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All my grand plans fell hard on their butt as soon as my symptoms really hit.  :(  I am so sick and exhausted it's a struggle for me to get up and walk into the other room most of the time.  Also it became so miserably cold outside that I can barely stand the thought of going outdoors.  I'm freezing enough as it is!  I am waiting it out and really really looking forward to the 2nd trimester!  In the meantime I'm going to just try to take walks whenever I feel up to it.

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I would like to join. I'm feeling really out of shape and sick all the time, but I'd like to do 5-10 minutes twice a day on the elliptical to start, then move up from there. I really want to tone up a bit and strengthen my abs.

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I did an exercize program called crossfit before we got pregnant, and about a month into the pregnancy i had to switch to the "crossfit moms" program because the regular workouts were making me nauseous, i usually just workout mon-fri and take the weekends off, but i love it.

There's light weights involved, and cardio

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I don't really work out now but I think I'd like to start some sort of program. I just don't want to feel round and unable to move too much during this pregnancy. I know they say don't start a program now, but I figure I can certainly walk and do yoga, right?

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I have been a runner for a while and definitely wanted to keep it up for at least the beginning part of my prenancy.  I have been feeling less of a drive though (and being tired and nauseous makes it a little less appealing.)  I still try to get some running in and i also like to swim.  I love yoga and would love to try prenatal soon as well : )   I had a weird experience yesterday though.  I went to my OB work-up meeting with a nurse and she told me I "should not run durring pregnancy." that is was too "high impact."  I have heard otherwise from so many other sources and this statement amongst other things made me want to switch providers.  Sorry to wine!  It just really threw me for a loop!  I appreciate hearing everyone's excersice story and I hope i will soon develop a more regular routine : )

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In my excersize program they say that in the second trimester; "All of your joints are looser due to the relaxin hormone, so ballistic exercises should wait."


I don't know if running counts as a ballistic excersize, but I could see it since it hits the knees pretty hard, maybe bike riding would be a good alternative?

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in the book i have on exercise in pregnancy it says that running for the entire pregnancy is one of the best exercises you can do. if i didn't have spotting i would be running right now. well maybe not it is really wet and rainy and the road is very slippery. but i wish i was running right now. i think running is safe but listen to your body. i can only run in minimalist shoes regardless of pregnancy or not. if i wear running shoes that claim to be good for my poor arches and other foot problems my hips end up hurting so much i can hardly walk for days (even when not pregnant) if i have minimalist shoes i have to pay more attention to my body, run a bit slower and i don;t get sore!

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I have been such a slacker this pregnancy. Ugh. I did really well with my 1st-had a super-easy pregnancy, ran until 24 weeks when my SPD got too much with running, but continued to walk several days a week until 37.5 weeks when my sacro-iliac joint subluxated. With my 2nd, very little running due to earlier SPD and a baby who didn't like to sleep, but it was a different time of year, so we took lots of walks. Now, I am queasy and exhausted most of the time, plus it has been unseasonably cold around here (yes, I know it's NC but I am a total wimp with the cold and have been extra cold this pregnancy) so we've barely gotten out. Neither kid naps, DH works 2 jobs, and there are not many gyms etc where we live (boy, what a pity-party I'm having, LOL) I am going to look into SOMETHING so I can get out more as I would like to be in better shape than I am now for the delivery. I gained 35 lbs with each baby before, but I'd love to gain less as I figure it's only going to be harder to lose with 3 kids and being almost 40. But, also the holidays are not working in my favor-ay yi yi!! :)


So hopefully this thread wil get me off my heiney and doing SOMETHING!

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