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FoxintheSnow - That's cool! I like it here. The commute to work is pretty weak (27 miles/45 minutes each way) but for the price of my home - it's worth it.
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I don't know if I am exhausted because of the pg or because my 1 year old is The Boy Who Never Sleeps... also I have been craving salty foods. I have been eating an entire box of roasted garlic couscous for breakfast these days. I am starting to wonder if I am further along than I thought- I don't ever remember having cravings this early.

Oh and I am SO THIRSTY! Is that a symptom? I must drink 2 gallons of water a day.
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nausea all the time (vomiting off and on that started on 5dpo)

frequent urination


tender breasts


can't sleep at all!


I have had symptoms with all of my pg's some more then other. With the first baby that I lost my morning sickness was really bed the entire time (12.5wks) and I still lost it so for me symptoms do not bring comfort. Just hanging in there to see what happens.

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Hello!  I'm not new, but I'm being discrete about posting details of the pregnancy online under my usual login!  :-D 

I'm 5 wks 2 days today.  And I'm anxiously waiting for my beta results!  We did beta #1 and #2 last week.  #1 was an awesome number.  #2, didn't double, but went up about 65%.  It was an IVF transfer of two GREAT embies, so I'm kind of wondering if we went from two to one last week some time?  We've been antsy all week waiting for today!! 


Symptoms right now...not a whole lot.  Bloated enough that I had to pull out the belly band already!  But that could be from the progesterone.  I did notice that whoever is in there is not a big fan of lunch.  DS always punished me for eating supper - anything other than milk or mellow carbs - and apparently this one has decided that lunch isn't such a good idea.  A little bit of heartburn the past few days too.  And tired a lot, but again, that could be progesterone.  Sore boobs but that started before we even transfered the embies so I KNOW that's progesterone related at least at the beginning!


I did get the ligament pulls that a couple of people mentioned early in the thread.  If I hadn't experienced that with DS that would have freaked me out!!  (It did the first time around!!) 


Digestive fun...seems to flip from one extreme to the other every few days. 


That's about it!  I'm very excited to join the club!  Now I just need to kill another hour and a half until that call with my beta numbers!!

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I hope the numbers were good Willow!

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How'd the numbers come out willow?


I'm 5w5d and the nausea has kicked in today.  This is about two or three weeks earlier than last time, grrr.  So far it was just sleepiness (but not fatigue interestingly).  Last pg the nausea and fatigue were debilitating.  But I didn't have a one-and-a-half year old to run around after!  Ack, I'm totally worried about how I'm going to deal with it this time!

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Just got the call and we got a good solid number and an ultrasound appt next week!  Hooray!!!  The doubling rate improved so much that I really am convinced there were two at some point. 


Also, I have discovered today that not only does baby not approve of lunch, it REALLY dislikes tuna salad.  (Not something I eat a ton of while pregnant, but once in a while!)  It doesn't just dislike it...it dislikes the IDEA of tuna.  Which of course I keep thinking of because I think it's kind of cool to have a new symptom to add to the list...but then I THINK ABOUT TUNA and baby says "bleh". 


Opinionated little critters aren't they?

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Fatigue, much more than usual... lots of irritation, all day nausea and some breast tenderness. That's about it so far. smile.gif

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I get random bouts of nausea, especially in the morning and when I have not eaten.

I can go from being pretty content to STARVING (must.eat.NOW) within minutes.

I get dizzy when I am hungry.

Peeing a lot.



tender breasts

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New symptoms for me!  I am crying CONSTANTLY.  it is awful.  Every little thing brings me to tears.  And I woke up this morning wanting to barf.  greensad.gif  I had a doctor's appt yesterday and my HCG is putting me at about 5 weeks past conception so I guess that makes me about 7 weeks... yikes.  This may put me into June.

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Nausea started at 11 DPO and has been varying from mornings to evenings to all day although today it's been minimal. I'm 5 weeks 2 days today. Usually nausea kicks in for me at 5.5 to 6 weeks but this is my first (and only) baby with my new partner so different DNA etc; may have caused such early nausea.

Larger heavy slightly sore breasts and some fatigue since I ovulated.

Massive cravings for dairy and Indian food! And I don't normally eat dairy. Have gone off things I normally like such as an occasional piece of good organic raw or dark chocolate- the thought makes me want to puke.

