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Hi everyone!! Peace.gif


It's so wonderful to see everyone's LOs as they are growing and developing such personalities.  We are now posting about teeth, and solids and sitting up and talking!  At this time last year, we were all talking about hip pain, and the end of our nausea and if we were going to CD or not!  Amazing how quickly things change!


India is doing great - we still adore her - which is a great thing!  She has two little teeth, still hates tummy time, loves to 'stand' up, loves to sit and loves to play 'band', aka take everything and slam it around like she's a master percussionist!  Like you, Expat, we gave her a taste of solids on her 6 month birthday (avocado), but she wasn't interested. We do BLW and since then she's tried my apples, bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, all with no interest.  She just wants mommy's milk (and to freak out my MIL) I guess!


Is anyone on FB?  I find that I'm not on here a ton, but if anyone is interested, maybe we could connect there?


Take care everyone!


Here is India participating in her new habit this week - lip biting!



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I have really missed these threads...this is the first night in months (as in, 6 of them), that I have had a few moments at night to sit at the computer.  So much fun to sit and read about all of your beautiful babes.  I cannot believe how time has flown.  Just cannot grasp it.  Natalie has been as sweet as can be, such a love, except when it comes to sleeping.  for as long as I can remember now she has been sleeping only 15 -20 minutes in her crib for naps, at bed time, etc.  No surprise, it is just what happens with our kiddos - they nurse on demand and want to sleep with mama, or attached to Mama I should say!  It has been hard to not have any moments free, but I am constantly reminding myself how quickly it goes.  And she is so cuddly and cozy!  She's a smaller one, just about 16 lbs, but I guess she is pretty long at 28 inches.  All typcial for my kiddos.  Not at all close to sitting up...she never gets a chance to sit and practice with the other two kiddos running crazy and the 100 lb Bernese Mountain Dog milling about! :  )


Hope everyone is enjoying their babes and the winter months.  Man, is it cold! 


Last year at this time we still had SO long to go until birth...and now the birth seems like a faraway dream. 









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L³ and Lovewins - sweet baby pics!


Anyone heard from Welsh? Sure hope she and her family were no where near the airport.


Fritz is slowly getting mobile. When he's not on his playmate he's pushing himself all over the floor - we don't have carpetting. Really glad we went shopping last recently and started getting babyproofing stuff! It won't be long now. He's got a huge appetite. Not only does he nurse around the clock he'll eat anything and lots of it when offered at meals. At the moment, he eats lunch with us everyday. Sometimes I'll make him something for dinner, too, but I'm usually too distracted trying to get all my loose ends tied up and get dd fed and into bed. (In case you're wondering, dinner is light affair in Germany. Lunch is the main meal of the day here.) He was having some poop issues and got a horrible rash from it, but that's gone. I forget how some things just have no reason or rhyme with babies. Poop is one of them. And does anyone else's dc get pimples? He's got a constant light rash on one side of his face. I assume it's from rubbing his hand on that spot while sucking on his fingers and spreading drool everywhere. But he had a real pimple on the other cheek last week and now he's getting another one on the side where he's got is little rash. What up? More mysterious baby body works? I don't think he's got any food sensibilities. Being a food allergy sufferer myself, I'd expect more than one random pimple.

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Edie gets a rash on her cheeks sometimes. It comes and goes at random. It doesn't seem connected to anything I eat or she eats. We're going to switch laundry detergents to see if that helps. Hope you can figure it out! My middle son would get pimples when I had my period.

Edie's scooting around on her butt a lot now. She can get pretty far. She occasionally pushes up to hands and knees but she doesn't like to be on her belly for long so I'm not sure if she'll ever crawl! My boys never did the butt scoot. My mom's hypothesis is that she knows she can just sit there because someone will get her whatever she wants.

We're giving her a lot of food now. She definitely gets something every day; I'm trying to make sure it's healthy and balanced but we resort to mi-del graham crackers and yobaby yogurt too much. She really likes chicken, sweet potatoes, fruit, and cheese. She thinks spinach is a cruel joke. 

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HI everyone! love.gif


It is so nice to hear how all of these July babes are doing! Things are good here too! Jack is doing great. He starting crawling about 2 months ago and is now pulling up on everything he can find. We are constantly on our feet with this little guy. He is super happy but just beginning the mommy-itis phase. Poor guy gets so distressed if I leave the room. He was a great sleeper up until recently now he seems to be waking more and being more restless maybe it is just teeth. He has tried a few new foods favorite being broccoli so far. 


The girls just love him to pieces and he loves them too, he always has built in entertainment and even though he gets into their stuff they are so good  natured about it. I am so proud of how well they have done with him.


Other than that the days just go so quickly. I can't believe this little on is so big now! He is my biggest baby, I think right now he is just under 20lbs but boy the kid is long 30in! At 6 months he was the same size that DD#2 was at 1year!


Here is some cuteness from the past month or so!


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