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Originally Posted by babygrey View Post

super quick check in bc I had to say: Liora, those pictures are SO AMAZING. What a cool thing to be able to have for your boys. (do you have your DD's as well?)

We do!!  We transferred two embryos with her too but one didn't make it so we "decided" that she's the one on the top with what my dad calls extra "bling" (but the drs. call "cellular fragmentation").  These are both 3-day old 8-celled embryos.  Where the 5-day ones are 100's of celled blastocysts.  Every single cell in these pictures are exactly the same but the 5-day pics of the boys are differentiated already with the dark blob being the "baby" and the rest being placenta/sac-to-be.  It is all just so cool and miraculous to me.  Did you know my cycles were paid for by a charity?  After 10 years of infertility I'm the luckiest mama alive!


We have the petri dishes they were both grown in (one for DD and one for the twins) NOT, I might add, a "test tube" ugh! :)



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Liora, that's just so fantastic. Thank you for sharing those. I mean, I've certainly seen embryo pictures before, but to look at those and know they are your babies- that's just plain neat.

I have a ? for you. Are you still having PVCs? What do they feel like? I've never had them before, but I think I am now (or maybe PACs?) The last couple days, I'll notice my heart just racing and it feels like it is fluttering up in my throat almost. I thought maybe I was dehydrated, bc I get really tachy when I'm dehydrated (plus, I'm having a bad week puking wise greensad.gif) but today I've had at least 2 gallons of water, along with soup and it is still happening.

They're relatively harmless, correct? Have you found anything that helps?


ETA: Have you noticed any correlation btwn your PVCs and nausea? I know that's out on a limb, but I swear, I haven't felt so pukey since before I was on meds and I don't get why.


Also, Nanette, where are you, mama?

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Babygrey - yes my PVCs feel like racing/thumping/skipping/fluttering beats all at once.  It kind of takes my breath away and makes me cough too sometimes (but I have asthma too so maybe that is why?).  I think it is definitely related to nausea and my headaches.  I really can't say what comes first you know?  Does the headache make me nauseous and then the stress of that make the PVCs bad?  Or is it the other way around?  I do know that stress really triggers my PVCs.  I got them under control by upping my zoloft dosage (I was on zoloft through my first pregnancy and bfing as well for depression and I think increasing my dosage helped with anxiety related to how sick I was) and doing meditation daily.  Also, I certainly get them bad when I *know* I'm dehydrated but I don't find them as sensitive to hydration as some people do.  Like, if I'm having them drinking another gallon of water isn't going to help.


The cardiologist I saw did an echocardiogram and said my PVCs are not dangerous to my heart at all.  He also said he gets pregnant women in all the time with these (have you EVER read of these in a pregnancy book?  Even the "everything will go wrong" What To Expect didn't mention this!).  I'm probably going to have a cardiac workup after the babies are born just in case mostly because my dad had his first heart attack at 49 years old so I'm high risk.


I had a bad day yesterday too.  We were out Christmas shopping (I'm DONE!!! hooray!!) and then on our way to get dinner and DH had to pull over on the side of the highway so I could puke.  Ugh.  I'm such an idiot though - why haven't I learned to always have a granola bar or something in my bag?


Thanks everyone for liking my pictures.  I showed them to a friend at work once and she acted like they were gross.  It really upset me because they are really special to me!  Not everyone gets to see their babies so "small" lol.  She was grossed out that I posted my HPT pics on FB too.  I mean it isn't like I took video of me peeing on the darn thing!  I figure when you've been through as much as I have to get pregnant you get a little lee way for TMI!

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Sorry I've been MIA lately ladies! I've been lurking, just haven't really had time to post! Love the pics LIORA!! All I have is one little pic of one of my beans as an embryo- it's so cool that you have one of each :) And WHAT a weird friend, she obviously has no concept of what infertility is like. If she did, and she knows what women like us have gone through, she would never have been so insensitive methinks. I posted this http://www.tearsandhope.com/emptyarms_video.html on my FB page to make my friends a little more aware of the heartbreak that we go through. I think it woke most of them up. 


And sorry you gals are having PVCs, I haven't ever had them **knock on wood** and am hoping to never experience them. From your description, they sound pretty horrible!


