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Midwife choice

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Hi Jamie!

I'm 11 weeks now, and things seem to be going great! We've even started the process of looking for a midwife. I'm very conflicted about who I should choose.

In the interest of keeping this concise and lacking background information, I won't name any names. Here is a page with all of the midwives in New Hampshire if you'd like to look at it to see what vibes you get. http://www.nhmidwives.org/find.html

Only a few of these are options for me due to distance. I will say that on this page, the Concord Birth and Wellness Center is merely a place to deliver, as all of the midwives associated with this place are listed under their own pictures.

What I need in a midwife is somebody who will give me the best pregnancy experience as well as birthing experience. Somebody who will support me, and be the absolute best choice for myself, my baby and my family. It's also extremely important to me that they are able to make it in time and be present for the birth. I hope that's not too much information, I just wanted to give you a better idea of what I want and need in my birth.

Let me know if you'd like me to narrow down the choices and I'd be happy to do so.

Thank you!!
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