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The rudest thing someone has said to you...

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Misery loves company! Make me feel better!

What's the rudest thing someone has said to you while you have been pregnant/with regards to your pregnancy?

Because, today, ladies, someone said to me:

Rude lady: "You're pregnant?!" (I assumed she could tell, because she started talking to another woman about someone they knew who just had a baby-- I assumed they thought of it because I came up with my huge belly, and I said something about taking care of stuff before the baby comes).

Me: "Yup" (pat the belly)

RL: "How many months?"

Me: "Nine!" (okay, stretching as I'm 36 weeks, lol, but I'm still thinking she was just being polite, as it seems to be the trend around here to act like someone is not pregnant until they say so, even if you are clearly pregnant and asking about newborn clothes or diapers or something).

Wait for it....

RL: "WOW! I thought you were just fat!"

Universe, I expect some FANTASTIC things to be paid to me, via karma. I'm talking easiest birth ever, winning a car, DH finally getting an amazing job offer, etc etc. Because I was SO FREAKING NICE. Even Rude Lady said so. I think she has no shame, but she otherwise would have been ashamed. Luckily the other woman there was clearly ashamed for her and said nice things to me. I felt like weeping later, after the shock wore off. But I am going to stick with how FREAKING NICE I was and how awesome my karma is now
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oh my... that takes the cake, sweetie

this time around it's mostly been my family declaring HOW HUGE i am. it's getting old... that and asking if i'm carrying twins and how twins can hide one behind the other, blah.
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DDCC - Posted as a comment to my mom's status update announcing I was pregnant (note, this was NOT the first comment and all previous were excited and happy):

"Can I have it?"
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Wow. That is beyond rude. I totally agree that the universe owes you for being nice to her cause I sure wouldn't have been!

The worst I've heard so far has been "Wow, your feet are really swollen and gross, hey?"
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I had a server at the coffee shop say to me today "wow, you're huge, when were you due with that baby, a week and a half ago?" I replied that I was expecting twins and still had about 4 weeks to go and thanks for making me feel good.
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Wow, that is beyond rude. I can't believe someone would say that!

The worst thing that's been said to me isn't really that bad, just surprising. I was at Office Depot with DS and the clerk started asking me if I knew what I was having. I said a boy, and she said, "After this are you going to try again for a girl?" Right in front of DS.
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Ai-yi-yi! Yes, I think that takes the cake.

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I don't know what's wrong with people.
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That is terrible. Everyone has seen Bambi. I like to remind people of the part where Thumper's mom tells him, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I was talking to my mom the other day who lives across the country. She asked how I was doing and I told her I was definitely getting bigger, which is when she took the opportunity to tell me that, well, I was pretty hefty the last time she saw me- which was when I was only 26 weeks along!! (as a side note I ran a marathon at 20 weeks, so I don't think I deserved the comment of hefty.) I was so suprised that I just started laughing, at which point she did too, so it was all okay in a weird, awkward way.

Don't people know that pregnant women are emotionally unstable and they should only say nice things?? Really, it is for their own safety.
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Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ View Post
oh my... that takes the cake, sweetie

this time around it's mostly been my family declaring HOW HUGE i am. it's getting old... that and asking if i'm carrying twins and how twins can hide one behind the other, blah.
OMG YES!! The twins question and then the skeptical look and letting me know that twins can be hidden till delivery. I could SMACK someone!!!!

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the locker room, on the floor, with my laptop, working (they watch my kids, I had a deadline.) and this lady was like, "It is just me or have you gotten way bigger in the last two weeks." I didn't even know what to say. I just stared at her like, um, did you really just say that????
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Wow. That IS really rude. I've been just waiting for somebody to dare to say something like that to me this pregnancy, because I would just flat out say to their face that they were being rude. But I haven't had any rude comments. At all. *ducking to avoid the rotten tomatoes hucked my way*
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Totally lurking here but I got my hair cut at 39 weeks and the hairdresser was like "so how far along are you? 8.. 9? ... 10... 11 months?
Yes. I'm 11 months, thanks.
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Ugh - some of these comments are so infuriating!