I think yesterday may have been a bad day for all of us on the pukey issue. I made the unwise decision of having Mickey D's for dinner (which I NEVER indulge in) and the babies did NOT like it. I coughed, and up it came :( And I was in the shower, so on top of the throwing up, then I had to clorox everything, it was such a PIA. Then, the only thing I was hungry for was a banana split, so my DH drove all the way into town (town is about 15 miles away, since we live in the country) to get me a kids banana split from Bruster's (our local ice cream place). SOOO worth it!!!


I have an appointment with the OB Coordinator for the OBGYN practice I think I might go with. It's at 3:30. I don't know why I have to see her and not a doctor-typically this is the girl that's supposed to go over the dos and donts of pregnancy when you first go in at 8 or 9 weeks. Considering I'm well past that, and probably know more than her ;) I'd rather just see the doc, but whatever... I'll let ya'll know how it goes. I'm not going in guns a blazing, and am going to pretend to be a really easy patient, so she'll let me see the doc I want.


The babies are EXTREMELY active now. I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow, and I feel them move several times each hour. I think Cael is vertex (FINALLY) I can feel him kicking me like right under my rib cage- it seems really high up, but ?? And Cassie is definitely still feeling transverse, but they're still teeny weeny, I know she'll move, I HAVE been talking to them!


Anyway, gotta get back to work, hope everyone's doing great, and I'll give you an u/d on the doctor's office when I get back this PM.






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OB update! So I went in for my appointment with this nurse (OB coordinator) at this practice, and it went better than expected.


At first, the nurse was a little reserved and cold, and I was thinking to myself (if this is what I'm going to have to deal with every time I come in here, this is NOT gonna work). We went to her office, and then we really hit it off. She was going over the procedures etc. When she got to the 1 hour GTT test, and I said, oh yeah, I'm refusing that too. At that point she started laughing, and was like, "ok, so why are you going to refuse THAT one?" I told her my opinions on the test, and what I would rather do (i.e. the normal finger stick fasting test with a big breakfast and then another test at 1 and 2 hours) She said "well that's an argument you're very likely to win." And I said "oh yeah? With which doctors?" and she lowered her voice and gave me the names of the two doctors that would probably let me have my way with most of the natural stuff :) Then she smiled and said, "You don't lose very many arguments do you." lol nope!


ANYWAY, she said they're very pro-vaginal birth, especially with twins, and the doctors at the practice ABHOR induction, unless there's a really really good reason for it. So far so good. She said the doctors always want to work with a perinatologist on the multiples stuff, so she gave me a couple choices (also let me know which one was easier to work with), but I'd never even HEARD of a perinatologist, so I was kinda caught off guard. I said I didn't really think I needed a high risk doc, and that I wanted the least interventions as possible, and she said "but you get a whole heap of extra ultrasounds" and that pretty much had me sold (sorry to those that don't agree with the u/s thing, but I need those ultrasounds like I need food an water). She also said that during the u/s he could check cervix dilation, so that MY OB wouldn't then push me to do all those internal exams to check my cervix. So it's a little more give and take, but I can deal so far. The next argument I have to win is the GBS+ thing. But that one will have to wait until I actually see the doc for the first time in Jan :)


Sorry for the LONG LONG update, no need to respond to anything other than- WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH A PERINATOLOGIST? Is there stuff I should be wary of?

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I see a perinatologist (it seems the preferred term these days is Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist) and I do like it.  I get an u/s every time I go because I had a cervical biopsy so I have an increased risk of cervical incompetnece.  But even though they only need to check cervical length they give me a good look at the babies too.  I don't think they'll do it that often if you don't want (but I'm like you u/s is like the air I breathe).  I haven't had a single pelvic exam.  She is also very pro-vaginal birth and will even deliver baby B breech if all is going well.  I was thrilled most docs think breech=csection.  It sounds like a good practice to me.  I mean it will always be a give and take with an OB and not a midwife but it has been a good choice for us.


If you figure out how to win the GBS fight let me know.  I was neg. last time but they told me if I refused the test they'd just do antibiotics "in case" and that was at a mw office! ugh.


I wanted to ask all you twin mamas - do you plan to vaccinate and/or do vitamin K and eye ointment with your newborn?  We didn't do any of that with my DD but I'm worried (specifically about vitamin K) if my babies are LBW or premie (they won't be, they won't be, they won't be).  Have you been thinking about this?

