolling yet. He can roll up onto his side from his back, but he doesn't follow through onto his tummy.

Other things are going pretty well. Breastfeeding which was once SUCH challenge for us is now a BREEZE! And I'm thankful for that because it seems sometimes it's the only thing that calms him down when he is upset. I can't believe just a while ago I thought I would have to give up breastfeeding because of our multitude of problems- they all just seemed to disappear and we settled into it and now I actually like it. One thing that is still a challenge for us- NIP. I can't really do it. I'm still awkward with positioning especially because he's so big and KICKS like crazy now. I'm a slave to the boppy and without it, I'm lost.

Sleep- we've had our issues and they seem to change every week. For the past month or so I've been focusing on getting Rad down for naps at regular times and for decent amounts of time. It got easy when I really learned his schedule and his tired times/optimal nap times. They are around 8:30 am, 11:30 am, and 3:30 pm. I can nurse him down most of the time but sometimes have to bounce him on the yoga ball for 5-15 minutes. He stays down for a minimum of 30 minutes, more if I nap with him. If I sneak in JUST as he is waking up around 25-30 mins in, I can get him back to sleep for another 30 minutes or even an HOUR. But that is rare. Without his naps he is pretty cranky so it's a top priority around here. We start his bedtime routine (bath, massage, song, feeding) at 7pm and have found that when we skip it because we get home late or whatever, the night is awful!

Oh and just recently he is SCREAMING and SCREECHING all the time! Mostly in delight, sometimes is seems just to hear himself. It's cute but can be jarring. And for a long time now he makes what we call "zombie baby" noises- this drawn-out grunting thing. And of course he has the occasional coos and babbles.

He is outgrowing everything so fast these days. Right now he is wearing 6-12 mos clothing and some of those are even small on him. He's going to be big like his daddy I guess and not small like me!

I've recently read The Read Aloud Handbook and LOVED it- I recommend it to everyone and I'm going to add it to my recommended must-haves for any of my girlfriends who are having their first babes. I've been reading tons lately and it's one thing I love about being a SAHM.

Glad to read all the updates on everyone's babes! We should share some photos too!!!
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Originally Posted by expat-mama View Post

I've recently read The Read Aloud Handbook and LOVED it- I recommend it to everyone and I'm going to add it to my recommended must-haves for any of my girlfriends who are having their first babes. I've been reading tons lately and it's one thing I love about being a SAHM.

Glad to read all the updates on everyone's babes! We should share some photos too!!!
Looks like MDC is changing soon and we can share photos easier!

I am going to check out that book you recommend, even though I think I am pretty entertaining when I read (as long as nobody else is around!) haha!!! I start books to the baby and she just beams, it's so cute.

Terrilein, I'm glad your baby is okay! I think that probably happens more than people admit. I was a nanny once for a family who had a 3mo old and for some reason she slept on a full bed. She was crying so I went to check on her...she had rolled off the bed and all the way under the middle of the bed so all I saw was an empty bed that sounded like it was crying. It was very strange. Poor kid!

Sleeping....yes, interesting. DD sleeps fine at night, but recently she has decided to wake every half hour from about 8-11, I have no idea why! After that, especially after we go to bed she sleeps silently all night with the occasional babble fest.

Naptime is totally different though, she sleeps in the wrap. She will sleep for 3 hours for the first nap and about 1-2 for the second, although that one is getting shorter! (scary since my dd1 gave up naps at 18mos altogether) I think she is on a good schedule with some flexibility but I don't know what to do about her sleeping in the wrap, I can't do that forever! It's hard on my body! I just thought if I got her on a schedule and used to longer naps maybe she will stick to the schedule when I am brave enough to lay her down! (I just can't risk it with midterms etc it's the only time I can do homework!)

She laughs and smiles and does all those things that melt your heart! she is soooo talkative. She talks constantly, not sure what she's saying, but she is entertaining herself!

She still basically wants to be held all the time. I'm so used to it I miss her if someone else holds her for a while, or when she's sleeping at night.

Do any of your babies have what seems like "stranger anxiety?" I was going to post in the main forum because I can't leave her at all. I don't want to but tonight I had a meeting to go to for only an hour and she flipped out and screamed hysterically the whole time. I felt bad for her and DH! She went to sleep doing that post-cry hiccup thing. I'm just not sure if this is normal. She doesn't like being held by other people, even dh! She just wants me to hold her all the time. I can't remember this as bad with dd1.

Otherwise I am just so in love with her. I love being able to lay in bed and just stare at her when she sleeps.

Stressful but so great!
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Oh I was just thinking about our ddc and am so happy to see all you gals here! It's so nice to hear everyone's updates and to hear that all our babies are doing well. Interesting that there are similarities and differences.

Ds is now 3 mos. and 3 weeks. He smiles and giggles a lot and is sooooo cute! He doesn't talk much... I know he can 'coo' and 'ahh' but he listens a lot and doesn't say much. That could be because he is surrounded by his NOISY sisters and Mama who chat, laugh, scream and even (gulp) yell. I am curious to see when he starts to get going with language more. My friend's aunt can get him babbling - why can't I?

Ds rolls from his tummy to his back and can roll on to his stomach sometimes but gets cross when he does. He is strong and beautiful. He has these thick strong leg muscles, like his daddy, and I just LOVE them! I keep squishing his little thighs and legs. He's so cute, gives me so many adoring smiles, and I love him so much.

He's probably around 15.5 or 16 lbs now and wearing 3-6 and 6-9 mo. clothes.

