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i admit it, i'm feeling sorry for myself.

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i had pneumonia for 6 weeks. now, because of the antibiotics, i've knocked out the good bacteria in my system and have a bad case of diarrhea. that and a residual cough have teamed up to give me the most unbearable (and huge!) hemorrhoid imaginable. between the braxton hicks (i ALWAYS feel them), the intestinal cramping, and the coughing.. at one point i went to the hospital with a false labour scare, because i've got immense pain and pressure in my pelvic floor. which is making the hemorrhoid worse, and it already hurts so bad i'm not functional (can't sit unless i have a couple of extra pillows on the chair, and even then.. not for long.. hurts to walk, etc).

they suspect i've got a C.diff infection, which is common after a couple rounds of antibiotics.. sigh. so i'm on yet ANOTHER antibiotic from that.

and now, i'm throwing up. i don't know why. it's bad enough i'm not holding onto my daily meds long enough to absorb them thanks to the diarrhea (i take anticonvulsants and antidepressants daily), i'm also not really able to eat. keeping up with fluids is a challenge. i'm not actually hungry because really.. when your whole system is in reject mode, who wants to eat? but i NEED to eat because i don't want this baby to have problems!

i totally don't know what to do. i'm still peeing on occasion (every 4-6 hours.. normally i pee every 1-2 hours) so i don't think i need to go to the hospital for IV fluids yet. but this totally sucks, i'm at a loss, and i'm feeling very sorry for myself at this point.
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Awww. Bummer. I'll feel sorry for you with you. I wish I had something to say to make you feel better about it all. I don't suppose I have any terribly helpful advice either. I think if I were you, and eating was at such an undesirable place and I was worried about dehydration, I'd go get a whole bunch of healthy-ish liquid foods that you can slurp mindlessly and are really easy to digest. Kefir, bottled smoothies, juice... Maybe protein powders added in? Ginger is really great for nausea... GinGins are a hard ginger candy that even my little kids love. Other than that, hang in there and take it easy on yourself!
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No advice other then maybe smoothies with lots of probiotics.
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I think you have a right to feel sorry for yourself! That SUCKS! I've had a C. Diff. infection before and it's not fun.

I also have incredibly painful gas trapped in my intestines and have been dealing with that every other day from about 6 weeks on. It's PAINFUL!

And let's not even talk about the constipation. I'm sure I'll have hemorrhoids before it's all over.
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OH MAN! That does not sound like fun at all. Are you able to take any pro-biotics at all?
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Oh, my dh has been dealing w/ the c.diff thing. As soon as he stopped flagel (sp) it came back, BUT he got it back under control w/ massive intake of probiotics: Florastor is the one that's supposed to be really good for overcoming the c.diff. He also drinks Good Belly probiotic drink and goat milk kefir daily, and takes another good probiotic, too: Megafood's Megaflora Plus. Also, for the virus, you can't beat Vit. C. Lypo-spheric Vit.C gel is the most absorbable kind to get. Check out Mercola.com for great info on it.

Sorry you are going through so much.
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I think that it is completely okay to feel bad right now. Your body is going through a LOT and other people have no idea what it's like. One of my biggest pet peeves is when other people complain about how much another pregnant woman complains - especially when they are CLEARLY not pregnant. Hmph.

I'll keep sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
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aaaaaaaaaand now i'm coming down with a cold. i'm sipping hot honey/lemon and hoping for the best. nice fresh squeezed lemon.. local honey.

marisgirl, that's one of my pet peeves too. luckily, all my real-life people have been very compassionate to me. my husband's coworkers are constantly asking about me, and (being the guy he is..) he actually tells them the truth LOL..

i can't find Florastor in town, and man is it expensive online! i haven't gone to the big city to look for it yet, but it's on the to-do list. i REALLY hope i can find it so i don't have to shell out for shipping charges. from what i gather.. it's well worth it. it's just a bit of a pinch at the moment, kwim? sigh.
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well, a little bit of good news. i DID find the Florastor finally, and the trips to the bathroom today have been fairly reasonable. i had a fetal assessment due to my huge size which looked pretty darn normal so i guess, at least, whatever's going on with mama isn't affecting my little girlie!
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not as good an update as i'd like! the C.diff came back with a vengeance.. last saturday i went to the hospital with abdominal pain, and they kept me in for observation.. sunday night i was getting VERY strong contractions 5 minutes apart. i was incredibly dehydrated, they had me hooked up to some major IV fluids, desperately trying to halt labour. which i'm happy to report was SUCCESSFUL!


i am finally home now after a very difficult week. i'm going to get some more Florastor and i may be on antibiotics for the C.diff for the remainder of the pregnancy. it was so awful you guys.. i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. i am glad that Katie seems to be doing fine, and i'm working hard at staying out of the hospital.


the worst part of it has been the isolation. i was in an isolation room at the hospital, and even though my 6 year old came to visit, she had to wear protective gear and i couldn't hug and kiss her. it broke my heart when she begged to stay with me, promising to be good.. she's at my parents house for most of this week and i'm really hoping i can get her back sunday. i've never wanted to hold anyone so much in my entire life.


prayers for healing are greatly appreciated! i have to get well so my family can be together again.

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Oh man Mama you really are having time. If you weren't feeling sorry for yourself I would worry! Hope things start looking up  and keep getting better for the rest of the pregnancy!

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