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Not sure I want to start a whole new thread for this but could I be at the start of labor?? I woke up this morning with really bad lower back cramps. Now, I've never had actual menstrual cramps before. I've always just had very bad lower back cramps. And don't they say labor feels like bad cramps? It's definitely the same feeling that I would get every month. Of course it would be just my luck because my beloved doula emailed me this morning saying she's having a minor surgery today and wont be available until tomorrow afternoon. I like her backup, but I love our #1.

Even if it's not labor now, it's at least something new. Keeping my fingers crossed over here.
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Monarchgrrl- You just hit your 2000th post!! Woohoo! I hope you are in labor in you are wanting to be right now.
I just had a really good real contraction and NOT my regular BH, so I'm hoping that maybe my birhting will start today. I kinda don't want my baby born tomorrow. A girl I know and don't really like had her baby tomorrow last year and I don't want them to "share" a birthday even though they don't know each other. But I will know. It would be awesome to have a baby on the 31st though! So many cool things about that one!! But today would be good too!! I'm ready!
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Went for 2 walks already in the last 2 hours and took the kids for a quick trip to the park so I could swing. I swung for about 5 minutes and got nauseas. I didn't even swing high at all. Came home and have had 1 real birthing wave. I'm hoping that I'm helping it along and it won't stop. It's not regular by any means, but something other than BH's is better than having BH's that stop when I go to sleep.
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Ooohhhh Southernmommie ~ I hope it's the real thing.

I went to the chiro today and she hit up my pressure points and worked on my SPD, but at this point the baby is so low that there's not a whole lot she can do.
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Come on southernmommie! Hope this is the start for you. Hey, thanks for noticing my 2000th post. I never would have seen that!

My back still hurts. Nothing much as far as changes, though. I did feel a big wave of nausea earlier, though. I never feel like that, not even in the first trimester!
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I have officially hit the limit of my patience. It happened all of a sudden, yesterday I wasn't quite ready to have a baby and today I am PISSED that this baby isn't coming NOW.

Mood swings much?

I don't want to have to clean the house again before this baby comes, but it's going to need to be done tomorrow. Not so much because my house is dirty but because I've run out of things to do.
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Beth and southernmommie, I hope things are on their way for you.
I had a ton of cramping and took my son out on a longish walk/ scooter ride (needless to say, he was the one on the scooter) but nothing happened, other than more contractions that went nowhere.
I also need to clean tomorrow, but that is mainly because I have been lazy this week.
The itching is making me crazy. I am so done and ready to meet the baby!
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Still nothing over here. I woke up this morning around 7:30 to pretty strong and painful contractions. They were coming about every 10 minutes (lasting 30 seconds each) until 2pm, when they just sort of disappeared. I ended up taking a nap and when I woke up I was feeling a little achy. Contractions started up a little after 6 again and I took a drive around 8 which really got them going. But they've slowed down again. Can't believe this has been going on almost all day and hasn't really progressed.
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Same here. Had a few really good ones and then nothing. My neighbor a few houses down is due today and her water broke this morning and she's currently off having her baby.

I hope at least one of us has their baby tonight. We're watching Return to Halloweentown with the kids right now. Gonna put them to bed soon.

Night all.
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I got over my rage and now I just feel sleepy.

Tonight, though, I'm looking forward to the contractions that happen when I lay down to go to bed. Last night they were really strong but they always go away when I get up.
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Here and mostly miserable. Lots of strong BH and 2 days of bloody show. Really tired of thinking "is this it?". I know it can't be too much longer. At this point I'm afraid I'm not going to have the energy I need for delivery with weeks of interrupted/poor sleep. I hope when the time comes the adreniline will be enough to get me through...
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Still here Its 4:30 in the morning. I'm eating ice cream and checking MDC because I have insomnia. Again. Had some good contractions when I went to bed last night, but nothing happened. MW told me my cervix is about 2 cms dilated and really soft, and she thinks it will be soon; however in my cynical moments I think she just wants me to stay positive and not worry about going over 41 weeks. I'm supposed to have a BPP ultrasound on monday if the baby hasn't arrived by then.

