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Who is still pregnant?

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Misery loves company and I'm bored.
The midwife diagnosed PUPPS this morning so I can now add itching like the devil to my whine list. Come on, baby!
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<------- still pregnant.

I had PUPPS with my first baby. Most likely, your baby is a boy. Definitely go buy the Aveeno Oatmeal bath packs. They help soothe it. I think I'm starting to get it again. I have a couple of itchy spots in my new stretch marks starting the other day. I remember how bad it was. It sucked.
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I have never had it before with either pregnancy. I hope you are not getting it again! I had been thinking this baby was a boy anyway, so we will have to see... I have had friends get it and still have a girl.
I am going to send my husband out for some aveeno later, I think.
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Me ~ raising my hand!

Pubic bone pain and 'roids over here, good times, good times. I can't wait to hold this baby in my arms.

I had my midwife appt today, didn't do an internal (didn't see the point) but she thinks it will be soon. Of course we both have been saying that since week 38.

Big to the rest of my still pregnant mamas.
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me! i'm sooo ready to have this baby! contracting all day, every day, but not painful, just there...guess I'll go bake some more cookies lol
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ahhh! I had PUPPS for over 2 months with my DD and it was awful. I finally resorted to putting IcyHot type cream on the areas and stand in front of the fan. I woke up bleeding every night due to me scratching in my sleep <--if I ever fell asleep from the itching! I will pray for you... PUPPS was the devil.
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Me....my theory is that he's teaching me patience now, because I'll need it later with him
I hope everyone is holding on OK, I never expected to go past my due date, since DD was 10 days early. I have a non-stress test tomorrow, but at least my Dr. isn't pushing inducing at all. On a weird side-note, the MW in his practice has been offering me induction since 39weeks.
I made myself do my hair and put on a little makeup, just so I wouldn't feel so frumpy and huge. It actually helped a little.
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Still pregnant here too. I went over with the other two by a week, so kinda expected it.
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BaMo, my midwife has also been saying it would be soon for several weeks now. I had one baby early and one on his edd, so going over is kind of a surprise for me. I've been having lots of contractions for several weeks now, they just always stop.
MaryElizabeth, my mw also mentioned people standing in front of the fan. Ugh. I feel really lucky that I am right at the end of the pregnancy,
I had a total emotional crying fit this morning but am basically calmed down now. But still on the whiney side.
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Me too. I haven't posted in this DDC yet this time around, but I am coming out of lurkdom. If I make it to my prenatal tomorrow night, it will be the longest I have ever been PG. I really didn't think I would make it this long, I have had prodromal labor for about 3 weeks now, and it's getting old! For a while I would time contractions to see if they were getting closer together, but I just try to ignore them now.

My MW doesn't really like castor oil, but I'd I make it til Saturday, I think I might try it. I really want to be done. And my Mom is flying in next Wednesday, I really wanted baby to be here by then.
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I'm still pregnant, too.

Today is my due date (hooray), so now everything I do I wonder if it will be the last time I do it without a little baby around.

I'm just now coming to terms with the idea that I won't be pregnant for very much longer, and I wake up in the morning thinking, "Will I have a baby today?" It's all very surreal.

My MW checked me yesterday. I didn't really feel that it was necessary but she said she was feeling nosy, I guess I was feeling a little nosy too because I consented. I was 2 cm dilated and almost completely effaced. I don't know if it was the exam but I've been loosing pieces of mucous all day.

We are all pretty sure this baby will be born within the next week.
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I'm still here. 40+1. I've been super sleepy and relaxy this week, so I'm soaking up all the downtime. I've been super crampy everytime I stand or walk. I did a cute little craft project for the baby's room tonight but that's the most productive I've been. It still feels so surreal and hypothetical that I'll be giving birth at home very soon! I feel ready, I think. As ready as I can be, not knowing what to expect, that is. I'm just so ready to meet and hold this little girl!
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I'm *still* . I'm also still in my guess date window, so I'm trying not to get into the mindset that I'm so overdue. My MW discussed doing an internal at my appointment tomorrow, so unless I go into labour tonight, I will definitely be consenting because I'm curious as to whether the cramping and mild ctx I've been feeling have actually resulted in some dilating/effacement. I don't harbour any illusions that it means a whole lot, but I'm curious nonetheless.

