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Why I love the 2nd trimester....

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Because I feel better! (that one is obvious)

It's like the no-stress/no obsess time. At the beginning there is so much worry about miscarriage, etc. and at the end so much obsessing about labor and when it will start? is this it? nope, wasn't it. No matter how much I try NOT to obsess and worry...I totally obsess and worry. and I know things can and do happen in 2nd tri. but for the most part....it's a pretty chill time.

I like that. what do you like?
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I like that I can eat again. I was starting to feel like I'd never get my appetite back.
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I can DO things again!!! Eat, exercise, DTD, keep my house clean, take care of my toddler. All those things I totally take for granted when I'm not a useless first-trimester lump of exhaustion and nausea.
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Definitely the being able to eat part. The worst part? The being able to eat part. Because I feel like I've been deprived the last 4 months, and I need to make up for it! But I'm with you on the not so worried about m/c part, but more worried about PTL, and not feeling the babies move etc. I think those worries will continue through the 2nd and 3rd tri, but gotta enjoy what we can right?
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I love having energy and being able to enjoy this pregnancy. I also like all of the preparation for the baby that I'm starting - like planning the nursery and looking at cute clothing!
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Feeling a bit more human has been great! I'm still more tired than normal, but a lot better than the first tri.

Not feeling like i could hurl at any time is something I won't take for granted again, that's for sure! I'm still picky about food to an extent, but it is soooo much easier to find something that sounds good.
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I feel good too, which is great because I got SUPER busy just as I got into the second trimester...the only thing I'm a bit bummed about is not being able to use this good energy to nest and do all kinds of fun pregnancy things like hypnobabies, exercise and stuff. I've been running around like a mad woman the last few weeks.
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not being so tired all the time is great! I like beginning to feel the baby move. I'm looking forward to finding out the gender hopefully later next month or in December. I like being able to enjoy being intimate with dh again too; I was just waaaaay to nauseous and tired the first trimester for any hanky panky.
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Yup, another one here excited about eating. I was just saying to DH the other night - I'm so excited about cooking! Didn't get to do it for a while cause everything was yucky, and even if I managed to cook there was no way I'd eat what I made.
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Definitely the less stress. I'm not worrying about miscarraige, and I'm not streeing about being ready for the baby to arrive. Plus, I'm looking cute in maternity clothes because I have a cute little belly that has not yet become scary and massive like it does in the third trimester.
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