I have decided to focus on Halloween festivities with ds in the meantime. MW advised about labour superstition: it will more likely happen if I make some kind of fun plan every day, something that makes me want to defer labour (if that's even possible) just a little, along the lines of "a watched pot never boils." I don't know if it will bring things on any faster but I think its good advice to stay busy and not just stare at my massive belly asking "when?" imploringly.
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I have hit my limit as well. Unfortunately, baby seems to not have hit it's limit. I can't sleep normally, and have been up either super late or wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. Luckily my teens watch my younger kids so I can catch up on sleep some during the day.

I am so tired of the constant prodromal labor, I just can't take it anymore! Every day I think, ooh, these seem stronger and more painful than yesterday. And then they just stop after a few hours. I even had my MW here in the middle of the night a few days ago because they were 2 minutes apart, and then, bam! they stopped.

And I am so darn crabby. I have been picking fights with DH just so I can yell at somebody. I usually have a really hard time with emotions and anger after baby gets here, but this time it has started early. Maybe if I get most of it out now, it won't be so bad after baby arrives.
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I'm past my limit. I hate to keep venting/whining on here but I'm trying not to do it (too much!) around my loved ones.

I'm so physically uncomfortable with the hemroids (sp?) & the spd. My lower back is killing me and I'm tired of all of the stomach cramping. Not to mention the lack of sleep and the constant peeing. Oh and the heartburn.

I never in a million years thought I would be late. Since I thought I would go early, my sister has already been here for 2 1/2 weeks. She leaves on Wednesday and I don't know what I'm going to do without her.

I'm seriously tempted to take some castor oil on Monday night if nothing has happened yet. Logically, I know the baby will come when he/she is ready. But I'm so ready to hold my baby in my arms.
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Oh and I don't even feel like leaving the house anymore. I'm just so unmotivated to do anything. Anyone else feel this way? Where is this burst of energy everyone talks about?
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Whine away, BaMo. I have barely been leaving the house, too, other than things for my other kids. I did make myself go out and vote early today, though.
I was up for hours last night due to awful reflux and itching from the PUPPS. I have a little energy this morning but I don't know why. Still have lots of contractions, nothing regular, though.
I am just so itchy. I can live with the rest of it but the itching gets worse throughout the day and is miserable by nighttime. I know the baby is doing fine, s/he moves a lot, but I am just so darn uncomfortable.
I had a really vivid dream back in the spring that baby was born 10-30 (I dreamed that my big kids came to visit me wearing their Halloween costumes)-- that is sounding better and better!
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BaMo, vent away! that sounds really rough. I got nothing to complain about compared to some of you. I am really uncomfy, though. I also have no energy at all. I haven't left the house since Tuesday. Not at all.

My back cramps have left. Midwife appt this morning. Insomnia last night. That was fun. Apparently baby had it too because she was kicking and punching like crazy all night. That's unusual. And just in the last week I've developed my first stretch marks. They're weird: they are little horizontal marks from my belly button up to my sternum. I've never seen horizontal ones before. I'm just thinking, couldn't they wait about a week, then I wouldn't have gotten them at all!
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still here too-trying to stay occupied instead of sitting home and feeling sorry for myself. MIL is here so thats helpful. Not much happening in this uterus today, random contractions. A little crampy. meh. EDD is tomorrow. Think i will pester DH for some eviction sex (lol) and get him to work my pressure points tonight...
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I'm still here pregnant too. My due date is today. Not that will help anything. Went and did our grocery shopping this morning and our Walmart shopping. Hubby just left for work. He works the late shift this week and next until goes on baby leave or until the ship comes back. Whichever comes first. (Hoping its me birthing this baby!) Baby is very active this morning so I know he's fine. He's got the hiccups right now.
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By far today, I've felt the worst. I'm really hoping all this prelabor stuff leads to something tonight! Oh and good news ~ I'm slowly losing my mucus plug. I hope that means labor is soon and not another week or so.
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