Things have been very hectic around here. My 2 y.o. has swung full-on into the NO stage of toddlerdom. This quiet, agreeable, loving little girl is now lying on the floor in full-on kicking screaming tantrums (in public too - which I LOVE - not!), says no to everything, cries a lot. It's been trying my patience. I am ashamed to admit I've lost it a few times... but I am human and just pick up the pieces and try again! I am really enjoying my 5 y.o. dd who is a great helper. I love watching both girls give love and attention to ds and play with him. He's really lucky to have two loving great sisters.

Both girls go to school - dd1 to SK and dd2 to nursery school - in the mornings. I am really glad and see that dd2 is flourishing in that environment. It's so much fun to see her learn new things. Developmentally she finally seems ready and interested in doing some things that she wasn't so interested in before (like learning her colours and counting) - now she's getting it! Yay dd2!

Again, it's really good to see you girls here. I miss our ddc. Things are kind of lonely as a SAHM sometimes. I enjoy it when we go to the park and see other kids and moms and stuff. I joined our nursery school's board of directors and am getting more involved in our local doula association. I need to do some things to stimulate my mind or I'll just go bonkers. Trying to take care of myself, you see? Have been doing belly dance once a week and have a nice teen babysitter who loves the kids and kids love her.

Okay, be well everyone!
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so good to see you all! I've been missing our daily/weekly chats so much.

Fritz had his U4/well-baby visit today and weighed in at 6960 gr (15 lbs 5 oz) and measured 65 cm (25.5 in) long. Yeah, mama milk!

Our pedi is really cool out the vax situation, asked if we'd be doing any at all today (yes, as we have lots of school kid contact / use public transportation), and doesn't like vaxing for every little thing either. So we got the DTaP, HiB and are skipping Hep B and pneumonococcol disease. MMR at 12 months and no chicken pox.

What threw me off at this visit was his mentioning that babies with an allergy risk should start weaning earlier than previously recommended. I said I'd wait for signs of readiness and if he's lucky he'll get some Christmas goose. I'd personally rather wait 6 months. Does anyone have any information regarding this new rec? I forgot to ask him about it.
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Originally Posted by Terrilein View Post
so good to see you all! I've been missing our daily/weekly chats so much.

Fritz had his U4/well-baby visit today and weighed in at 6960 gr (15 lbs 5 oz) and measured 65 cm (25.5 in) long. Yeah, mama milk!

Our pedi is really cool out the vax situation, asked if we'd be doing any at all today (yes, as we have lots of school kid contact / use public transportation), and doesn't like vaxing for every little thing either. So we got the DTaP, HiB and are skipping Hep B and pneumonococcol disease. MMR at 12 months and no chicken pox.

What threw me off at this visit was his mentioning that babies with an allergy risk should start weaning earlier than previously recommended. I said I'd wait for signs of readiness and if he's lucky he'll get some Christmas goose. I'd personally rather wait 6 months. Does anyone have any information regarding this new rec? I forgot to ask him about it.
Weaning early for allergy risks seems counter-intuitive to me...As far as I understood things, breastmilk is non-allergenic. i.e. if a baby has a milk allergy, he may be sensitive to milk in your diet but won't break out in hives or start throwing up violently. I would think that maintaining a breastfeeding relationship while introducing solids would allow you to be more selective in your food choices without worrying that baby was getting all the nutrients he needed...BUT, I'm not a lactation consultant or a doctor or even an experienced mother so I don't really know.

Finn is growing like a weed! He's in the 97%ile for height and head circumfrence. he's at least 16lbs by now. He's chewing on everything and babbling a lot, especially when I'm trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning! He's rolling onto his side from his back but that's it so far. He's loving tummy time and has starting trying to scootch himself forward. He's a SUCKY napper but sleeps great at night, so I can't complain!

He smiles lots and has started to giggle and he's beautiful and amazing!
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The Read Aloud Handbook and LOVED it-
Hands down my absolute favorite book as both a parent and a teacher. Life changing even after 5 years of Ed. School. Buy it now!

I actually sent Jim Trelease a photo of all the board books we keep in the bidet in the kids bathroom to keep them reading all the time! I hope Stella follows in their footsteps!

What are your favorite to read aloud to Konrad?
Stella loves Moo, Baa, La La La, Barnyard Dance, Hey! Wake Up, Good Night Moon and My World

I've always loved anything by Mem Fox!
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I've been MIA recently--I started my new job in October (long story short: I got "let go for economic reasons" when I was 8 months pregnant). It's a slight pay cut from my old job, but the benefits are WAY better, there are no weird night meetings that go until all hours, and it's closer. My office door has a lock and my name on it, so pumping's easy.

Ellison is a bit over 3 months old now, and is gigantic. And photogenic. I may post some images once we're able here. He loves to be read to--Pat the Bunny (his big sister's favorite to read to him), Newsweek (hey, it's shiny), whatever. He's smiling, laughing occasionally, sleeping fitfully but enough.

Ellison's dad's staying home with him for now, but is running for office, so we may need care for him soon.

Terrilein: You mean "weaning" in the "starting solids" sense, right? I've heard that a little dairy-based formula early can head off allergies, but beyond that, I've not heard anything. We reluctantly did a little formula, but not for allergies-- he was very jaundiced due to an ABO incompatibility--sleeping, losing too much weight, my milk took forever to come in and another forever for nursing to actually go well because of the emergency c-section, and he needed calories to get the billirubin out.
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Here are a couple of recent pictures of DS:

With one of our whippets
Shopping for his first motorbike

And something big happened today...he held himself sitting upright for about 10 seconds! I couldn't believe it! We had just finished nursing, he was sitting sideways on my legs with his feet dangling, and I had my arms encircled around him while I fastened my tank back up. I then realized that I wasn't supporting him and he held that pose for a few more seconds. I was hanging out at a breastfeeding support group so I have witnesses.
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