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I need to make a choice about something. I work a second job as a home health aide. In the last few weeks, I lost two of my three clients. I was completely blindsided by this. Now I am down to one client at 10 hours a week for $10 an hour. And despite "feeling the love" from my remaining client, I am wary that the other shoe will drop at some point and I will "lose" her as well.
I am scheduled to meet with my contact at the placement agency tomorrow. We are to go over punches and timesheets. I will admit..I suck at paperwork. I suck at remembering to punch in and out. I know I worked my assigned hours-if not more-over the last few months but I am not going to recall the exact times to the minute. I take responsibility for that.
My contact is very combative and, truth be told, I really do not know what she wants to hear tomorrow. I have already been paid for this time and I don't see myself staying with it much longer. Should I scrap the meeting?
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Don't scrap the meeting. Don't get pulled into any arguments, but definitely go.

Just be honest.
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