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Favorite kid magazines

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I realize that each kid is different but I'm wondering what your family's favorites are. We've gotten a few Cricket mags as well as NG Kids but what else out there is good? Oh, DD1 rec'd the AG magazine for her birthday, too. I'm looking for magazines with more history/human interest/technology articles as opposed to animals, animals, animals!? Crafts & puzzles are good, too.

I'm asking because my SIL wants to get the kids magazines for Christmas which is awesome but she wants suggestions! (See my sig for ages & genders ).

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We just started getting Appleseeds (dd is 7.5) and that seems pretty good!
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If Cobblestone is still around, that was a good history mag.
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The whole Carus publishing line is awesome, IMO. Including the ones mentioned above, but there are a bunch of others too.

Highlights and High Five are the old classics, of course.

I hate National Geographic Kids, FWIW. The whole thing, even the "articles", is advertisements.
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Wanted to come back and say that we subscribed to Kids Discover based on recommendations here (but haven't received the first copy yet). I'm also really interested in trying out Living Through History (think that's the name) magazine, but I'm not sure if it's age appropriate - might be for a bit older age group.
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We didn't do much in the way of magazines except for Ladybug. My kids loved it and so did I. It very much followed the seasons and for the most part honored different cultures. It really fit our lifestyle and was gentle in the sweet poems, good artwork and stories.
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I really didnt do kids mags for DS per se. DS is totally into Nascar so one year for the holidays I got him a subscription to a Nascar magazine and that was a HUGE hit. (ya lots of ads but ds didnt notice, nor care).

So if your child has a passion or interest dont forget about the adult magazines... sometimes those are better!
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Another recommendation for Apple Seeds. It's filled with history and science. My ds 8 likes it.
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Our DD loves the Hopscotch for Girls magazine (there are magazines for boys too). It usually has a main feature...like the recent issue was about Native American Indians and it has stories, an Indian doll craft using corn husks, crossword puzzle, word search, how to make a birchbark canoe model, a recipe and pen pal addresses. It's a really cute magazine, wholesome and no advertising. Find it at funforkidzmagazines.com

Another one we subscribe to that has a lot of current events, history & science is God's World News (they have different issues for different age levels). The issues are fantastic--loaded w/lots of interesting news features, discoveries, technology info. It does have a biblical worldview, just to let you know if that's not something you're interested in. gwnews.com

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We love Faces, YES Mag, National Geographic (adult) and BBC Knowledge.
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Thanks for all the great recs! I think I'm going with Highlights & High Five for the little ones & Kids Discovery for my oldest daughter. Let's hope they're big hits!
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Your Big Backyard and Ranger Rick are lovely.
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Kids Discover, ZooBooks Magazine, and National Geographic (normal adult version).
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