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Ttc #5!!

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We have been off bc for the entire 1 yr 1 day our son has been out of my belly. we dont have a ton of.....but we do enough that I thought Id be pregnant by now.
We are finally giving it a REAL try. Heres to hoping!
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(nak)Hey we were in the oct09 ddc together. We haven't used any bc either. Maybe we'll get to be in another ddc together! I hope to see your bfp post soon! I guess your af has returned? I'm only having my 2nd ever ppaf today. Good luck with everything!
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Hey look! We're all going for gold again! That would be awesome to be in the same ddc again. I remember when your ds was born emily...I loved his name!
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Yeah, we are hoping. We are waiting for this cycle to finish and then we are going to get some ovulation tests. Im not one for dtd every night... lol
If we get pregnant next month, we will have 2 mays, 2 julys, and an oct.

(oh, and auntie returned at 6 months. I had to stop nursing .... health issues that left me in the hospital on and off for 3 months.
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We're TTC #5! In the 2ww right now. Will be testing soon. I REALLY want o have a fifth child, DH does but doesn't. So if we're not pregnant this cycle we may take a break to really think about if we want one. Although I told DH yesterday, we may regret not having another child but we'll never regret having the fifth one...
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We are trying for #5 also. I had a Tubal Reversal after my 3rd and we got pregnant with our 4th right away. This time it is taking forever!! Good Luck!
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