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Originally Posted by Liora View Post

I see a perinatologist (it seems the preferred term these days is Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist) and I do like it.  I get an u/s every time I go because I had a cervical biopsy so I have an increased risk of cervical incompetnece.  But even though they only need to check cervical length they give me a good look at the babies too.  I don't think they'll do it that often if you don't want (but I'm like you u/s is like the air I breathe).  I haven't had a single pelvic exam.  She is also very pro-vaginal birth and will even deliver baby B breech if all is going well.  I was thrilled most docs think breech=csection.  It sounds like a good practice to me.  I mean it will always be a give and take with an OB and not a midwife but it has been a good choice for us.


If you figure out how to win the GBS fight let me know.  I was neg. last time but they told me if I refused the test they'd just do antibiotics "in case" and that was at a mw office! ugh.


I wanted to ask all you twin mamas - do you plan to vaccinate and/or do vitamin K and eye ointment with your newborn?  We didn't do any of that with my DD but I'm worried (specifically about vitamin K) if my babies are LBW or premie (they won't be, they won't be, they won't be).  Have you been thinking about this?

That's great about the breach thing- the nurse was not sure I would win that argument :( I didn't refuse the test, but I'm refusing the antibiotics in lieu of a hibiclens wash unless the colonization is very high, or if the colonization is low, I have some other risk factor to go with it :(babies are premature, extended water break, or fever). They can give you a hard time, but they can't force you to take them!


As for the vaccinations/eye goop/vitamin k stuff :  I don't have any STDs so no eye goop for these two, and no vaccinations either. We didn't vax DS until he was 2, and even then only one or two that I thought were necessary. As for the vitamin K, we're going to do the oral vitamin K. I think it IS necessary, but not in shot form, oral form has been shown to be just as effective as the shot. (It's been shown that the vitamin K shot has 20,000 times the needed dose. Additionally, the injection may also contain preservatives that can be toxic for a baby's delicate immune system.)


From the Mercola website:

Oral vitamin K is absorbed less efficiently than vitamin K that is injected. However, this can easily be compensated for by adjusting the dose. And since vitamin K is nontoxic, there is no danger of overdosing or a bad reaction. If you are breastfeeding, your baby can be given several low oral doses of liquid vitamin K1 and receive the same protection from Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn as he would receive from an injection.

Ultimately, you should consult your pediatrician about the dose that is appropriate for your baby.

Typically it's:

  • 1 milligram liquid vitamin K weekly, OR
  • 0.25 milligram liquid vitamin K daily


Hope that helps :)




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Hi mamas.

okay, so I still haven't mastered mutiquote, so here goes

Nanette- I'm so glad that your peri appt went better than expected. What a relief. In my last two pgs I've seen: 2 CNMs, 1 OB, 1 peri and 1 ULMW so I've got a pretty broad sample of the feel of HCPs. I gotta tell you, tho, I'm super impressed by my peri this pregnancy. I had not intended to stay w/ him after I was viable-ish, but I've been so happy there that I'm totally going to. ymmv, of course, but here's what I like about him compared to the MWs I did most of my last two pgs with: he's completely hands-off. If this were my first pg, I'd probably be stressed out about it, but it is so nice to be able to basically take care of myself and have someone there when I need a medical license or a US, yk? He has a CNM that takes his calls and I love her, so that helps, too. He really respects me and my ability to be pg and he totally doesn't interfere unless I ask him to. (this is all said w/ the disclaimer that I know that I'm in a much greater setup for birth intervention with him). Because peris are inherently high-risk docs and twin mamas are not really that high risk in comparison to their other moms, he's just not stressed out about my pg, and, as a result, neither am I. OTOH, I love that when I am stressed, he doesn't try to talk me down and he will do whatever intervention-y thing I want to make myself feel better (an issue I butt heads w/ ULMWs about. sometimes, I don't want a hug, I want an US orngtongue.gif). I've found that, since the peris are the top of the medical food chain and they don't have anyone to answer to (as in, a CNM has to consider her back-up doc and an OB has to consider the peri) they pretty much don't mess around w/ you for other people's sake (a personal experience of mine w/ a CNM and her backup doc....) and there's just not as much CYA going on bc they don't answer to anyone except themselves


Anyway, I'm particularly happy bc my peri is one of the few HCPs who will do a breech delivery in my state (as long as babyA is head down). All that said, I hand-picked my peri bc he is known as the most "liberal" OB in my area and he is the one the CNM that I love transfers her moms who risk out of homebirth to. That, in my mind, is a good recommend. I hope you have as good of an experience.


