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When do you plan on seeing your doctor/midwife for the first time?

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For my last two pregnancies I made the appointment the moment I saw those double pink lines. Primarily that was because my highly erratic cycles meant I had no idea what the due date was and I wanted the early ultrasound to find out.

Since I've been charting my cycles for the last 6 months I know the date of intercourse this time (though not of ovulation due to a pesky fever I was running that entire week). I don't need them to tell me my due date -- I already know it (or at least as closely as I feel necessary).

Is there any reason to go see the midwife before the end of the first trimester? I was thinking of scheduling an appt for around week 11 or 12. Do you guys know if this is late enough that I can avoid the wonderful vaginal ultrasound (I really don't want to go through that again)? Other than the due date, there wasn't much useful I remember from those early appointments.

Anyone have a reason that seeing the midwife earlier might be useful?

BTW-my last pregnancy ended in a m/c at 8 weeks in March. This is another reason I don't want to go through all the hassle of the appointment till a bit later. It's not like they could do anything to prevent the m/c, and I think it would just stress me out to be at the office in the early first trimester.
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First pregnancy, due June 29-ish, and we made an appt. for right at end of 8 weeks/beginning of 9. Primarily b/c that is right before thanksgiving, and if all looks ok, we'll tell our parents while we're visiting for the holiday (with the caveat that it's still early, so they will have to keep quiet for 3 more weeks or so).

The dr's office said they like the first appt. to be 6-10 weeks. B/c it's our first, we're excited to go and hopefully hear the heart/see the bean. We'd likely do a homebirth, so meeting with hb midwives will come a few weeks after that when they can use doppler and when we're pretty clearly out of the first tri.

Curious about other responses!
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I don't know of any reason that you have to see a dr or midwife in the first trimester, unless you have low progestrone and need to supplement (if you are charting, you would probably know from having a short luteal phase). If you are going to miscarry, there is nothing that can be done, so no point in going.
This is my eighth pregnancy, I have 4 kids. My first pregnany was a miscarriage, went in at 8 weeks with spotting and saw on the u/s that there was no heartbeat. I miscarried naturally. The second I went in at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks for u/s, it was very reasurring and exciting to see the heartbeat, she was my first real baby so I had lots of things I wanted to know. The third I went at 8 weeks, mainly because I was starting with a new care provider and had tons of questions. The fourth I went at 10 wks, and fifth at 12 wks. Sixth and seventh were early miscarriages. This time I'm thinking of waiting until the 20 week u/s and just starting then. With my last full term pregnancy, I remember it just basically being a weigh and blood pressure measure and just a social visit after that. If I had lots of questions or concerns I would want to go, but I really don't at this point.
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My midwife doesn't want to see you until week 10-11. When you call to make the appt, that is the time you make it for. I never was even offered a vaginal ultrasound. I think the only reason you might want to see someone earlier is if you are doing some interviews, trying to decide who to see. As for my insurance, I can choose from a doc or a midwife practice, however, they are not homebirth midwives But I digress. At the first appt (with my firstI got to hear the heartbeat, get a pap since i hadn't had one in awhile, they gave me my bloodwork orders and then it was just a little chat about general pregnancy stuff/nutrition/etc.
Hope that helps
I just got a plus sign today so I'm kinda lurking here, edd is 7/2/11. We only just began ttc in october so my head is spinning still. Dh still doesnt know, since I just tested this morning after he left for work...definitely wasn't expecting a positive test the first month!
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I had a midwife interview today (4.4 weeks). With DS, the first official appointment was 7 or 8 weeks, and then again at 12 weeks. With Laine I had an interview at 6ish weeks, and official first appointment at 12 weeks. This time the choice is up to me to go at 8 weeks or 12 weeks, I'll probably end up going somewhere between the two.

I think it's probably more up to your comfort, if you're establishing care with someone new for example and want to start earlier to build a relationship with them.
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I think it's probably more up to your comfort, if you're establishing care with someone new for example and want to start earlier to build a relationship with them.[/QUOTE]

And there is absolutely no reason you would need to do a transvaginal ultrasound if you don't want to. For some reason routine early ultrasounds have become more popular but they are totally unnecessary, especially if you know your cycle.

