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How old before child should be dry through the night? - Page 2

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Both my girls were Pled at 2, DD1 was dry at night from then on, DD2 is 4 and still soaks a dipe every night. I know she will do it in her own time.
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I agree with what most pps have said, it depends on the child. But I just wanted to share my experience. Ds was pld at 2 and a half during the day. I continued to put him in nappies at night and waited for signs that he was ready to go all night. He always woke up soaked. Nearly a year later, I'd talked to him about not wearing nappies at night and he'd always rejected the idea. Then out of the blue he said he didn't want to wear nappies at night anymore. I was a bit apprehensive as he was still waking up soaked but I thought I'd give it a try. Well, we never looked back. He's been in underwear at night since Feb and has only had a couple of accidents. I was vigilant about making sure he'd been last thing before bed and first thing in the morning. So if your child is saying that she wants to wear underwear to bed perhaps you should give it a try. She might surprise you.
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DSD is turning 7 in about a month and if we didn't get her up before we go to bed (anytime between 10:30 and 12 or 1am) I'm not sure what we'd face. She was day-time trained at, oh I'm not sure, maybe 2 1/2, and actually didn't have daytime accidents until much later. When she does it's usually because she doesn't stop playing in time, and sometimes I think she may not notice she has to go until she *really* has to go because I've taken her to bathrooms or port-a-potties myself and had her undies be damp already. Anyway, she was in pull-ups at night until about age 5 or 5 1/2, and would simply sleep through everything. After finally being dry for a bit she went back to having accidents so we started getting her up. There have been a few instances even after getting her up of her having damp undies in the morning, and once when SO decided she didn't need to be woken up since she'd gone to bed late (I thought we should), she did a real number wetting the bed - she has a plastic sheet under her bottom sheet, but because it happened when she was at the edge of the bed, it soaked the fabric sheet and ran down the plastic one all the way to the box spring and bed frame. It was a really frustrating time for me when she was in pull-ups because they would be soaked in the morning, and occasionally she'd sit on the sofa or something with a still-soaked pull-up leaking. I think that I was of the (probably wrong) opinion that she was choosing to not get up and choosing to sit in a full pull-up, etc. I guess I somehow thought (perhaps due to a lack of experience or knowledge of children, and maybe because my sisters and I never had any accidents and my mom said we were dry through the night early on) that even at 5 she was way too old to not stay dry at night. It was hard for me to agree it is probably physical development and the fact that her father wet the bed til he was about 11, plus she sleeps like the dead just like him. So we're doing better now, but we continue to get her up to avoid accidents.
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We did EC with ds starting at 7months, and he was poop trained 2 weeks later and pee trained by 15months. He has never pee'd at night though, even as a newborn, with the exception of a couple times when he has been having an allergic reaction to something and he woke up right away screaming about it.

Before he was born we had custody of my BIL for a year, who was 13 at the time, he wet the bed every single night. We too him to the doctor and it was some sort of kidney problem (which there was nothing we could do about). They said he might never outgrow that.

Little girl I babysit for is 5.5 and she has accidents unless her mom limits liquid before bed and then takes her potty a few hours after she goes to sleep.

I guess its different for everyone.

ETA: Maybe try cloth trainers instead of sposies, b/c kids can feel when they are wet more easily. And its cheaper!
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DD was out of diapers during the day when she was 2. She's 4.5 now and wakes up with a soaked pull-up every morning. Last year I got her cloth pull-ups, but she has since outgrown them and we are just using disposibles now. A month or so ago we made a specific effort to help her get up in the morning and go right to the bathroom before the big waking-up pee. She did it a few times and was quite pleased with herself (we all ignored the pee in the pull-up from the middle of the night), but then decided it wasn't worth the effort to haul herself out of her cozy bed first thing. So we dropped it for a while.
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My DD was wet nightly until a few months after her 4th birthday, totally day dry by 2 1/2. I was beginning to lament it would never end... But then one morning she woke up dry! And a few days later again, and within a few weeks she was 100% dry. DS will be 4 in January and he is wet nightly too. My DH and his brother were both night-wetters until they were school age, 6 and 7 I think? My MIL, by all accounts, handled it wonderfully. One day when DD was about 3 1/2 she pulled me aside and told me all about how she went to a urologist to talk about her DS's inability to be dry all night, and how he told her it would come with time and not to worry. My MIL was worried I would be stress-ey about it with DD and wanted me to know it was normal and she would be dry eventually. And she is! Way before her Dad was!
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Update: Last night, DD2 said she wanted to wear underwear to bed. So I made sure she peed before bed, put an extra pad on top of her sheets, and we took her to pee at 11pm when we went to bed. She woke up around 1:30am to pee, and woke up dry this morning! I know that it will still probably be a long road, but I'm so excited!
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Just my experience: DS was out of pull-ups during the day at 3. He was out of pull-ups at night about 2 months ago, at 4 1/2. We stopped using the pull-ups when he was dry for 2 weeks in the morning. We have had 2 mornings where he's peed in bed since then.
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