The one thing I'm afraid of that you might want to check into- my peri attends 70-80% of his clients' births. I'm freaking out about what will happen if I can't have him for the birth, bc he's in a big practice (18 docs; teaching hosp) and I know labor is not my preferred time to fight battles...Also, FWICT, I'm not going to be able to refuse an IV hep lock, but I'm a really hard stick, so despite my absolute hatred and sadness over about it, I don't want to be w/o one, anyway, should anything need to be done emergently for babyB (bc I'm for sure declining and epi and I don't want them to knock me out bc they can't get an IV in).


Liora- I'm declining vax and eye goop, for sure. I'm not declining Vit K. I totally respect that it is a itty bitty-to-non-existent risk esp w/ a term babe, and, it is my own baggage that keeps me from declining it (I've seen a baby die of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn). You should for sure be totally fine declining those at termish. As far as declining it if they are preemies (which they won't, won't, won't be!!) hmm; you will be fine declining vax and goop, tho I'd make sure someone at your delivery knows to make noise about it so that the NICU doesn't go on autopilot and do it in the chaos (I'm thinking about giving a note to give to DH to send w/ the babes)... IDK about the vit K, TBH. It gets sticky if they are admitted to the ICU, but you are still the parent and have a right to not have things done to the babe w/o your consent... IME, it is probably governed by hospital/NICU policy bc I know I've been places where that would have been no big deal, but others where they would have done it for sure. If you are worried, I bet you could call the NICU and ask to speak to a neonatologist about in what situations it would be possible for you to decline.

oh! I just had a thought. If you are at risk of PTL or in PTL, the NICU should come to talk to you before the babies are born. Some NICUs want a consent signed then- read it, even if you are in hard labor and just want the babies saved, bc some consents essentially consent for the NICU to do anything they want, while others are better, IMO, and consent for only what procedures they think the babes might actually need. (then you consent for things along the way) That would be the place to tell the NICU what you don't consent for. Also, you can check in w/ your ped and see who actually will be caring for your babe. As in, at the hosp I will be delivering at (ugh, I hate saying that) my pediatrician has privileges and will actually be the baby's doctor even in the NICU (and he's super non-intervention and knows me, so that is a huge help). Some peds don't do that, tho.


okay, I'm rambling. I actually came here to whine about my sob story of a night.

I'm not getting better. I'm having (SUPER TMI, sorry) watery diarrhea. I have been all week, but it was so bad last night that between that and puking more this week, I hadn't even kept fluid down for 24 hours. So I went to OB emergency (a wing of L&D here). It took them six hours and six IV sticks to get me hydrated. Blah. I'm going back tomorrow for more fluid, then Monday for fluid, then appt on Tues to talk about "options" if I'm not getting better. (I'm below pp weight again, mamas. ugh) The weird thing is I don't think I'm actually "sick" w/ something- as in, I don't think I have an infection or a virus. I don't feel bad except for the fact that everything I put in comes right back out. weird. Then, when I came home from OB at FIVE THIRTY A.M. Both of my children were awake and DH was sound asleep, so I spent the next hour settling kiddies in... ack!

oh! and I'm not having PVCs, I'm pretty anemic all the sudden so what I'm feeling is anemia turbulence. Kind freaks me out, actually, bc I wasn't anemic last week and now I am.

How did women have twins pre-medicine? this is an honest question, bc I trust my body and I trust my babies and I trust the process, but I truly feel like there are many points in this pg already where I would have wasted away and died if I didn't have Zofran, Phenergan and an IV....

blah. whine. I'm thirsty and I can't keep fluid in. greensad.gif Gotta run. Best to you and babes.


other twin mamas- what are you planning for births? How are you all doing? Hope, you are planning a HB, right?

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i hope you ladies dont mind me constantly crashing your DDC for this thread, i like to hear about other twins and since you all seem to be hiding here and not in the multiples section it is the only way i can get my fix. loveeyes.gif


i do wish you would come over to the main section so the other twin preggos could enjoy the chatter as well

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Yes, I'm planning a homebirth, provided Baby A stays vertex and no medical complications arise.  I'm seeing an OB on Monday to see how he feels about being back-up for me in case of transfer.  I do hope it goes well.

I'm really sorry you've been so sick!  It almost sounds like when I had giardiasis back when I was 20yo.  I hope you can get better soon!

