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I'm leaning towards an IUD, we aren't 100% sure what we don't want a fourth, but we really don't want a fourth right now!! Although, that said, the one time we DTD, we did... gasp... nothing at all. I don't know what I was thinking, I was so freaking tired, mostly. I'm going to be REALLY tired if we get pregnant again! Although, I haven't even left DD for a single feeding yet, and we co-sleep, so I don't think I am at a huge risk yet. We'll probably continue to use our previous method of BFing, NFP and P&P for a while and decided for sur. That's a lot of acronyms!! DH will be getting the big V once we decided for sure we're done.
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I'm totally not sure what i'm going to do.. i've heard horror stories about every non permanent bc method out there.. i don't want to do hormones or an IUD .. i tried a diaphragm and it really hurt me and DH didn't like it .. condoms suck and i know a few condom babies ..

we used NFP and P&P and that resulted in DD2 ..

the plan at the moment is to do nothing, because my cycles will very likely not return this early and i knew exactly when i ovulated the first time after DS.. it was sooooo obvious i couldn't miss it if i tried.. i will start watching for signs of O after DD2 is about 4 months old, and avoid dtd if i have fertile mucus .. i never O without having fertile mucus.. so.. chances are i will know.. once my cycle returns we're going to have to make a decision.. either be open to another baby or not .. if not then DH will get snipped.. if we are open we will continue to p&p and see what happens.. i assume eventually our method will fail again ..

i'm so torn about having another or not..
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