However, my hunch is that it will be soon, maybe the 29th. If this is just wishful thinking and I haven't gone into labour by Sunday night, I plan to go trick-or-treating with ds and then take some castor oil before bed. It worked last time, and I didn't find the dose I took that bad (2 Tbsp's, 1 hr apart, chased with orange juice.) I had some diarrhea, but no nausea. I'm going to discuss this plan with my MW tomorrow. I may even make it to my last prenatal yoga class tomorrow night, which has been a really wonderful part of my week for the past while.

Good luck everyone!!!
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Still here and pregnant. Had an appointment today and I'm 80% effaced and 3+-4cm dilated. Afterward, I was having some cramping and contractions that felt really low and pretty strong. They've continued on and off throughout the day. I had a little bit of blood streaked discharge as well. I haven't had this from my previous exams, so I think my cervix dilated even more after and that's what it's from. I'm still thinking it could happen tomorrow. We shall see.
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Still here and not too happy about it. I'm now 40wk2d. Still can't believe that I'm still pregnant. I feel like I'm never going to have this baby. I also really don't want to give birth on Halloween either.

I had my midwife appt yesterday. She did offer to strip my membranes next week before my sister leaves. But we both agreed that it will only work if the baby is waiting to come out. The one thing that does worry me is that at 42 weeks I'll be transferred from my hb mw to a hospital. I'm trying not to think about that and I have plenty-o-time before the baby comes. I just want baby to come now.

to all my still pregnant mamas
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Still pregnant, still itching, still hanging out! Having lots of contractions, but they are mild. I am going to go for a walk, I think, and then find something really trashy to watch on hulu. I should be doing housework but it is hard to get motivated right now.
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Had the WORST case of acid reflux that woke me up at 4am this morning and had me in a panic attack within minutes. Not a fun way to wake up!! Got calmed down (TY Rescue Remedy!!) and a hot shower to relax and lower baby back down. Got some more sleep for another hour. Noticed that I was still have strong BH's at that time. Normally they stop during the night. Or at least I don't feel them the million times I get up to pee. And I'm still having them now. Lungs are kinda heavy from last night's episode.

Annemarie42- during my shower this morning, I remembered that PUPPS doesn't like hot water. It makes it more itchy. Just fyi if you haven't figured that one out yet. I remember now that it sucked taking luke warm baths with the oatmeal packs because I'm a hot bath person. I like my bath water hot! But it does make it itch so much more!!
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I'm still preggo too, I'm only 39 weeks 5 days so its not that bad for me. Oh who am I kidding I am so sick of being pregnant this time that I am just ready ready to have this baby. This is also why I haven't been hanging out a bunch on here I love seeing the new babies come but I just don't have the spirit to post that often.

I have to work on letting go of things and just knowing that everything will happen in its own time. Good luck to all you other mamas I hope you are holding your babies soon, we can't be pregnant forever. . . right?!
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still here. 40w2d.

somehow i'm not sick of being pregnant yet. i wonder if i have to get to that point for labor to start? yesterday had some very regular BH all morning and afternoon. that was kind of exciting. i took a shower and it all went away. today i feel less pregnant than i did two weeks ago. going backwards? humm. but i feel really good, mellow, reflective, like i could stare out the window for hours watching the wind blow the fall leaves.

if it weren't for the constant calls, comments, emails from everyone i know wondering "how i'm doing", "why isn't the baby here yet?", "what's wrong?", "when are they doing to induce you?" i would be quite content. it becomes hard to stay focused on my own feelings and my own inner peace and faith when others seem constantly judgmental. that is the part i'm finding the most frustrating.
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still here-and soooooo cranky. and whiney. and emotional. BLeh! Thank GOD MIL gets in today to help me with DD. she is in rare form today and won't stop hanging on me. I just am not in the mood. for anything. grrrr. lol

sorry-that was a really whiney post. lol
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