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how much do you pay for JUST internet?

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we're thinking of getting rid of our home phone and just using our cells, but i was shocked to find out that it's the same price for just internet as it is for internet and phone. they give more of a discount the more services you get, i guess. really irritating when you're trying to save money. seems like a lot of people these days are getting rid of their home phones and i'm surprised the internet companies aren't moving in that direction too.
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I pay 39.95 a month for highspeed wireless.
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$35 for cable highspeed. The baseline is $30, but we have the turbo boost add on thing.
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$45.99 For cable internet the level just below 'turbo' lol. I dont know if i can get a discount when I transfer service when I move in a couple weeks or not... I dread calling them (I will have to add on cable tv ugh)
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$41.99 for highspeed wifi.
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30 for cable internet at the fastest speed, but in 6 months it will jump up to 50 I believe. Lucky for us my DHs work reimburses that expense.
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We were paying $60 for high speed internet, but recently switched to a different provider and pay $40 (it will go up after 6 mos., but I imagine we'll switch or add a service). No home phone or cable, so we don't get the bundling discount.
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We have a slow cable internet service and pay 50 a month. Theres only two services over here and they charge the same, this one is just a tad more reliable (which is bad to say since its been down 9 days out of the past month for "maintenance" and it is common for it to be down that much)
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$120 a quarter or $40 bucks a month hi-speed wi-fi.
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We pay like 55.00 a month...
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$60 a month with Comcast.

Those with Wifi, who are your providers? Wanting to switch..
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$23 for cable hi speed. We do have cable with them too but there is no discount. The cable is crappy but the internet has never been an issue.
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$50, but they basically have an monopoly in our subdivision. We have 1 cable company with an exclusive contract with our village. No dsl service, and wireless is questionable due to the lay of the land. You look at Clear's map for example, and while everything around us has dark green/full service, our subdivision itself is white/no service.
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$19.95 plus tax so $23ish per month for AT&T highspeed DSL, not the fastest plan they offer but perfect for my needs. I can still download movies, iTunes, everything I need without any noticeable lag.
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39.95 for fiber optic.

I did have to pay a huge install fee and get a long term contract, because we are very rural and they had to run it to our house special.
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I think around $50. It had been $29 for the first six months, but it just went up. That's for regular Time Warner cable.
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$41.95 per month for Earthlink through Time Warner Cable.
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$29.95/month for wireless
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We pay 60$ for Att, it's like the third or fourth fastest they have available. We don't have cable or anything so it's how we justify it.
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$69.99 for FiOs. I like my internet zooming fast.

We justified the cost by ditching the landline and getting a Magic Jack instead.
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