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How do I start?

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Hello successful, intelligent WAHMs! I've been a lurker for some time, but am finally ready to pursue my interest. I have a few fantastic ideas for children's books, but I'm not sure where to start. Has anyone had success writing children's stories and how did you go about it?

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I haven't written a children's book but am working on a preschool-themed curriculum book for pre-k teachers. So a bit different I guess, lol. From what I've read its a good idea to have at the very least the first chapter done before presenting to a publisher, if you've never been published perhaps even the whole book is what I'm reading? If you are doing a children's book you may want to lay out the whole thing. I'd start by simply getting your ideas down on paper and deciding how you want it to flow, style of illustrations and layout? I'm by no means experienced in this area though. lol. You can even self-publish these days.

I bet the moms over in the writing area probably have better advice! I'll be watching too!

ETA: nvm, looks like that forum closed unfortunately. Hopefully some of those mamas check in here!
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Thanks for your response! I have a journalism degree and have done marketing, copywriting and advertising in my career. Since DS was born 2 years ago, and I became CEO of the household LOL, I've always wanted to write for children. And I have a couple good ideas floating in my head, just not sure where to start beyond doing a storyboard and getting illustrations. Can anyone talk to me about getting a publisher, or agent?

Thanks again! I love the success mothers can have with their families and in careers!
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