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DH knows, of course.
4 of my friends know.
And people online. Oh, and my midwife. lol

That's it for now. I'm thinking we'll tell at Thanksgiving.

Our kids don't even know yet, and I'm not sure when we'll tell them.
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We're not really in the mood to tell anyone, actually. My mother is generally pretty negative (I think she is clinically depressed) and I don't really want to talk to her about this pregnancy until it's further along. She was pretty unhelpful when I had a miscarriage a few years ago, so I'm not planning on her support if anything happens. Dh's family will be excited but surprised, I think. With the first two kids, it feels like everyone's excited and happy for us, but with the third, I feel like the reaction is going to be, "what makes you think you can handle another kid?" So we'll tell the family around 12 weeks, maybe later. I'll tell my friends at 12 weeks, though I suspect one close friend will figure it out sooner.
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I've told a couple of people.  My 2 closest friends, and my MW.  A few online friends.  DH told his 2 closest friends today, but everyone has been asked not to tell anyone.  We haven't told family yet.  I'm feeling kind of reserved about it.  I know we'll get a whole lot of bad reactions and I don't want to deal with them.  DH's sister is also pregnant with her 1st, and her shower is this weekend, so I want to at least wait until after then.  After that, I guess we'll just kind of see.  Really depends on how bad my m/s gets this time around.

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So far, I've only told DH, and a close friend who was TTC at the same time we were (she's a month ahead of us smile.gif ). I've also told the folks at my Cardiologists office, because I take anticoagulents (blood thinners) to keep my prosthetic heart valve from clotting, and I needed to switch to a medication safer for pregnancy (they weren't thrilled, but mostly because pregnancy complicates my medical care...) I also told my midwife, whom I saw this morning, even though I'm still only 4-5ish weeks past conception because I need to get a referral to the high-risk pregnancy clinic, and that can take a little while.


I'm going to visit my dad, brother, sis and BIL this weekend, and I might tell them, depending on how things go... Sis and BIL will be happy, but Dad will be pretty critical. We had several losses last year, so we'll probably wait to tell family until we're sure this one is sticky.  

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So far the only other person that knows is DH. With both previous pregnancies, we told right away, but this time I am waiting until Thanksgiving. I will be 6 weeks. We plan on telling evreyone when we're all surrounding the dinner table. 

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I've told too many people, or at least I feel like I have.  We've told my mom and siblings, my two best friends and consequently their husbands, and I told two of my coworkers.  Oh, and my midwives, my OB and his nurse (who is friends with my mom).  I think I'm going to tell my MIL next week before DH and I leave on a trip and she stays at my house to watch my DS.

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I've told *most* people, but I'm keeping it off FB until we're good and stuck...at least another month.  Most people knew when we transfered so it would be silly for me to try and pretend.  But there are some FB "friends" that don't need to know yet.  The ones I want to share with, I've done so in other ways.  Plus I need a support system and these are my people!

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So far the only ones who know are my husband, my best friend and MDC. smile.gif I'm not planning to tell family for another month or so... until we feel more comfortable that the threat of miscarriage is past.

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So far the only people that know are my DH, a friend who lives far away, MDC and a close friend of the family who is also a doc and she's running my labs for me right now. With my last pregnancy, we waited until about 10 weeks before we started telling people and then I lost the baby at 11w5d. So I'm not sure when we will start telling most people this time. I am pushing for an early ultrasound so maybe we'll feel more comfortable once we see the baby's heartbeat.

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Our first baby, we are so excited it has been hard not to tell the world!   I'm about 6 weeks. We told our parents this week, they are so happy for us and this will be their first grandchild. We plan to tell my brother and sister and his sister on Thanksgiving weekend.  They are all sworn to secrecy because we want to be the ones to share the news with the extended family at Christmas. After the New Year we'll make it public knowlege to our friends.  I love having this special news to share at the holidays!


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My husband knows and my parents. My neighbor because I may have to send my kids her way when the morning sickness is bad. I'll tell my siblings in person at Christmas because I have never had a chance to tell any family about a pregnancy in person. My in-laws won't be thrilled so I'll tell them last. Maybe I'll let my 4 year old tell them.

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Told my older children (not the youngest) and my friends. Will tell the inlaws after 12 weeks and I am holding off telling my mother because she's was pretty negative about my mentioning wanting another one with my new husband (who has no children) because she thinks I have too many already. I almost want to tell her AFTER the baby is born!

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So far just DH knows.  Well, DH and a few online boards :)


We're still debating when to tell our parents and then the extended family.  We'll tell our children (6.5 yo dd and 2.5 yo ds) a few days before telling our parents.


The two opportunities for telling our parents are:

1) Thanksgiving (I'll be 8? weeks)

2) Chanukah party a week after Thanksgiving (9.5 weeks)


We'd prefer to do Chanukah because then we can tell the whole family at the same time.  I'm afraid that if we don't do Thanksgiving that someone will guess it and there is no way I'll deny it if asked outright and I don't really want to start rumors.

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