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Alisha - I agree with posting in Breastfeeding. You may or may not have to supplement, it might be possible to up the solids and make sure they're high in fat like Tracy said. You end up eating for three people so hydration and nutrition are really important, it all goes toward you and the growing baby and then toward your milk supply. You need more fluid and calories than the average pregnant woman, and definitely continue letting him nurse more often to keep your supply up.
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Originally Posted by scheelimama View Post
I doubt if pumping will help me, but is that safe during pregnancy. I feel like it's probably not okay unless you've been doing it all along, which I haven't.
Kellymom has an answer for this one, too.


I thought this was a really great explanation (for any of us) about milk supply in pregnancy, it was really helpful to me.


Wish I knew what to tell you, that's such a hard spot to be in. I have a couple of friends who had surprise pregnancies right about 9 months pp. One nursling stuck it out no problem and went on to ravenously tandem, another weaned about midway through pregnancy. Positive thoughts for you to be the former!
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I made some oat bran muffins, and as always, though not as much as normal, they seem to have helped bump my supply back up a bit. I tried giving my little guy some goat milk (my town does not have organic formula so I had to order some) and he wouldn't have anything to do with it. He only wants breastmilk. He will eat any solids I give him though, so I'm trying to be conscious of giving him enough to make up for the loss in milk. And still nursing often, of course.
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I'm nursing my almost 21 month old. Her big sister weaned when I was 8 weeks pregnant so I'm curious to see how it goes this time.
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I have a 22 month old that is nursing, but she only nurses 3 or 4 times a day on average. When she is grumpy (teething, growth spurt, etc.) she'll nurse avidly all day long though, so I'm not sure how that will work, lol. I am hoping she will wean on her own before I start to get big.

How do you nurse a toddler around a big belly?
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Just wanted to say hi!

I'm nursing my almost 3YO, and very newly pregnant. I'm super excited!
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Anyone else's toddler suddenly whiny and dissatisfied with nursing? DD3 is suddenly cranky and very dissatisfied with me it seems. She wants to constantly nurse when I'm around now. I've noticed I feel like I have no milk, but I see some every once in awhile.
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Nursing my 16 month old at night mostly. I am so happy to be pregnant and not have to wean. My charts were all over the place I couldnt' tell if it was effecting ov or not. I don't have anynursing pain and I haven't had many symptoms so I am hoping my hormone levels are still high and nothing is wrong. I'll be six weeks tomorrow.
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It would be on the early side, but it's possible that your milk supply may already be dropping due to pregnancy.

Your toddler may be frustrated because the taste of your milk is changing.

Or, it could just be a coincidence and be entirely unrelated to pregnancy.

Hope your toddler calms down!
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I'm nursing my youngest who will be 2 around T-giving.  I've done tandem nursing, and actually love tandem during engorgement.  LOL  I'll nurse her through if she wants to.  My milk usually dries up around 7-8 mo, so I may lose her then, we'll see.  Right now she's been battling a stomach bug for about a week now and has been nursing a LOT and I'm really feeling it.

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I am nursing my 22 month old dd. (I have actually been nursing continuously since May of 2002). I have tandemed several times and am looking forward to doing it again. Dd has not cut down nursing at all (I am 5wks 4days). I was pregnant this year from April to August (I lost my son at 17 wks) and her nursing slowed around wk 13 to 3-5 x a day but picked up within a few days of his birth. She nurses constantly now when I am around (I work away from her 2 days a week). I have noticed less engorgement in the last couple of wks then I had a month ago when I wasn't around her. The nipples are tender but I have found that LOTS of water really helps to alleviate any discomfort. Also, I think my nipples are pretty numb at this point. (Where the heck is the embarrased smiley?)

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Originally Posted by Charlize View Post

Anyone else's toddler suddenly whiny and dissatisfied with nursing? DD3 is suddenly cranky and very dissatisfied with me it seems. She wants to constantly nurse when I'm around now. I've noticed I feel like I have no milk, but I see some every once in awhile.

my son (nearly 3) isn't whiny and dissatisfied, but he finishes up quickly and tells me "this side is empty".  I'm really hoping he'll start eating more actual food now, since he's so very picky!

