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Can I just say - I'm so glad to have my cycles back! I got my first postpartum period the day after DD turned one, which is the longest I've ever had breastfeeding amenorrhea. After 6 months I was trying to chart but bf was making it pretty pointless so we were treating me as basically always potentially fertile, and that was not fun. So now I finally get to go back to real charting!!! I know that seems weird but it just brings so much peace of mind to *know* when I'm infertile and to have that kind of freedom in bed, if you know what I mean.

I enjoyed the break, don't get me wrong, but that "in-limbo" stage was hard for DH and I. Plus, I got a stash of mama cloth that I was waaiiiting to try out. (Any recommendations there would be great - I need to build up the stash!)

Okay, just thought I'd share.