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Show of hands, does your EBF infant sleep through the night??

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Wondering how many infants out there who are breastfed and sleep in their own crib are sleeping through the night? If so, when did your infant night wean?
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my ds is only 2 months and wakes up twice to feed at night. if i go to bed late, he wakes up once

but we cosleep and he doesnt nurse/snack in bed
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Our baby is 9 weeks and sleeps with us. She usually wakes up twice to nurse - usually around 2AM and then again at 4AM.
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My DS is 6 months & still waking a lot (3+ times a night). He's been in his own room since 8 wks. I should say that things are getting better. He did a 4 hour stretch last night w/only 1 feeding. Yay. I'm working on getting him through the night, but it might take a bit. I think every baby is different. I have a co-worker whose baby started STTN at 8 weeks. Of course, she did Baby Wise, which is not my style. Good luck.
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Well my son sleeps with me, always has, and at 3 months he wakes every 2-4 hours to nurse.
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Nope. He nurses 3+ times a night.
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No, he wakes up several times to eat still. He's in an Arm's Reach co-sleeper beside our bed.
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Originally Posted by springfever View Post
No, he wakes up several times to eat still. He's in an Arm's Reach co-sleeper beside our bed.
This for my mid-march baby as well.
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Oh, you're seriously asking?

No. Nine months and counting, he wakes at least 3x per night.

I know 20 people will chime in about their EBF baby who slept through from birth, but in my limited experience, the all-night sleeper is a myth....
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My LOs are 6 and 3 (years, that is) neither one have every slept through the night. The 6yo doesn't nurse anymore, but the 3 yo does. We night weaned 2 months ago and his sleeping has improved to 2-4 wake ups a night.
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9 week old DD goes 6 straight hours without nursing or needing a diaper change

Before anyone throws anything at me, I think I've earned a good sleeper after how bad 19 month old DS STILL is. It's unusual for him to make it just 4 hours without waking for whatever it is. When he was still EBF, he didn't make it longer than 2 hours until he was 6 months old.

FWIW in most mainstreamers' minds, STTN means they put the baby in the crib and they don't cry too bad at any point during the night, it doesn't mean their child is actually sleeping all night.
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DS2, 4 months, goes to sleep at 7:30 and sleeps through to between 4:30 and 6:30 each night. At 6 weeks he suddenly started sleeping through until 3 am (this was an overnight change) and that time has slowly been lengthening and now it is consistently closer to 6-6:30.

My other 3 were over a year before they started sleeping that long without nursing.
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Of my three kids, one slept through the night as an infant - from about 5 weeks on. She slept in a crib sometimes, in bed with me other times. The other two didn't sleep though for years.
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My DS2 is 9 months and still up two to three (sometimes more) times a night. He hates to sleep with me and has slept in a crib for several months.

My DS1 slept through the night at about a year.
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At 28 months DS is not STTN (never has) and wakes about 3-4 times to nurse.
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This Baby (#3, 16 weeks old) typically goes 5-7 hours a night.
She's EBF.
My other two didn't. I don't think they sleep through the night even now at 8 and 11!
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My 2 year old was EBF for at least 3 months and began STTN at 4 wks old, on her own, I did NOTHING to encourage it. We do not bed share, but she was in a cradle at the foot of the bed until 4 months old, then in a crib in her own room

My 6 wk old will randomly give me six hour stretches. Sometimes during the day, sometimes at night, sometimes, like the last two days, 3 hours is the longest. She is still completely EBF, and still in the cradle at the end of the bed.

But, like the previous poster, I EARNED these stretches. My oldest, 14 now, was not STTN until she started school. I clearly remember driving around with her at 3am, 5am even some nights. And she was totally formula fed!
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Nope, and I don't expect her too. But all FOUR of my sisters kids nursed on demand, stayed in their co-sleepers and STTN at around 10m.

DS nighweaned around 20m. He wasn't nursing much, I was pregnant and my supply was really low, and DH took over night parenting. But he did SSTN between 2-4m; I just ruined it by going back to work. He started SSTN a few months after he night weans and still does for the most part.

DD still nurses once or twice a night. Mostly she just wants a snuggle if she is wrestless.
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Nope! At 7.5 mos old now, maybe The Babe has slept 4+ hours 3 or 4 times.

Usually, I don't even know... 4? 5? 6? It seems like she eats more often at night during the day now. Generally I go to bed a few hours after her, and she eats at least 3 - 4 times in those 8 hours.
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DD is almost 8 months, sleeps with us, and between 7pm and 7am wakes up 2-3 times to nurse. Technically I think she is sleeping through the night because she has a chunk from 10pm-5am some nights.
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