The worst thing someone has said to me actually wasn't in words but in insinuation, if that makes sense.

Back in the spring we told the boys early on that I'm pregnant because they probably wanted to know why mom felt sick all the time, was puking, etc. So both of the little ones told their teachers at school. My DS2's kindy teacher asked me about it and I said 'yes, we're expecting.' She's in her 60's, very old school and has a really strong overbearing personality. She was like, "oh you must be due this summer." I said "In the fall -- November" and she gave me this LOOK over the top of her glasses like it was completely inappropriate for me to tell anyone that early. And she kind of just shook her head and walked away

oh, and ETA, she also said last month at open house, looking at my belly "you're not going to be able to walk by November."
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Wow, Bobbi, how awful!!!!

Mine is pretty much the same as everyone elses... a lady at DH's work commented after looking at my belly with bug eyes "WOW, you're HUGE!" keep in mind this lady also saw me pregnant with Liam, and my belly was just as big! And, she has had 2 kids herself, so now stranger to pregnancy... then later that day after I had left she said to Aaron again "Catie's belly is really getting huge.."
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I tend to get big early on in pregnancy so I've had my share of rude comments about my size. Stuff like:

"Are you having triplets?"

"Wow, you're only XX weeks along? I thought you were about to have it. HAHAHA"

(When I was still in my second trimester and easily lifting a heavy water jug at the store), "Oh no, you shouldn't be carrying that. When I was pregnant I never did that. I wasn't taking any chances with MY baby." I was like, "Really? Are telling me I'm putting my baby in danger?"

So, I'm 38 weeks now and the worst was probably last night when I went to a restaurant with my older boys. I'd gotten up from our table to get something and three young adults (2 men, 1 woman) literally laughed at my belly. I knew I'd heard some smirking when I walked by but ignored it. When we left the boys told me they were actually saying things like, "Oh my God!" and then they told the young woman, "You're going to look like that someday" etc. etc. To quote Stephanie Tanner of Full House, "How Rude!" I laughed it off because I was in a good mood from spending time with my boys, but it could easily have gone the other way.

OH! and i remember in my last pregnancy, my ex-husband's current wife told me, "Man you really got big. Dan told me you get really big." Um. Thanks. I probably would've taken it worse but she's not able to have children and it's been her biggest heartbreak. I decided to let it go. Where's that karma?!

Generally I tend to laugh this stuff off, because, well I'm the one blessed with carrying the baby and they are just observers
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Wow. Just wow to all of these. It makes you want to carry around soap to clean peoples' mouths!

I've had tons of people tell me how awful it is we're probably having another girl. Even in front of ds telling him "poor kid not getting a brother-another sister will be terrible!" and things of that nature.
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Reading more of these awful stories reminds me of something that happened in my last pregnancy. I was very far along, maybe eight months, and bigger than I am this time around. DH and I were leaving a wedding reception and a woman sitting by the exit took one look at me and snorted, "Good luck!" I still have no idea what that was supposed to mean.
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I have gotten some cruddy comments about how sorry they feel for me that I'm having a 3rd girl. "Weren't you trying for a boy?" Like I had any control over it. I usually come back with "well, I do have y-sperm proof eggs". I for one am ELATED to have all girls.
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This wasn't rude, but very embarrassing.

Librarian: Oh, I see a foot!

Me: No, that's just my belly button.

My belly button popped out with my 2nd and never really went back so the last 2 pregnancies have been embarrassing. I can't wear cute fitting clothes or light colored. Either black or printed and not tight.
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When I was 26 or 27 weeks, one of the woman who works in my building stopped me in the hall and said "I thought you were pregnant before and didn't want to say anything 'till I knew for sure, but once I saw you come waddling down the hall I knew". I was hurt by that for days, how does one woman say that to another?

I have gotten a lot of questions about whether I'm having twins, and how I look further along. From women who have had kids! My theory is that as soon as a woman has a baby, she promptly forgets how big her belly got during the pregnancy, and thinks she was smaller than everyone else she sees.
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