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I have been reading this chat here and there but honestly i have been too sick this pregnancy to participate much. 


i am kind of freaking out and i am wondering if anyone else has these symptoms at 18ish weeks.  lots of lower cramping and vaginal pressure (i guess that is what it is).  not that many "contractions".  i had a cervical length the other day and it was still 30 mm but baby A's head is right against my cervix.  If I stand or walk for too long I feel like the baby is going to fall out. 


since my cervical length is okay the OB reassured me that all twin moms feel like this and it is going to continue. 


is this how you guys feel?

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Hi elf!  Sorry you're feeling so crappy.  I can relate to kind of dropping out of life due to feeling bad.  I've left so many things up in the air lately.


I also have menstrual like cramps and pressure.  Particularly when I sit on the toilet I feel like I'm going to give birth.  And I haven't felt any BH yet just mild cramps low in my uterus.  My OB also says it is normal with multiples and my cervix u/s are all good. 


I gotta tell you all - I feel 30 weeks pregnant.  I can't put on my shoes and breathe at the same time, I'm having more trouble rolling over in bed, I just feel HUGE!  I can not even imagine what this is going to feel like when we *are* 30 weeks!

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Yes, elf, I think that is how all twin moms feel!  I try to limit walking and periods of standing/working on my feet to less than 2 hours at a time for this very reason.  Perhaps there's no chance that the babies are really as close to coming out as it feels, but I'd rather not take any chances.  Plus the top of my uterus starts to ache from being up too long.  I think I need to start wearing some kind of maternity belt for support.

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Hi elf. Sorry you've been feeling so crappy. I can TOTALLY relate. I honestly don't recall ever being so sick for so long ever. Up sick in fact, but just popping in to say I have the "the babies are going to fall out" pressure, too. In fact, some days, it feels like I got kicked in the pubic bone. warm baths and elevating my feet help. Your cervical measurement was good (as was mine), so I wouldn't worry too much. When's your next US? Mine is the 21st.

Hope, I'm thinking about buying the dreaded maternity belt, too. I've never needed one before, but this pg is killing my body. Have you used one before? Is it worth the $$?

Liora, sheesh, I agree about feeling huge. what ARE we going to do when we're actually huge?!? orngtongue.gif

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babygrey, I have worn a regular maternity belt before, but it got lost somewhere during our last couple moves.  My SIL is due any day, and said I can borrow hers when she's done with it, but I'm thinking I might need something more substantial this time around.  The prenatal cradle looks really helpful!  But first I'll see how the regular one helps, for now, at least.  My uterus can't go up any further into my ribs, so I'm guessing that out is the only other option at this point???  I'm going to lose my balance even more, I'm afraid.  Lately the whole thing has just felt so SORE; I guess from stretching?

But so far I haven't had any bad pain or anything, so I'm grateful.

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I have a prenatal cradle and it is wonderful (but horribly ugly).  I'm trying not to use it too much since I read it can weaken your abdominal muscles and I figure I'll need it more and more.  It really lifts the uterus off of my pubic bone which is already in a constant state of pain with the SPD. 


Regarding vitamin K - I know I don't want a healthy, full-term baby to have it in any form (I just don't think God/nature was like "whoops" forgot that vitamin K!) but the research I've found does indicate that a baby born before 37 week hasn't had the time to develop other clotting factors so they *do* need the vitamin K.  So I'm wondering if oral vit K is an option for a NICU baby?  I mean can they do it with gravage feedings?  Can I request a lower dose of the shot (although it has yucky preservatives in it)?  I'm really wondering if one of the neonatologists would be willing to talk to me while I'm still pregnant?  I'd hate to have to worry about this during the stress of the NICU experience.


NOT that I'll need it!  40 weeks, 7 lb-ers!  Breastfeeding pros!!  Oh yeah!!!! :)


I had an u/s today.  Totally saw penises this time!  lol.  Asher is 15 oz. and Boston is 14 oz.  They more than doubled their weight in 2 weeks.  Just amazing.  I'm so in love. heartbeat.gif

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Liora, that is an interesting question about the vitamin K.  I guess I figure if I've got preemie babies, that would be one of my least concerns.  But I have had a preemie in the NICU before, so I do know that I certainly wouldn't be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and get what I want if at all possible.  It wouldn't hurt to somehow have it in writing that you prefer the oral vitamin K, so that you can refer back to that should you deliver early.