Also I've had a strong sense of smell starting at 11 DPO and I can't stand the smell of people who have eaten garlic or onions and things like that.

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New one for the list...I'm flip-flopping between this kid is either mean or smarter than me.  I have weaned off the evil Diet Coke mostly but still have the odd one here and there.  I was intending to have one today, and turns out that that is on the naughtly list too.  All it wants to drink is water...lots of it.  I'll give it this...it's pushing me away from things I shouldn't really be having anyway, so I guess that's good.  But ok, I really wanted that Diet Coke this afternoon! 


The exhaustion has mellowed out.  But I am going to bed 10:00-ish instead of 11:30 or 12:00. 


No major aversions to food besides tuna, but eating in general just isn't super appealing.  I remember this with DS.  It's creeping in slowly.  This would be why I lost 12 lbs during the first trimester with DS without throwing up once. 

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I drank my whole bottle of water today by lunch.  We're talking three hours and I downed 76 ounces!!  faint.gif.  I seem to want to eat healthier things as well, which is strange and funny at the same time.

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I'm guzzling water like crazy too!


I'm 7 weeks now and what the heck is up with this bloating?!  The only pants I can button are the ones that were two sizes to big for me.  Thank goodness for belly bands.


My husband says I've already started to show because I have this cute preggo pooch, but I know its just bloating.  I've caught my project leader at work and my parents all giving my stomach strange looks.  But maybe I'm just imagining things.  In either case I'm not going to be able to hide this for long if things keep going the same way.

To top it off I let my SIL borrow all my maternity clothes, and I don't want to tell anyone that we are pregnant yet.  She's coming to visit for XMAS and I thought I'd give her the heads up in December that I need my clothes back.  Now I'm not sure I can even make it that far (I'm longing for the comfort of the maternity pants.!)


I know you are supposed to fill out faster the second time around, but this just seems absurd.  With my first I got constant comments about how I didn't look pregnant until I was well into my third trimester.  I was even wearing a bikini at 28 weeks feeling VERY obvious but after informing my water aerobics instructor that I was pregnant her response was to ask "Where?" !  I gained 45 lbs that time so it's not as if I was starving myself.


Needless to say I wasn't expecting to look pregnant at 7 weeks.  Yikes!.

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I'm at the beginning of week 6. 

Bloating, dry mouth, frequent urination and I have had very mild cramping for at least 2 weeks.

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im 5 weeks and a few days. No nausea yet, but I usually get it really bad so it will probably start soon.


Im thirsty all the time/dry mouth

pee a lot

hungry a lot

tired (but Im always tired)

my nipples are so sore that I want to cry when dd nurses. Im going to have to wean her.

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I'm not throwing up yet which bothers me a little b/c I'm usually really really sick starting around week 6. Lots of burping though.   I've definitely got some serious bloating going on as well.  I'm supposed to go to this Victorian Tea baby shower for my SIL today and DH was asking if I'll even fit into the pants I was going to wear.  ROTFLMAO.gifHe wants to go buy me some maternity pants already.  I'm pretty exhausted, but I've also not been sleeping well @ night b/c everyone but me got a nasty stomach bug.  My nipples are super sore which combined with DD#'s stomach issues, is really not a good combo.  The big one I'm noticing is that my arms fall asleep at night.  I'm not sure why, but pregnancy makes my arms fall asleep and I wake up every little bit to roll over b/c of them.

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Mild, occasional nausea is my main symptom.  It feels earlier than in my past pregnancies.  In fact I think it has to be earlier than pregnancy number 3 because I remember being concerned with pregnancy number 3 because #2 was a miscarriage and I was concerned because with #3 I hit 7-8 weeks and hadn't gotten nauseous yet.


Oh, also my nipples are sore after ds nurses.

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For about a week or so, I had been feeling that ZERO SYMPTOMS.   But today (6 weeks 3 days) I feel like I have a hangover:  I feel nauseated, and have no energy. 







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Week six was brutal for me.  Up until then it was mainly just mild nausea and ravenous hunger, but this past week I've felt like I have the flu. Bad headaches, horrible nausea, irritablilty and feeling very emotional, the works.  Ugh...it wasn't this bad with my first pg.  Hopefully it doesn't get much worse.  

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