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Hi Burg!

You are entitled under FMLA (family medical leave act) to take up to 12 weeks. Legally. It is your right. The exception is if your employer has fewer than 50 employees. In that case, they are not legally bound to let you take the time, but you can certainly make the case that this is the (government recognized and legislated) norm.

FMLA is not paid leave, unless you have your own time accrued, which it sounds like you do. And, in your state (my former!), most employers also pay into Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI), which pays you six weeks for a vaginal birth and eight weeks for a cesarean.

Also, off topic, but when you're ready to look at daycares, we went to Cozy Corner (on North Main Street, in the Charlesgate Building), and LOVED it. They are fabulous caregivers, and very queer friendly!

Good luck negotiating it all!
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Hi Angela!

I was going to send you a message, we met with Lise and she is wonderful! Thank you again for the recommendation

No FMLA for me, only 30 employees in our org but yes you're correct, the fact that there is a law that involves taking 12 weeks it makes it pretty standard. I have the time saved up and they're letting me take it, it was just the guilt factor, etc. that I did not like, it was a really uncomfortable situation.

Also, thank you for the childcare info, makes me wish my office wasn't moving from around the corner! Still not to far form home though so may check it out.

Hope the three of you are well!
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I requested 3 months initially.
In my experience... friends and coworkers took 3 months as well. My deciding factors were providing time for my baby and I to bond and for me to heal.

I would get EVERYTHING in writing that you discuss with your employer. I worked in a small office (under 6 employees). I trusted what he said in meetings, he was my friend and his partner was pregnant at the time too. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!
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Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

1. How much time off did you (or do you plan to) take for maternity leave?

6 weeks or less- 19.2%
7-8 weeks-9.1%
9-10 weeks- 5.1%
11-12 weeks- 29.3%
more than 12 weeks- 37.4%

2. In your experience, (going by friends and coworkers leave) what is the typical length of maternity leave?

6 weeks or less- 16.2%
7-8 weeks- 14.1%
9-10 weeks- 5.1%
11-12 weeks- 46.5%
more than 12 weeks- 22.2%
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