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Re: the vitamin K- as long as they get the oral dose before you leave the hospital, and then the recommended 1mg a week thereafter they're covered, so oral vitamin K is definitely an option, but you have to either bring it with you, or see if your hospital has it available there if they're NICU :)


ETA- If you do the Vitamin K the same day as the PKU, they might have a hard time getting blood out of the foot (cuz of the blood clotting). Additionally PKU test isn't accurate until 48 hours after birth, so even if you get it in the hospital, they're going to want to do it again (Speaking from previous experience) I'm having my pediatrican do it at our f/u visit the next week.


AND OMG GIRLS- Went to see my perinatologist for the first time today, they did a sono to check the babies out, and WE'RE HAVING TWO BOYS!!!!! AHHHHH!!! LOL I think you can probably imagine my shock! Poor DH was experiencing some severe gender disappointment, and I was totally cool with it-it would have been nice to have a girl, but eh, I already know how to handle boys :)


So instead of a Cassie we'll have a Tristan Alexander :)


Tristan is weighing 1 pound 9 ounces and Cael is weighing 1 pound 11 ounces- the doc says it's just a teeny bit above average for 23 weeks, so I'm psyched!!!!


I also stuck to my guns and argued against the internal cervical check, forcing them to do it via ultrasound instead. Why are doctors so intervention happy????


Anyway, just thought I'd let ya'll know :) How is everyone doing??

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jaw.gif OMG, Nanette. Well, hooray for your two little boys! Three little boys- how fun. Plus, I *love* Tristan, seriously, would be on the top of my list except DH and I have an old mutual (female) friend Tristan and she's weird so it nixes it. What great weights, too. Nice job, mama.

Also, now I'm nervous! ... I'm really attached to my girl. I think our original USs were around the same time? (the one where they told me girl was @ 19weeks). I don't think I'm as zen of a mama as you are, I'd totally flip out for a few days if that happened to me. redface.gif (it couldn't happen to both of us, right?)


What did you think of your peri? Heck yes, refuse those internals! I had to have one @ L+D the other night (still getting IV fluids) bc I was contracting and I was uber cranky about it when they coulda just rolled out the US, yk? (long and firm, btw) It wasn't my peri's call, it was the on call MW, which is dumb, IMO. orngtongue.gif

I'm hanging in there. I'm feeling a little better than last week. I'm really worried about this whole pg effect on my overall health. I mean, it is not an exaggeration to say I live on about 500-700 calories/day. This can't be good for me. I'm exhausted and I feel like crap. I just want to sleep allll the time. 


OTOH, I <3 xmas, so I'm excited about that. We are wrapping up two little crocheted blankies for the twins under the tree. ugh, we have a family xmas party on Sunday and I promised my fam we'd announce names then... and I don't think we're going to be able to do it! argh.

anyone want to name obsess with me again? 

Eden is for sure our girl. I'm chickening out of Vale after one semi-bad reaction from a stranger. Is that silly? I love Vale, but I don't want to give my kid a "bad" name... ugh. Thoughts? I posted a long, long thread on I'm pg a while ago, but the more thoughts the merrier...

I'm just not feeling Asher, even tho I adore it, so I figure that's not this kid's name...

Our third string name is Bram. I like Bram. Is Bram less out there than Vale? 

Eden and Bram? Eden and Vale? Eden aaaanddd... ???

Actually, our second choice boy name is Lucien. But, DD has an "L" name, and that feels kinda matchy, esp since we'd call him Luca/Luke and that's reeeeaally close to her name.

gah. Somebody else do this for me!


okay, nice to check in. I concur- how is everyone else?

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babygrey - I love Vale!  Don't let a stranger's comment deter you if it *feels* right in your heart.  I like your other names too but you seem to have a sixth sense about Vale so I'd hate to see you back off.  I love Eden and Vale - they kind of go together to me.  Both a valley and eden are beautiful, secure places.


OMG Nannette!!!  Boys!!!  That is so exciting!  I wonder if I have your girl?  We can never see Asher's boy bits although the pics of Boston's are so clear.  My next u/s is 12/21.  I haven't had a single internal exam all my cervical check are by dildocam :).


I am so excited for Christmas.  We got DD a doll and all the care giving things to go with it so she can mimic mommy when the boys come.  My mom got the boys amber teething necklaces and made little embroidered pouches for them.

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