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I am having miserable headaches. I think I am getting enough sleep and drinking enough. I vaguely remember having these in other pregnancies but not sure. Anyone else having these?
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Not yet, but I remember them from my first pregnancy (hey--I have an Elijah born a few weeks before yours!).

I found that doing yoga regularly seemed to help. I got this great yoga DVD "The Divine Mother Prenatal Yoga with Anne Getty". The cover is a turn off for some, but the yoga itself was great.

Hope yours don't last too long!
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With both of my previous pregnancies, the headaches started around 5 weeks and lasted through the first trimester. I am prone to migraines with aura so I am used to dealing with it. During early pregnancy, I find myself constantly thinking that my eyeglass prescription needs adjusting - it feels like I become more light sensitive and have a harder time sitting in front of the computer.

It magically disappears with the first tri... But, as an RN, I should also mention that persistent headaches can be a sign of high blood pressure. Unlikely this is the source so early in pregnancy, but worth a quick check.
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I had a ton of headaches with my last pregnancy, none so far this time. My midwife gave me peppermint oil to smell and/or rub on my temples. It worked. However, I would dilute it before rubbing it on.
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I generally get a nice reprieve from my migraines while pregnant, but not so this time.  (at least this early, anyway.)  I actually took Excedrine Migraine a couple of times before I found out I was pregnant.  So very thankful I didn't take my actual prescription meds.

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I've been having migraines almost every night for about 3 weeks, mostly across the back of my head/base of my skull. They don't make me sensitive to light and sound, like my "normal" migraines do, but they make me super sensitive to my own movement. I pretty much have to just lay down and be still until they pass, or else they bring on wicked nausea. I don't remember having these with either of my daughters, but hoping they don't last the entire pregnancy.
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