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What do YOU consider to be a "big" baby? - Page 2

Poll Results: What do YOU consider to be a "big" baby?

  • 0% (0)
    6 lbs +
  • 0% (1)
    7 lbs +
  • 0% (2)
    8 lbs +
  • 3% (8)
    8.5 lbs +
  • 36% (81)
    9 lbs +
  • 15% (34)
    9.5 lbs +
  • 32% (72)
    10 lbs +
  • 4% (11)
    10.5 lbs +
  • 6% (15)
    11 lbs +
  • 0% (0)
224 Total Votes  
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I voted 10+. It makes me crazy that people now think 8 lbs is big. Ds3 was 8 lbs 6 oz and people said he was big. I think not. I blame it on c-section-happy doctors. I know a woman and her doctor did the 38 week ultrasound trick on her: "Your baby is going to be huge - 9 lbs - we better schedule a c-section for first thing Monday." She had the section and he was 9 lbs 1 oz. Did I mention she is 5'10"? Yeah, what a HUGE baby, he would NEVER have come out.
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Yeah, 9 pounds is NOT big. It's normal. I think 8-10 pounds in normal.
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As somebody who birthed a 9 lb baby, I personally found 9 lbs. to be a whole lotta baby to come out a vagina. I look at my clients' babies who weigh 6-7 lb at birth, and they look so nice, so easy, so...small. DS1 was 8.5 lbs, and DS2, Mr. "37cm head circumference with hardly any molding, 0-3 month clothes are mostly too small after the first week" did not make my pelvic floor happy. How that extra 1/2 lb made a difference, I am not sure, but it did. If I were ever to get pregnant again, I would make serious efforts to avoid gaining much weight in that last trimester, limit all sugar intake (even fruit), and try to grow a 7.5 lb baby. Bigger isn't always better. Not that it's a bad thing either.
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I think of 7-9lbs as normal. Above that is "big", below is "small". Not that I'm really invested in the labels, lol!
3 of kids were 7lb9oz, 7lb15oz, and 8lb10oz, so that's my norm. There's no denying that my 9lb2oz baby was big, compared to her siblings.
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My baby was only 9 lbs but she seemed huge. She had incredibly broad shoulders and looked like a little football player LOL. All of my friends babies were under 7 lbs and they were such little peanuts! So cute!
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Personally, I WANT a "big" baby-- or at least one over 8.5 lbs. Since I'll be having a HB and will be able to move naturally, I'd love to take advantage of the better positioning and gravity big-gish babies seem to make use of.
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My kids weighed 9lbs 13oz, 9lbs, 10 lbs 8oz & 9lbs 4oz. To me, 8-10 lbs is "normal". Under 8 lbs is small. Under 6 lbs 8oz is tiny. Above 10 lbs is big. Above 11lbs is really big. Over 12 lbs is OMG.
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Originally Posted by Red Sonja View Post
I'm not comfortable (just me, personally, for my babies) with anything under 9 lbs, I feel clumsy and awkward.
If I had a floppy 10lb newborn, I'd probably be handling it like a turkey! I'm so used to my little 7lbers!
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I voted over 9lbs. Babies in my family tend to run big. Of my sibs, I was the smallest at 8lbs 7 oz. Both my brothers were over nine.

DS1 was 8lb 4oz, seemed a healthy size. My DS2 was only 7lb 3 oz and seemed TINY to me. I think he was the smallest baby in our entire extended family.
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I put 10lbs, but then I realized that my cousin's baby that was a bit over 9.5 seemed big to me. DD was 6lb10oz, but went down to 6, and she seemed tiny to me
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Under 7lb is small
7lbs-9lbs is normal
10lbs + - woah, that's a big baby

DS was 7lbs 10oz and DD was 8lbs 8oz. After having DD, I realized that a 9-something baby really won't seem that big. I still think 10lbs+ would seem big though.
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I think 9lbs at birth is "big". maybe 9.5
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I birthed two 8 lbrs, one 10 lbr, and one 11 lbr- so I think 11 lbs is big, but under 10 to me isn't big.
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My son was 9# 2 oz, and his head was big. But, since he went to NICU, he looked huge compared to the little ones in there; it was a level 3 NICU so there were 2# babies all over the place. I'm pretty sure he was the only 9#er, and one of the nurses jokingly asked me if my baby ate one of the other babies!
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A lot of people have commented on my latest being a big (as in huge) baby. He was 8'10. I consider big to be the better of 9.5, so it's always met with surprise from me.
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i voted 9lbs+.
i have three kids, my daughter who is almost 12 now weighed 8lbs 14oz, my first son who is 9 years old weighed 9lbs 14oz and they were both born at 39+2 by C-section. my son looked so big in comparison to the other babies in my room (5 women and their babies share one room) that is why i picked over 9lbs.
my third child, a son who is 28 months old now, weighed 9lbs 4oz when he was born at 36+1 by emergency c-section. he was heavy but didn't look big. probably because he had little chicken legs and skinny long arms.
my sister's babies were all under 6 and a half pounds and they look so fragile that i'm always afraid to pick them up until they got a bit older and had some meat on their bones.
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I picked 10+. Both my sister and I were 9lbs 4 oz when born, so babies that size have always been normal to me.
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eek, well my ds was 10.4 and he was still so tiny to me so i'd say anything over 10 just because of the reactions we got lmao. he had the longest legs, honestly that last week he put on a good lb.

my dd was 8.4 born at 40 wks. not too tiny and super sturdy
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I think of between 7 and 9 pounds as normal. I would think of 6 pounds as on the small side, but not very small. Over nine pounds I think is big, but I wouldn't think, "holy, cow, that's BIG" until baby was like 10 1/2 pounds.

I'm pretty sure, though, that 7 1/2 pounds at term is actually average, in the general population.

The average size has increased though with changed recommendations about maternal weight gain, and with the awareness of the importance of not smoking. My mom will tell me that in the 70s, most of her friends (and she) were having babies about 6 pounds, and considered that good-sized. An 8 pound baby would have been regarded as HUGE. But they all smoked through their pregnancies, and restricted their weight gain to no more than ten pounds.

I'd rather have big babies. Mine were all smallish, and I think bigger babies (assuming they're healthy-big) seem to have less trouble with alertness and learning to nurse, etc.
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11lbs + Is what I decided as a big baby, my second was 9lb 5 and I kinda thought that was big but I have heard more and more of 10 pounders. I think a 7 lber is normal, over 9lbs is a 'good' sized baby but 11lbs +is definitely big...... Maybe it depends on what size babies you have birthed?????
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