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whole foods menu plans?

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I have been searching for a decent menu plan this week. The dave ramsey one is not for me. I miss The Kitchen Muse, she was AWESOMEm but disappeared. Come back!!!
We eat natural foods, used to be more traditional, but now I don't know what we are. It almost doesn't matter. I just want guidance and I want that to come from someone that is both health AND money focused. Is there such a thing?
We have a HFS a block away and I spend SO MUCH MONEY there. I do want to continue shopping there, but I need to do it mindfully. Maybe I can buy stuff somewhere else that is cheaper. I just don't know where to start! We have lots of amish delivery services that I used to frequent, maybe I need to go back to that.
Sorry for rambling. Where do you shop for your whole foods? Is there a whole foods meal plan that you would recommend?
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Do you have a Fred Meyer or something like that where you live? They have bulk items and HFS stuff for so much cheaper than most HFS.

I find that most health food stores mark-up is way high. I know my local one is.

I try to shop there as little as possible due to it burning all my money, but I do have to go there sometimes for spices, og popcorn, local flour and some other items.
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We don't have Fred Meyer here. I think there is an Aldi's not to far, I had never even heard of that store until two days ago. Is that like a Fred Meyer?
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wait, we DO have a Fred Meyer. I will have to check these places out! I will go in with a list of prices to compare, I guess.

I used to think that my red lentils were economical, but at my hfs they are 7.00/lb. I would be willing to go non organic on those and save $$$.
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Fred Meyer is awesome. They run amazing sales and have a really great health food/bulk section. Although mine's remodeling right now so it's insane but I still go there.

Other than that, we do grow alot of our food and I meal plan things we like. Mostly whole foods.
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Have you checked out the website of the Hillbilly Housewife (i think hillbillyhousewife.com ?). Very frugal, very whole foods, pretty health conscious (as much as you can be on the super slim budgets she uses, I guess!). I reference it when I'm super short on grocery funds for sure!
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And keep a price book. Here is a post on what it is and how to do it:


You can't keep it all straight, and this way--you can even compare and track online options.
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thanks for that awesome price book link!

We LOVE relishrelish.com I find it is fairly whole foods, has a ton of choices, and we are easily able to adapt it to fit my daughter's 43 food sensitivities. It also has a ton of vegetarian and crockpot choices. I like that it does not rely heavily on processed foods, which we prefer to avoid. It can be a bit on the 'high end' side of things, sometime uses some fancy ingredients, but it is easy to adapt and very flexible.
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Neat, I love the looks of relishrelish.com. I think that is along the lines of what I am looking for. Still not sure though. I love that you can choose from several different categories and customize your list on a weekly basis. If we had a potluck we could actually add that as an option. Very cool.

The pricebook is a great idea. I have the perfect binder for it!
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Originally Posted by MrsTittlemouse View Post
Is there a whole foods meal plan that you would recommend?
Walk through Whole Foods and put things in cart?

Ok just kidding.
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At one point I subscribes to savingdinner.com. I loved the ease of it, but wasn't too thrilled with some of the recipes. They've changed it up quite a bit since then though. You might want to check it out. I think it's $15 for three months. I wish there were sites that didn't charge. I know you can put together a shopping list from allrecipes.com, but I always end up making the same types of things and it gets dull.
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