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Originally Posted by butterfly1001 View Post
With my first, my belly was always small. I always measured 2 wks behind (he was and day before my due date). My second, I popped SO early and looked like I'd pop at any second... Measured 2 wks behind again, and was 4 days past my due date. This time, my belly looks a lot smaller than last time, and I'm measuring ahead by nearly 2 wks! Weight gain the same with every pregnancy. I'll get comments on the same day: you look ready to pop! Followed 10 minutes later by: you don't look very big!

People drive me bonkers!
Originally Posted by Nanette56 View Post
DDDC Crashing

On Sunday at a bowling tournament my Rotary club put on, from a lady I'd never met in my entire life:

Her: "When are you due?"
Me: "Well my official due date is April 8-" Here she interrupts "Oh you'll never make it that long"
Me: "but it will likely be late March because I'm having two"
Her: "Yeah, you won't even make it that long."

Really?? I was wondering if I could justify slapping her and just blame it on hormones...
yup, i think hormones'll do that to ya

i LOST 2 lbs in the past 3 weeks (i've been sick) but my fundus is 10cm ahead of where it should be. isn't life fun? yeah, i'm huge.. i get it. sometimes that's just what happens. i don't REALLY mind people mistaking me for near-term, but if they push it..
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oh, and another thing.. in the past 6 months i've gained 10 lbs. granted i started off at 220-225, i'm 238 as of this morning. the fact that i'm huge doesn't mean i'm getting "too fat". if anyone comments on THAT there'll be hell to pay.
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No one comments about my pregnancy, even women due the same time I am, but I think it is because I started out at 203. I thought this time it would be different because no one noticed in my last two pregnancies either and I started those both at 250. I think at this point I would take a "you're huge" over the *blank stare* reaction I get when I say I am 8 months along.
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My first son... I gained 80 pounds and delivered a 7 pound, 6 ounce baby at 38 weeks, 1 day. The comments I got... "it must be twins", "you must have your dates wrong", "you must have diabetes", or, one of my favorites- at 5 1/2 months pregnant, someone told me I looked like I was "ready to go at any moment". The one that took the cake, though, was after my son was born, when I was walking to the bathroom in my hospital gown and my gown flopped open a little in the back, and the nurse says, "Wow, he really got you with those stretch marks, didn't he?" Ummm... nice.

This one, I'm 27 1/2 weeks and I've only gained 13 pounds. In all honesty, the doctors is slightly concerned that I'm not gaining enough, but still... I get comments the other way now- "am I sure I'm this far along?", "am I having a low birth weight baby", "I should be taking better care of myself", etc. Can't win, either way.
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so, i'm just wondering. has anyone ever had a "textbook" pregnancy? it seems like no matter what, you're either too small, too big, getting too fat, not showing enough, maybe it's twins, or oh no, you're going to have a low birthweight baby. and a lot of the time.. baby's just fine.
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Replace this comment with all other annoying or thoughtless ones: "Are you growing a life? You look so alive! You look amazing! Blessings to you and your family!"
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