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I'm pretty sure I have no milk left, so it's definitely all comfort nursing, but it's still nursing! lol 


So, I'm nursing my 4 y/o DS and I'm due July 14, 2011. 


DS nursed while I was pregnant last time (lost Finley at 16 weeks) and he didn't really change nursing habits too much. But I'm pretty sure I haven't had milk for a while, even before that pregnancy and loss. 


When I got pregnant last time, I thought that I wouldn't be surprised if DS kept nursing and then we tandem nursed, or if he lost interest for a bit and then picked it up again after my milk came in again. Now that he'll turn 5 three weeks after this baby is due, I'm not sure what will happen....although I still kind of think I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped during the pregnancy and then picked it back up again when there's actually milk again! lol At this point, I don't care either way...whatever happens, happens. smile.gif

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My nursling is still nursing as much as ever, not fussing too much at the breast, but he does tug sometimes or get frustrated.  I know I do still have milk, but probably not as much as before.  We've given him bottles of formula (3-4 per week right now) when he just doesn't seem satisfied after nursing.  He's too young for me not to supplement with formula, unfortunately.  I'm hoping that we don't have to supplement too much more than that, because I want him to continue nursing, but I can't force him to.  At the moment he's still very interested in nursing.  I've been taking More Milk Two several times a day and eating my oat bran muffins religiously in order to keep my supply up for him.  Oh, and trying to remember to drink plenty of water.  That's getting tougher as morning sickness gets worse, but I'm trying.

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Hi all! Still nursing my one year old. Guess we will keep going as long as we can!
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I'm nursing my 2 year 4 month old son.  I nursed his big sister through his pregnancy.  She weaned within a week of his birth - she didn't like the taste of the milk.  :)


I was fairly enthusiastic about tandem nursing big sister when my son was born.  I'm not feeling it so much this time and it strikes me as more likely that I'll end up tandem nursing son and baby although I suppose I don't have any real reason to feel that way other than some sort of gut instinct.


I have no plans to encourage weaning, although I do remember last pregnancy that I did put more limits on how long daughter could nurse at a time and I have noticed my nipples are becoming more irritated lately so perhaps some time limits will be implemented soon.  I'm just not sure how I'll ever get him down for naps or bedtime if he's not nursing.  Hubby used to be daughter to bed so she had other techniques before I got pregnant.  Hubby doesn't put son to bed (because he's still in charge of daughter's bedtime) and I'm just not sure that I'm ready to put energy into changing son's falling sleep pattern right now.

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I'm nursing my 16 month old DS, mostly at night and for naps. I really hope to continue as long as possible. Maybe this is a side issue, but for those of you who co-sleep or night-nurse, how are you planning to handle this after the birth.  Are you planning to night wean before the birth?  Any tips on how to handle this?

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I'm going to try to night wean just a month or two before the new baby comes.  DS will be 15-16 months at that time.  I have a feeling he'll still spend a lot of time in bed with us though, as all my children we're still in our bed quite a bit until between 2-3 years old.  My first two were 18 months apart and we ended up with a massive family bed in our room, with a full and queen size bed mashed together.  DD1 ended up moving to a toddler bed (in our room) by 2 years old though.  If nightweaning doesn't happen easily at 15 months, I may wait until after the new baby is here to nightwean DS.  I just can't say for sure yet.  He's still my baby in every way and I have no desire to boot him from my bed or wean at all yet.  He's only 10 months old.

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Mine was nightweaned, but then got a stomach bug and for the last 2 weeks has been wanting to nurse all night long.  (All day long too, but I can handle that better.)  I'm starting to work on getting her back to sleeping through again this week now that she's finally feeling better.

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Hey everybody! I just found out I'm pregnant and I am still nursing my 9 month old a lot! I'm nervous about my supply but glad to find the resources you ladies posted! I'm also nervous about tandem nursing but i know i really want to do it!

Really excited to find this thread!!


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