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Help with Toddler shoe size?

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Can someone help me with children's shoe sizing? I know it's not a question about toddlers, per se, but I can't even figure this out going on the internet. Is there an infant set of sizes, then a toddler set, then a youth set? I'm trying to find a pair of snow boots for my 22-month-old. In general she wears a size 5 or 6 shoe, as far as I can make out, because her shoes are all except one pair of sandals hand-me-downs, so well-worn and I can't make out the size on them and some have European sizing (which forget it, I have no idea of how that works), but I just bought a size 5 pair of boots and they are tiny! Teeny tiny, her foot won't even go into the bottom of the boot. If you have an knowledge about this, I'd appreciate you passing it to m.

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There are some shoe sizing charts online...
Here is one:


My favorite toddler shoe company has a chart that you can print out and I really like it - you can clearly see what is a perfect fit:


European sizes are different, and there is a comparison chart:

UK sizes and conversion to centimeters:

Size 0 - 9.5cms approx age 0-3 months
Size 1 - 10.5cms approx age 3-6months
Size 2 - 11.5cms approx age 6-12months
Size 3 - 12cms approx age 12 -18months
Size 4 - 13cms approx age 18-24months
Size 5 - 14cms approx age 24-36months
Size 6 - 14.5cms approx age 36- 48months

US - UK and European table:


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From what I can see, most retailers seem to consider up to about size 5 "infant" then 6 through 12 is toddler. Youth starts at 1. I'm not sure if there is a size 13 toddler.
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my experience is that the sizes can vary quite a bit from brand to brand. DD had one pair of size 2s that she outgrew at 5 months, and another she outgrew at 14 months. subsequently I don't buy shoes for DD unless I can check the sizing against her foot or I know I'm buying big to grow into.
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