Firecat - welcome and congrats!!!
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I'll see my mw around 11-12 weeks, you can't hear the heartbeat before that so they really have no reason to see you sooner. Unless you're very sick of course.
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Just called my doc's office and they said any time after six weeks. I think I might wait until it's late enough to hear baby's heart beat, but knowing me I'm going to be there at six weeks on the dot trying to peek at the baby through the transvag u/s. I'm paranoid about blighted ovum and all that.
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I think that im in a bit of different boat because we we're on fertility treatments. Ive been seeing him since before we were pregnant and see him weekly now. Next week we're supposed to go for an US.
With DS, I saw my Dr every week for the first 4.5 months..
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Generally around the 8/9 week mark.
This is my fifth pregnancy. My first pregancy was a blighted ovum, then 2 sons, then a 12 week miscarriage last spring.

The last one I was trying to be all relaxed and easy and didn't have my first appointment until 11 weeks. This time around I'm more cautious again. I have the first appointment scheduled for 9 weeks and will ask for an ultrasound at that point (I already spoke to my midwife about it). We also talked about some early bloodwork. This still isn't feeling very real yet (that 2nd line sure was light!) and I told her I'd call next week if I wanted to go ahead with the bloodwork.

I haven't even told DH yet and I took my first test Monday night!! Tommorrow is our wedding anniversary (10 years!) and I have to figure out how I'm going to tell him either tomorrow or on the getaway he's planning for Friday night.

I'm not ready to jump on the roll call list yet... maybe next week.

Take care everyone!
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Lots of different responses! Thanks so much.

I'll be trying to get an appointment in early December to beat the holiday craziness (maybe I'll get some u/s pics I can give as 'gift' to share the official news).

That'll be the end of the 1st tri and I'll be able to get a permission slip signed to start prenatal yoga. The yoga teachers don't let you start till your second tri anyway.
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I made a midwife appointment, but I'll be 9 weeks then and I'm thinking about pushing it back a week or two so I can hear the heartbeat, since I don't imagine they'll be doing an early ultrasound for any reason...
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thanks tracymom1!!
ma_Donna: Our 10th anniversary will be next summer. happy anniversary and congrats!!!
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This is my 8th pregnancy.  With my 1st I saw the MWs at ~7 weeks.  I'd have gone earlier probably because I was so excited, but I was out of the country when I found out.  With my 2nd we saw them at ~4 weeks.  My 3rd was a miscarriage before we had even set an appointment.  My 4th we saw them at ~5-6 weeks I think.  My 5th, 6th, and 7th were miscarriages before seeing anyone.  And this is my 8th.  Because of some quirks with my short-term disability insurance, I have to pretend the pregnancy doesn't exist until after January 1.  So I'm sure I'll start seeing them at that point, which will be around 12 weeks.  This is fine with me really.  My MWs don't do ultrasound unless there is a medical reason, so I've never had one this early anyway. 


The important part of the first few appointments is getting to know each other and setting the ground work for a healthy diet. 

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My MW said anytime after the 1st week of December we should be able to hear a heartbeat.  I don't know when I'll schedule it, sometime in Dec, obviously.

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I am scheduled for 8 weeks. Just to get the beginning paperwork out of the way. There are some things that I suffered through the **entire** pregnancy last time that I would like to ask about this time. I have eczema, and take a steroid, so I have to find something clever to keep flare-ups away (last time I just cracked and bleed in pain :() Plus, I get really bad acne, and I can feel it starting again.

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I made an appointment for 7w1d. This will allow me to see a heartbeat for sure. And if I do not see one, there is no second guessing on whether it was too early for a h/b. Anyway, I am lucky enough to live in Europe where I can have an u/s every week if I fancy....

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I had wanted an earlier appointment, but the first appointment I could get was the last week in December (13 weeks).  I changed it to the first week in January because we'll have better insurance coverage then.


Despite wanting an earlier appointment, my last pregnancy I was happy to wait until about 13-14 weeks.  I don't think the early appointments do much and I used to be happy to wait.  I'm not sure why I'm feeling antsy about it this time.

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I have a new doctor and they're having me come in on Wednesday (4.4 weeks) to "confirm the pregnancy". Not sure when I'll go again after since I don't know this practice.

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going in at 9 weeks -  declined going in at 7 weeks - there is some midwife talk about getting a vaginal ultrasound too early ( 6 or 7 weeks) can actually cause a miscarriage.. that whole vaginal ultrasound is so invasive, it makes me ill thinking about it...   but i keep thinking i have twins so i want to check and see if there is one or two heartbeats.........   but, its not a pleasant ultrasound, really.... ( had it with my first baby )

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