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Anyone have their Thanksgiving menu planned yet? - Page 2

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I will be hosting this year . My menu is pretty traditional:

spiced almonds
kettle corn
smoked salmon & proscuitto w/ creme fraiche (sp?) on baguette? (depends on my motivation level)

Salad Course: (i.e. the way to get everyone out of my hair while I carve the Turkey)
green salad (provided by my mom)
bread (brought by my mom)
cranberry mold (think 1950's, my mom makes it, really it is good)

roast turkey
bread stuffing (yeah the kind that starts with a Pepperidge Farm bagged mix)
pan gravy
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes (w/ maple & orange, not the kind with marshmallows)
veg (still debating between brussels sprouts w/ garlic & bacon and green beans w/ almonds--the latter comes frozen in a box and is much easier. this probably also depends on my motivation level.)
cranberry sauce (out of a can)

pies w/ whipped cream (provided by my uncles, probably pumpkin and apple)
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Usually, I prepare everything from scratch. But, I have a baby boy due around the end of the month... So, I want to simplify my food preparation. My sister will be helping me this year, as well.

*Turkey (already roasted from local market)
*Turkey gravy (made with the turkey gravy base from Williams Sonoma)
Side Dishes
*Mashed potatoes with chives
*Apple Walnut dressing
*Green bean casserole (not the Campbell's version...instead, made with white cheddar and fresh mushrooms)
*Acorn squash roasted with maple syrup
*Cranberry sauce (already prepared from local market)
*Rolls (already prepared from local bakery)
*Pumpkin pie (already prepared from local bakery)
*Pecan pie (already prepared from local bakery)
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I'm still working on my Thanksgiving menu.  I love to make great meals for my family, especially on Thanksgiving.  Here is what I have planned so far:


-Organic free-range turkey (stuffed with lemon, garlic, and fresh herbs to flavor it)


-Stuffing with apples, golden raisins, & turkey sausage


-Yukon Gold mashed potatoes with cream cheese, sour cream, fresh chives & roasted garlic


-Peas with honey & chopped pecans


-Corn with basil & mustard


-Homemade rolls or bread (might try a pumpkin challah bread recipe this year)


-Fresh cranberry sauce


-Spinach salad with mandarin oranges and candied pecans


-Sweet potatoes baked with maple syrup




-Spiced apple cider

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year! :)

We're spending our first Thanksgiving home, as a family. I can't wait!

We plan to have:



Sweet Potatos

Green Beans

Apple Pie/Ice Cream for dessert.


It's just the 4 of us, so we figured it'd be best to go simple, seeing as everything will be from scratch! Mmm!

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Oooo, maybe y'all can help me. Looks like we're going to MIL's for Thanksgiving. It's about 2.5 hrs away. Any suggestions for things I can bring? I'm leery of bringing something that has to be reheated as that just seems more trouble than it could be worth. MIL, of course, said we don't need to bring anything! She's a pretty adventurous eater other times of year (loves Thai), but Thanksgiving is very 1960s traditional—green bean casserole with can of mushroom soup and the little fried onions on top, squash casserole, maybe a jello mold. DH's sister will bring something like 7-layer dip, and lots of dessert. DH's brother also loves to make cakes and pies, too, so I probably don't need to bring anything sweet. We're a little bit more on the fresh, un-processed, local when possible, organic when possible side of things and DH has been leaning a little more in the raw direction lately. He also can't do dairy, although everyone else can.


So far I'm thinking maybe some smoked salmon with a (local, artisan) baguette sliced in rounds. Might do some kind of cream cheese based spread also, and then something non-dairy for DH—maybe a tapenade or sundried tomato spread. Considering a salad, but we're going down there on Thanksgiving day so I'd like it to be something that can be prepped ahead of time and won't involve me needing to be in the kitchen much at all. Fruit would be good, too. Our girls suggested a box of clementines, so I'm thinking that might be a good suggestion. I don't want to pre-slice fruit and have it brown. Maybe a spinach salad with some citrus, though.


Any other suggestions?

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brined turkey

mashed potatoes

GF stuffing (cubes from my GF bakery)

butternut squash soup

green bean casserole (w/ GFCF mushroom soup from my bakery)


brussel sprouts w/ walnuts and lemon

apple pie - GF/CF

pumpkin pie - GF/CF

rolls from the GF bakery w/ herbed butter (cheating on the butter maybe)

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We will be having 4 adults and a 6 year old, so yes, this is way too much food lol---but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I LOVE to cook! So we will have leftovers for a week :)


Roasted turkey

Orange Cranberry Sauce

Brown rice & gravy

Dirty Rice 

Cornbread-Mushroom Stuffing 

Maple Mashed Butternut Squash 

Lemon Green Beans with Almonds

Broccoli-Mandarin Salad

Sprouted Whole Wheat Rolls

Punch (1 liter Apple-Cinnamon tea, 1 liter Orange & Spice tea, 1 liter of sparkling apple cider)


Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Lemon Cheesecake bars

Pecan Pralines


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Finally got my menu nailed down.  Changed up my pies because it's just going to be us after all, but there are 6 of us, lol.  5 have adult appetites.


smoked ham
giblet gravy
roasted squash
dijon bacon green beans
cranberry cake
cranberry/pineapple/orange salad
lemon chess pie
pecan pie
pumpkin pie
sweet potato casserole
broccoli cranberry walnut salad
cream cheese corn casserole
stuffed mushrooms
sweet potato empanadas

spinach artichoke dip (I make mine more like a casserole)



Today I spent doing prep work.  I chopped celery, onions, garlic and froze for the dressing.  I blanched, chopped, and froze broccoli for the broccoli salad.  I made cranberry sauce and froze it.  I got 2 sweet potato casseroles (NOT the marshmallow kind!) in the freezer.  I got 2 spinach artichoke dips in the freezer.  I also made all my pie crusts and froze them.  I do this every year and it makes Tday SO easy for me!

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