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s/o cute toddler words that become part of your vocabulary

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the "Baby talk" thread got me thinking about DS's toddler words that we have adopted into our family vocabulary.

Bicycle is bike-a-cycle

peanut butter sandwiches are "peanut butter round bread" (because he likes his sandwiches to be made with those sandwich rounds)

ritz/town house type crackes are "booty crackers" because ONE time I bought a box that had Woody on them from Toy Story (yes, he's seen toy story enough to knows the characters) and Booty is how he says Woody's name

we say "homey" instead of just home (i.e. we're going homey)

I'm sure there are others that I'm not thinking of right now... but I want to hear yours.
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At about 18 months, DD#1 coined "Snuggy jams" for pajamas, after reading a book in which the little girl puts on her snuggly pajamas.

Snuggy jams they are, and we have friends who have adapted the phrase for their families!
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crackers are "gucka" even though she can clearly say cracker now. It used to be for cereal too... basically anything crunchy.

mealo- for oatmeal

my family said talakaly for the longest time because that is how my nephew said exactly.

I love the snuggy jams!
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We call our cat "Teeyay" even though her name is Sadie.
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"poke-its" for "polka dots" is likely going to be one.
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mallows = marshmallows
bar-la = granola bar
cumbers = cucumbers
zert = dessert
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My sister (15 year age gap) used to call eggs sunny side up "Dunkin Eggs".

Apparently I called Brownies "Piesafoians". Dont ask.
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pips = lip balm

DS1 used to pick at his lips until they bled when he was young. I was always putting lip balm on him and saying, "Let me put this on your lips." He started calling them pips and we've been calling them that for over 3 years now. It has even rubbed off onto my sisters and my mother.
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puppy = "pup-pup"
nursing = "eat-eat" or "yummy yummy milk"
elevator = "alligator"
pen = "pen-pen" (anyone else's kid say every word twice???? lol)
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Mmm, it smells like roses = "Mmm, it smells like raisins"

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"I'm a heepy!" is "I'm sleepy" for the whole family now. It just feels sleepy to us
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Growing up, the whole neighborhood called me A (long A) because there was a child who said my name that way.
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My iPod Touch is the "DinglePhone." We have no idea why, but when I got it, DS1 just decided that's what it was called. He knows the real word, and can and does say it, but I just kind of like DinglePhone better .

Also, very small things are "tiny spidey." Again, we have no clue where he got it (he's never seen Spiderman, and we don't own any spider books that I can think of). And again-again, he knows LOTS of words for small (small, little, tiny, pequeno, and who knows what else), but just invented this odd phrase that we really like.

In both cases, DH and I use the made-up words in conversations with each other independent of DS1.
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We've adopted the use of:

summus = hummus
ump tuck = dump truck
ment = cement mixer
bull = bulldozer

Think we have much of a truck obsession going on?
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From constantly telling my DS I need to put his socks on, he decided they were called "sockons". It carried over to soccer balls which he calls a sockonsball.
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These are hilarious! Our latest ones are "bines" for vitamins, "oof" for juice, "choc moke" for chocolate milk, "bee-da" for pizza. The best one we have is "toot bot" for shoot baskets - as in basketball.
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ds1 calls every bug a "bee."

today i caught myself pointing to a cricket and saying "Bee!"
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When dd was about 20 months old she had a sippy cup with a picture of an octopus on it. She always called it her octopus, and now, four years and many water bottles later, they are all called "octopus". Every member of our family has one. When she started school we even told her the story so she wouldn't wonder why nobody else had an octopus.
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My two favs right now are

Gusaust (exhaust) as in "Mama that truck has two gusaust pipes"


Blahblahs (Loblaws, a grocery store) as in "They have mini granola bars at Blahblahs"
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pip-pops = flip-flops
Falicornia = California
yummy moke = breast milk
mote = remote
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