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Oh, and as for ex's parents... once things started getting bad between ex and I they made it clear that they were not going to get involved...fine, I understand. I did call them and let them know that, while I don't know what involvement ex will have, I have no intention of keeping them from hearing about or seeing their grandbaby when s/he is born. I let them know that they are free to call me any time if they would like to know how s/he is doing. This was nearly two months ago. They have yet to call. Honestly...I'm not that disappointed. I'm probably going to send his mother an email and let her know how baby's doing, and give her my contact information (just a "Ex hasn't asked me, so obviously he can't relay it to you, so I wanted to let you know baby is doing well, blah blah blah, and if you ever want to check in here is my contact info" and reiterate what I said about not wanting to keep them from being involved)...and then just leave it at that. Of course I'll be doing it AFTER I get the rest of my stuff from ex's place, JUST in case he gets mad about it and decides to use it as an excuse to burn more of my stuff. Ugh.
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I'm glad to see this thread- not because I want others to go through this, but because we have had the same problems. My IL's became more distant and our relationship with them went horribly wrong after DS was born FOR NO APPARENT REASON. I have tried to talk with them about it but MIL is a typical submissive wife who quietly ignores problems and FIL is just an @$%^*&@. We hypothesize that FIL is used to being the "dad" and having control of everyone and has issues with his son in this role. He has some obvious social ineptitude that I believe is a case of undiagnosed aspergers/ASD (runs in the family). He has written DH nasty emails about made up stuff that he perceives to be true and he will not speak with me at all, even when we traveled 2000 miles to visit them for a whole week.

They never ask about DS, stopped sending him stuff, and have not said a single thing about this pregnancy since we told them 6 weeks ago. Never ask how things are, how I am, if we had an US, etc. etc. DH and I are hurt to say the least and angry at feeling rejected. I think its cruel but what can we do? When we visited FIL barely even payed attention to DS... so I guess its a good reason not to waste the $ to visit again?
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To the previous posters who said maybe she is of the "don't say anything!" generatrion that was my first thought assuming she is pleasant to you otherwise. My grandparents are this way but I'm not so I share away. My Gramma especially viewed disclosures as bad luck. I'm talking her through it!

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