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mi paste- does it help?

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in addition to a nutrient-dense diet, can MI paste really help build enamel and all it claims to do? has anyone tried it with good results? im thinking of getting the kind w/out flouride.
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I'm interested in this too. I have been using it on my 3 y daughter's cavities for half a year. The last exam they told me she needed the $700 anethesia and "work" on the cavities. They weren't able to x-ray the teeth so they don't know the extent of the cavity, so I opted to watch the tooth for any pain/problems and do the MI paste nightly. I am hoping that it at least keeps the cavity from getting bigger and leading to an absess, before she can grow into the work being able to be done without anethesia.


Any thoughts are appreciated here too :)

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I've been using MI paste without fluoride to treat my 3 year old's ECC. I can't say that using only MI paste will help stop ECC. I used MI paste in combination with ozone treatment, fermented cod liver oil, butter oil, raw milk products like ice cream and butter, a nutrient dense diet, and using a sonic toothbrush. 


What made the biggest difference in my son was getting rid of the decay in the affected teeth and using ozone to kill any remaining decay deep in the tubules that the dentist could not get out with his instrument. My son's decay has been arrested. We are now in the maintenance phase. 

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I know this thread is older, but it is so uplifting to see your success boysnberry.  Where did you find a dentist who would do ozone on peds?  I would love to add it to our list of healing for my 16 month old.

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Im interested in the ozone as well!  What is MI paste?  Excuse my ignorance  this is my first time in the dental forum  :)

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And excuse my ignorance, but what is ozone? Our dentist just gave me MI paste for my son's 2 cavities (he's 22 months.) But I'm hoping to do everything I can to make sure we eradicate them.


1love4ever-MI paste is a topical solution of bioavailable calcium phosphate. I don't know much more than that--sorry!


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