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Who are you telling and when?

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Just wondering what other mama's are doing. I've told my all of my family and my yoga instructor. DH wants to hold off on telling his family, they will probably have a negative reaction as they think we have to many kids already. I'm waiting on telling friends til I have to go into maternity clothes.
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We've told just the people whose support we know we'd need if we had another loss: parents and siblings, 4 of my closest friends. Also my acupuncturist. Won't tell extended family and rest of friends/husband's co-workers etc till Xmas, when we'll be past 12 weeks. We really regretted telling *certain* prople so early last time when it resulted in a loss, but were really thankful for others.
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The only people who know are MDC folks and my brother and SIL. I'm not sure when we'll tell my IL's. I'm not really comfortable sharing it with them yet. If they visit at Thanksgiving I probably won't have a choice because I'll be in maternity clothes then most likely. We told them originally we weren't going to have another baby for a year or two so this is going to be a surprise to them. If they don't figure it out then, it'll most likely be around Christmas for sure.
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So far just my 2 SIL's know. I was planning on telling my MIL today but she decided not to come over and I don't want to tell her on the phone. I am not close with my parents - we are friendly and they love their grandkids, but my mom is bipolar and not on meds so she can be a little hard to deal with. I keep her at arm's length emotionally. Not sure when I will tell my family and friends, but probably in the next few weeks. I am really bad at keeping secrets - especially my own!!!
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DH knows!

Our extended family-in-law is gathering at our house this year for XMAS. I'm hoping to hold out till then, but I might change my mind. I am very close to my hubbies three sisters and I know they'd be super excited. Especially because one of them is a first-time-preggo.

After our loss in March I'm NOT telling my MIL till XMAS for sure! She was quite insensitive.

I can't decide what to do about my parents. I'll probably give in and just blurt it out (like tonight when I am visiting). But I'd like to tell them in a more exciting fashion.

I think its so exciting that XMAS falls right near the end of our first trimester! Perfect opportunity to share the news.
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Well, only dh and you all know right now. I probably won't officially tell anyone until Thanksgiving or after my first midwife appt. Although my friends will probably figure it out on Halloween since I won't be partaking in, um, certain activities they all figured it out last time pretty quick.
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i told my mom and dad, my sil- and she told her dh- but that's pretty much it. I have a few friends and family who knew we were doing fertility treatment this cycle, so i don't know if they are assuming that it didn't work, or are being polite and not asking. My mom was all over it, tho-she knew exactly when she should be expecting to hear! I'm going to tell my bro this weekend, and maybe a few of my old friends. I've had 2 losses and hadn't told anyone aside for dh- so inorder to get some support i had to say- i was pregnant, but i'm not anymore I don't ever want to do that again. so i'm ok telling people that i woulod want to know if i loose this one.

I think that it's pretty cool that we are out of the first trimester by christmas- so that will make for some interesting ways to share the news!
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We had to tell the kiddos (mommy exhausted and puking) so that means everyone is going to know. Our homeschool group (and many of my friends) found out today. I already told my parents, grandparents and best friend. I am such a dork I can't hold it in!
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I've told all of my close friends, but am waiting on casual friends, at least until after 8 weeks or so. Once our kids find out, everyone will know. We're going to try to get an early dating u/s, so I was thinking we might copy it and send it in a card to my parents. We've done something unique the last two times, I'd like to do something cooler than that to tell them, but I'm not sure what. We have thought about waiting until Christmas, but I'll be 14 weeks or so by then and I'm just not sure I can keep it from my kids that long. We're also really bad at keeping secrets. We'll tell dh's parents at Thanksgiving time when we're with them.
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DH, my sisters, and...three of my friends know. I have a big mouth
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So far...

So far, DH, my Mom and one coworker/friend know. I think we will go ahead and tell the rest of our family (his side and mine, probably including siblings) in the next couple of days. For other friends, and to make it public, I think I will wait at least another month, or after Thanksgiving.
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DH of course. I heavily hinted to my mom (and I'm sure she blabbed to my dad) even though I wasn't supposed to because we have to tell both sets of grandparents at the *same time*. But a girl's gotta to tell her momma everything, right?!

I think we'll officially tell the grandparents and our siblings after the first doc appointment (poss 6 weeks) and everyone else around the end of the first trimester.
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I saw this shirt and thought it would be funny to send it to my MIL, with grandma to the third power. Not sure if I will or not.
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Originally Posted by ~Katie~ View Post
I saw this shirt and thought it would be funny to send it to my MIL, with grandma to the third power. Not sure if I will or not.
That is super cute! Great idea!
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Katie, what a cute shirt!

DH knows (of course ), friends on here, and so does a friend of ours who originally went through fertility treatments when I did to conceive DS. She knew we were in the process again and I couldn't lie when she asked.

We also told me my mom because she was supposed to be out of town from June 28 to July 2nd!!! eek! she actually bought her tickets the day before we told her! She'll be staying in town now to help watch DS while we're in the hospital.

Im not sure when we will tell everyone else.. I imagine at Christmas probably. We waited until I was 4 months and couldn't hide it anymore to tell everyone last time. There are a couple friends who ill end up telling before Christmas - one of them we're supposed to be flying to Vegas for her wedding in September 2011, but we wont be going now and I hate to leave her hanging.
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8 weeks we will tell both our folks, nans and grandads. Im not sure about Aunties and uncles.. Hmmm

12 weeks I will tell close friends..

and the world... they can weight til I feel like annoncing it... I dont know when il get round to telling casual friends, I porbs wont and they can be told when they find out through some other means..
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I was so excited to get my BFP I told way too many people. Oh well!
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So far the only people who know are y'all and my 2.5 year old son. I will probably be telling parents tonight or sometime later this week but everyone else including the rest of the family I am hoping to wait until after the holiday season.
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Originally Posted by bunziemom View Post
I was so excited to get my BFP I told way too many people. Oh well!
Lol I'm a blabbermouth. Ive told everyone!
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DH, people who check out this due date club and the diabetic mommies forum, and our whole medical team (we are high risk). We plan to tell family at Christmas, if we can wait that long, and friend and co-workers sometime after that. I think people will start to figure it out pretty soon. My bust and bum are already much bigger and I gave up caffeine. Everyone knows me as a true coffee junkie, so people are already dropping hints that they know.
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