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Partial previa

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At my 20 week ultrasound, they noticed my placenta had implanted near my cervix opening, a little bit of it, anyway... Now, I came away from it feeling totally positive, like it would grow/move out of the way, causing no difficulties, and that I would be birthing vaginally, no question about it.

I'm seeing a team of midwives, and the last one I met, my last appt, made a big point of saying some placentas move, some don't, c-section at 38 weeks is a distinct possibility, and wasn't in the least encouraging. We are scheduling another u-sound for 30ish weeks to see where it's all at now, and I asked as a precaution if we could redo it later on if there was still some in a dangerous position, which she agreed would be a good idea.

So. I don't want a section, at all, obviously. I want my placenta to do the right thing. Anyone else have any scenario like this where it moved out of the way/ didn't move out of the way? I was under the impression that the vast majority of them do move with the growth of the uterus, especially when they're not entirely implanted so they're covering the cervix.

I'm way more uptight about something I can't control now, then I was right after I found out at 20 weeks.
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No experience or advice, but I'm in a similar situation - my 20 week ultrasound showed a low-lying placenta, or possibly a partial previa (I haven't been able to get a straight answer out of my team as to which it is) and I'm getting re-checked on Thursday. Everyone's been very encouraging about the chances of it moving out of the way before I'm full-term, but I'm really nervous about what they'll find this week.

From what I've read, most low-lying/partials DO end up moving by the end. I hope that's the case for both of us!
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I had placenta previa at 20 weeks. By the time of the non-stress test - 36 weeks? 34 weeks? I can't remember, it had moved.

They can't make the call yet. Don't let them schedule a c-section without doing a sonogram first.
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Not your DDC but
At 19 weeks I was told I had a partial previa. At one of the appointments between then and my next ultrasound at 27 weeks one of the midwives said it was a complete previa. She was warning me how something as simple as a sneeze could cause me to bleed. Completey freaked me out. At 27 week ultrasound my placenta is 7mm away from my cervix, so its moving. My next ultrasound is next week so we will see where it is then. I'm 31 weeks today and haven't had any bleeding throughout this pregnancy.
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DDC crashing.

I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 18 weeks, and spent the rest of my pregnancy confidently expecting the problem to clear up, which it didn't. I was grateful at the time that my midwives were so optimistic, but in retrospect, it would have been really really good for me if one of them had said to me what your midwife did - c-section is a distinct possibility (before 38 weeks even, sorry to say - many previa patients deliver before term). Give the notion some thought and ask your midwives questions. Get a consult with the obstetrics department and the NICU. Pack an emergency bag, just in case.

Absolutely, check and double check via ultrasound - avoid the surgery if you can.

I hope the problem goes away and you get to have the most blissful birth imaginable. But talk a little bit about the alternatives anyway.
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My scan today showed that my placenta has moved WAY up! It's totally not an issue any more, thank goodness. And the baby also seems to be getting comfy in a nice head-down position consistently these days.

Stormgirl, I hope yours has also moved! How much longer until you find out?
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Kythryne---Congratulations!!! To both you and your baby! What a relief, especially since you weren't getting straight answers!

I think we'll be scheduling an ultrasound at 30 weeks or so, which is in 3 weeks. So, mostly waiting, and for me, thinking positively. I haven't had any bleeding or anything this pregnancy.

It's stange to think back to my last full term pregnancy where I didn't have a single ultrasound, and didn't even think of any of these things. Now, faced with the more medicalized route, I have way more fear and trepidation, especially regarding being in a hospital for birth----section or not.
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DDCC - Mine was low lying at 18 weeks, moved completely out of the way by 28.
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Kythryne- YAY!!!!! Congratulations!!

Stormgirl- I cannot wait for your 30 week scan, I am crossing my fingers for you for a high placenta!!!
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I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I empathize with the stress you're going through. I went through a crazy placenta previa roller coaster with my last pregnancy. Mine was still a complete previa at 34 weeks, but it was clear by the time the baby came at 41+3. I was having the distance checked every two weeks until 38 or 39 weeks. My placenta was also posterior which supposedly makes the likelihood of clearing late in pregnancy lower.

My birth story details all of the follow-up and migration process as well as my emotional journey.
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My sister had placenta previa until late in her pregnancy-she was almost term before it moved enough to get the okay by her doc to birth vaginally. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!
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